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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The nineteenth story in The Journey of Graves.

A small collection of fluffy tales around Graves and his shenanigans with the best sisters in Ponyville. In our first adventure, join Sweetie Belle as she does business. Serious business.

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As usual great, great writing. Nice premise for this story.

Ah... Here we go.

glad to say this is my thousandth story to fav

Ah GentlemanJ a most favorite author here on fimfiction.

See, I read this, Genteh, and I start to worry about how good Kabla Belle is going to be at this when she's grown up...

A little error:

quiet scrapes sounded from a spare chair being across the room

Wuhuu, another story! I can't wait!

And now I have diabetes. Thanks...

4223882 Yes and no. I wanted to hit these kinds of stories on my way to the end, but I didn't realize it'd be so long in getting there.:twilightblush:

Oh sweet Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus, that was so adorable and sweet! If it went any longer, I would have died from diabeetus! :pinkiehappy:

I am distinctly reminded of those strips from Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin is baiting his father about his "campaign to stay dad" and other scenes of the like. :rainbowlaugh:

So Adorable!:pinkiehappy: Wait what did you say?:rainbowhuh:

'I wanted to hit these kinds of stories on my way to the end, but I didn't realize it'd be so long in getting there.'

What's that 'on my way to the end' bit? Don't tell me that Graves is ending!
or this might be better?

Graves being Graves, I wonder just how long he has had that Spring Fair on his diary, and been expecting this to occur.

Also, so he has an excuse to go play with those who play with the rubes.

Oh yes, son. The Carny is coming to town. :rainbowwild:

Time spent with his girlfriend and her little sister plus a ticket out of doing the paperwork, I see no downside...:unsuresweetie:

4224371 Hey, every journey's got to have an ending at some point, right? Otherwise, it's just aimless wandering. :raritywink:

4224621 Sue me I love your stories!:raritycry: But I see your point.:ajsmug: But will it be soon?:fluttershysad:

Thank you, it's always great to see my favorite series of fics updated :pinkiehappy:

4224633 Depends on how long it takes me to write. Let's just say for the time being, there will be plenty more travelling before we call it a wrap. :scootangel:

4224901 Thank you and I understand that everything that has a begining must end. I just know that the rest of the journey and the end will be just as satisfying as the other stories in the journey.:raritystarry:

LOL:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy: Man You're Going To Kill Someone With All This Cuteness One Day!!!!:raritystarry::raritywink:. Also Can You Teel Me What TSF, CCCSP & SWSCR Stand For?

Once again your story have completely hooked!!!!

I like where this is going.


Anyone want some, and who is bringing the cider?

Great job as always. One question though: what do the other acronyms stand for?

Dude, are you trying to kill me? I see enough cuteness everyday to give weaker men full blown heart attacks.
This story damn near gave me diabetes, and it's only the first chapter.
I'm going to have to call the FDA and get a couple warnings on this bad-boy here before someone keels over.

Frankly, I know what I'd rather be doing on a nice day...

Stinkingly adorable! Reminds me of my own little sister about 10 years ago actually, though in her case she wasn't lawyering me, she was running a protection racket. I had to give her a weekly percentage of gross to not tell my parents about the book I was running on inter-house and inter-school sports while at boarding school. She had photographs of my ledger even.... I was so proud. :twilightsmile:

Now let us see if we can guess the other abbreviations. I would say that the CCCSP he is not hosting stands for something along the lines of Cute Cutie Crusader Sleepover Parties, and that the TSP he has failed to contribute to includes the words Sister Fund. God only knows what SWCSR stands for, though I suppose GentlemanJ knows, which is much the same thing.

So adowable. Love Graves' reaction :rainbowkiss:

Just a side-note: have you ever considered doing a story where Graves has to train an apprentice, or where a new recruit comes up to him and asks to work alongside/under him?

Instant Faved on the title. Liked once I saw the acronyms.

Are the other crusaders tagging along as well?

Damn, Sweetie Belle needs to stay away from Rarity! Also... have we seen Graves meet her parents yet? I can't remember.

4225379 4226133 4225851
TSF - Tasty Snackage Fund
CMCSP - Cutie Mark Crusader Slumber Party
SWCSR - Sweet Water Cafe Sundae Run
All very srs bizness.

4226195 We've got Be a Man and Marshals: The Next Generation. A very good start to the process, wouldn't you say? :raritywink:

4226308 Back in Lazy Summer Days, where we have Graves face true terror for the first time in the form of death in a Hawaiian shirt.


I could have just written "God that's cute," like everyone else. But you're worth the extra effort of finding the gif and pasting it in.

Already this is topping the most popular stories list. Well done.

Sweetie Belle, bedecked in a very Rarity-esque miniature pants suit set, looked back at him through stylish, thick-framed glasses.

Jeeze, any more and you could weaponise that.

Grunting as she reached over and pulled up an oversized briefcase...

...Yeah, yeah that'll do it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are at DEFCON HNNNGGGG.

Dang, this may be my favorite Graves story ever.

I need some insulin, please.

Hurk, cuteness overload, dangerous amounts of adorable detected. Abort! Abort!

4226639 If that is Cutie Mark Crusader Slumber Party shouldnt it be CMCSP, not CCCSP?


Cutie Mark Crusader Slumber Parties - CCCSP?
Mark - C?

Spelling error, or Sweetie Belle logic? :unsuresweetie:

I really like how well Graves interacts with the younger characters in these stories. It's a nice balance of giving in to a child, and treating them like an adult, which so many children desperately crave. Bravo.

...You know, last weekend, this exact thing happened at our local range.

We're this any other author, this scene would end with implied clop. It's nice reading restrained romance. Don't find it too much on here.

Heh... alone in the woods... Rarity getting to shoot off Graves' gun.

And now she wants to do it again.

Graves is worst pony.

Rarity and guns?.....GENIUS!:raritystarry: I can totally picture her with a pistol or sniper rifle.

I love Rarity's characterization so much in these stories! She's definitely the Rarity from the show, but with a much sharper edge. Witty, snarky, adorable, but also a healthy dose of badass to set it off. The way you explore her relationship with Graves while managing to not only keep them chaste but give them scenes like this, it's just masterful. :raritywink:

You already know what I think about Graves' characterization, so I'll digress. I'm really digging these shorter vignette type stories, keep up the good work!

Disclaimer: OneNinerKilo just got back from the gym. It's possible nothing he said makes sense. You should probably ignore this comment, just to be safe.

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