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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The seventeenth story in The Journey of Graves

Winter's a wonderful time full of fun and festive frolicking. But when illness strikes, Marshal Graves is forced to really push himself and go further than he's ever gone before.

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You big soft romantic. Very well done indeed.

Odd is the type of person that can rate ambushes and lack of gun polish equally aggravating. That the same person can sing when requested as well is just absurd.

Graves singing!:pinkiegasp: :raritystarry: Is that a Batman/Justice League refrence I spot?:ajsmug:
Most excellent as usual!
Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Silly Sweetie Belle, your'e not Twilight Sparkle. She's the one that over reacts... to everything!

One must pay homage to the greatest of great Batman moments ever. EVER. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait a minute... How is Twilight pulling a 180 arc over Sweetie Bell and a good 5 feet sideways with only a forward jump?
This gif is pre wings and there are no horns glowing.. It must be :pinkiehappy: in disguise! We already know she has a Fluttershy costume.

3808518 If they do not. Then let Graves smite them down with his rifle of iron.

2 things:

Number 1:

slightest of smiles smile

You don't need the 2nd "smile"

Number 2:
I think my heart just melted and pooled under my diaphragm, because this is so sweet. Like, CMC-holding-a-bunch-of-kittens sweet.

Graves has returned short, but sweet.

When Graves started singing, this came to mind xD:


I didn't get the reference because of how long ago I watched Justice League. Thank you for the post!

Another great story.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Comment posted by Teashakes deleted Jan 19th, 2014

For Graves voice, listen to Lee Marvin, Wandering Star, but without the slush?

DOnt matter what he does, Rarity has decided Graves is giving her a daughter at least, a herd of insanity at best? :pinkiehappy:

Pinie can do advanced maths because she was brought up on rock farm, so advanced calculus iin her blood. :pinkiecrazy:

“Mm… nope.”
And to the young lady’s great surprise, Graves bent down and in one fell swoop, lifted her up into a bridal carry as headed towards the second floor.
“Graves! What are you doing?” she gasped, doing her best to sound scandalized and failing miserably.
“You start resting now. No reason to tire yourself out any more, is there?”

He's getting better at being a romantic.

That's some adorable fiction right there.
Another great short added to The Journey.

I think I enjoy his and Sweetie's antics more than anything.

where did you get that image

3808824 want a little chuckle? I always imagined Graves to sound Like steven Blum....

I've changed my mind XD

You, my friend, are a master of sweetness, romance, cuteness, and comedy wrapped around the worlds largest thesaurus and tied with a bow of pure awesome, and I'll be waiting for the next chapter. Let me just say, I just barely caught up to your story, but it is beautiful. This ranks up there with Of Challenges And Kisses and stuff like that. If you wrote books, I would get a job just to buy every single copy you made......... Not to sound creepy or anything ^.^

Pretty smooth job of handling this particular crisis, Graves.

So its offical now Kevin Conroy as the VA for Graves.

Couldn't have put it better myself :)

You do realise you're talking about talking magical miniature horses, right?

I think Rarity got it right when she asked, "Will wonders never cease?"
You truly have a gift, my friend.

Could I trouble you for the link to the next one, cause I haven't found it. For the record, I would look really stupid if their either is one hidden, or there isn't the next installment yet...which would suck

3909590 There isn't one yet. Let the looking of silliness now commence. :twilightblush:

That song makes me feel a bit older than I should be. I've grown soft in my age (says the person reading a romance series about humanize ponies - fuck you whoever said that to other my trichotomic inner self, I'm reading here - heh, both of you shut up because I'm eating here)? No... just going crazier.

Awww, that was sweet. :twilightsmile:

3808824 I must mention this, because it is Batman and Wonder Woman. THAT MAKES IT RELEVANT!


So many feels today, and that song became the tip of the iceberg.

To this, the fluffy-haired child responded with a most incredulous look of incredulous incredulity.


3811671 The part where he picks her up and takes her upstairs needs to either be "as he headed upstairs" or "and headed upstairs". Using your comment to point out a typo real quick in the story since im on my phone. Don't hurt me :<

AAWWW DAT WAS SOO CUTE:heart::heart:

Sweetie, you adorable little thing you. (Although I wonder if that chop to the head was a simple dope slap or an actual chop to the head?) There's a term for what Graves is: it's cropped!

With a dejected nod, Sweetie Belle began rubbing her head, as the grey-eyed marshal had just delivered a firm chop to the top of her gourd. Perhaps not the nicest way to go about things, but he’d long since learned that a small smack to the noggin was a great way to handle hysterical civilians in a crisis. Glad to see it still worked.

checking for ripeness.

To this, the fluffy-haired child responded with a most incredulous look of incredulous incredulity.

To quote Scott Pilgrim... "An epic of epic epicness." :rainbowlaugh:

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