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He noted me again threatening to beat me up for saying those things, yeah right his strength is behind a computer screen and that’s not saying much.

Well Mykan finally blocked me, it’s funny all I did was comment how he doesn’t make happy endings and that set him off. Oh well, he’s a sad pathetic child that will never grow up and end up on the streets because he has no real world experience.😊

Hey, it's me. Didn't know you were here too.
Seeing as you're in a Starlight hate group, I think I should be perfectly honest with you. I've been afraid to tell you this for a long time in fear of upsetting you.

I don't hate Starlight anymore, in fact I even kinda like her now. (Better then some other characters frankly.) I know that may sound like a shock, but now I feel kinda foolish hating on her, a mere fictional character, and after seeing lots of people (especially Sunset fans) hate-mongering on her, and such, I realized that they (and myself) were being no different then the Sally/Amy/ect. haters, and such in the Sonic fandom. Or the people who hated the show for other minor changes or characters they added, whom we used to parody, or debate about.
In regards to a remark you made in said hate group about "everyone kissing her ***" everywhere you go, personally, I've seen LOTS of people hate on her, spam nasty comments on images of her on places like Derpibooru, attack her fans, and some getting "triggered" if she so much as makes one "non-speaking" cameo in an episode. To be honest, I got kinda tired of the hate everywhere I went. (At least, that's calmed down a bit recently.)

So I decided to give her another chance, and I've actually enjoyed her better, some of her episodes, and her friendship with Trixie, whom she's a good foil for. I still feel her reformation was rushed a bit, and they made her too nasty prior to it, but the same could be said for other characters I like. (And she has shown remorse/emarrasment about it, and tried to make up for it.) The show's not ever getting rid of her, just 'cause a quarter of the fans hate her, but they have dialed her role back a bit, so I don't feel too burnt out on her.
As I've been getting hassled by some about my opinions on her, I figured I better come clean with you. Don't get me wrong, it's ok to "not love," a character, but maybe you should give her another chance, or just not become obsessive with hating her enough to join a hate group.

Maybe you shouldn't let other haters influence you, or grow your hate. It's not worth hating a fictional character, or letting one character ruin the whole show for you.

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