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A year ago, no pony thought there was much to celebrate on Hearth's Warming. They were under the rule of a dicatator, under times of war, and their savior was dead. Now, times have changed on the small planet of equines: the war is over, freedom is restored, and Twilight Sparkle is alive once more.

Hearth's Warming is here again, and the Equestrians can celebrate it with good friends, family, and a song in their hearts. However, there are still some souls that could need help, and what is Hearth's Warming, but a time to help those in need?

Chapters (2)
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Ah saw some of Rainbow’s fantasies about Fluttershy, and let me tell you that gal can get saucy.”

"Sit down, Applejack. We're going to need details. Copious details."

Strings sighed, “A song...in your heart? Heh, long time since I had thought about that.”

What's he doing here?

“Yeah, but, what if I just want the one girl. I just one kind of fish and just one particular fish,”

Is that actually something the original Strings wrote?

“REETIE!” growled Clarity, throwing her paws up.

*Falls to the floor, clutching heart*...I am awaited in Valhalla...

Very nice. Love the Kilalaaa references.
I hope my ideas for a Fall of Starfleet tie-in where Strings is one of the main villains doesn't clash with this. Maybe I can redeem him?
Thanks, this has made my day much more magic. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritywink:
My uni pre-major has just been handed in so I'll be working on those character studies.
You keep living up to your name, Legendbringer.


Don't worry, it wouldn't clash. Bet you could probably redeem him and he just hasn't said the rest of his story.

You can take any crap from Mykan and make it gold. :)

That cover art is adorable! Where'd you find it!
Wait, who's Strings?

From what I remember, it could be a character from one of the Dark King's Friendship is Failure series, the one WITH Cadence's lover.

And talking about that fic, there must be a mention to a certain F. F. Fic in End of Hatred, just to establish what line Count Logan will not cross (you know what I speak of, Legendbringer).

“Well then, call me when you are both ready, and we can arrange things.” the parson said, before walking away and tipping his hat before walking away.

A parson, eh? Does this mean that religion exists in your Equestria? If so, I wonder how this religion is like, and whether the same controversies that exist for human religions also exist for Equestria religions...

Also, a character from a Friendship is Failure fic, eh? And apparently, portraying the kind of person you wish That Author could have been more like, instead. Interesting...

P. S. If Fluttering Pen's story are universally hated, then how does he still keep getting permission? Maybe he asks some rather desperate authors. Or maybe it is some sick game among them to see how bad he writes everything (an example would be nice. Try to use Jjba.)


It's all right! I AM HERE!” Lighting said triumphantly.

Ah, an All Might reference! Guess Donny Boy's adventure really loosened him up.

Wonder how you will tackle the other Failure stories, the one with the astronomer who supposedly exposes the Sisters and Talon-Ted (please give him a better name, BTW). Also wonder if this will end up hinting at future events in End of Hatred because of one certain story (you know what I am talking about, Legendbringer.)

Happy Holidays! I just wanted you to know that I had time log on today and read this chapter! Keep up the good work! I was busy during the weekends finishing up final assignments for my college courses, so this story was a great way to cheer myself up!

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