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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

Day grows cold and dusk draws near,
The winding path no more shall bend.
Sunlight takes its its final rest,
As every journey meets its end.

This is the final story in The Journey of Graves.

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Final? FINAL?

“He. Is. Awake.”


Gentlemen J, I've read all your stories. Twice. And it saddens me to know this is the end of Graves, if not your fan writing.

But, you've always done right by me (and many other if we look at your followers! :pinkiehappy:) so I'm going to trust you.
I'm trusting you to take me mentally and slap me around and say "LOOK AT THIS THING I MADE! LOVE IT!" and I will as I weep softly.

Anyway, good starting chapter and I'm excited for the rest!

It's one surprise to see you starting the end of this story today, and it's an even bigger surprise when you used my artwork for the cover! I want to crush you with a hug for the cover and punch you for ending the series. However, every good thing must come to an end.

This is gonna be good. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, how far we have come, eh J?

Love every bit of it. You've really improved and I can't wait to see more.

…So. We begin the final tale.

*Raises glass* To a grand finale, my friends.

The final story. This means that there is a chance Graves will die at the end.

...A 1% chance but a chance nonetheless.

Twigs and leaves rained down outside as with almost savage ferocity, Twilight Sparkle assaulted the intruder with the force of a class ten earthquake.

Anyone else forget that the Mane6 were badasses with how much Graves does the heavy stuff these days? Well this was a good reminder.

I like how the narration becomes more science-y when told around Twilight.

Not only does the palace have more security than Luna’s diary

I take it he has more than a little personal experience with this.

The pen finally draws its line to the final chapter.
This tale has spanned many stories and countless readers have fallen in love with it.
Whether it goes out with a bang or a whisper; may it be epic.

This is the final story in The Journey of Graves.

So it begins. From Discord showing back up to those ominous last words, this is a definitely great start J :pinkiehappy:

Did catch one mistake though

“And I’m sure figuring out why he’s here is something we won’t regret, right?” he continued, now turning to give the man in question a decidedly pointed glance. D actually managed looked surprised.

Missing to between managed and looked

"D" seems like he is a big Simon R. Green fan. Not only because he would feel right at home in the Nightside, but he seems to be very familiar with one of Green's catchphrases, "Why lie when the truth hurts more."

I have my Graves-verse Cameo Bingo card out. That's one down. I expect my entire card to be blocked out by the time we reach the final chapter.

All good things must come to an end. Altough it is sad, it is a celebration of Graves' journey. Everything he has seen and done has all led up to this moment. So with rifle in hand, let us follow our Grey eyed friend one more time.

I see that Discord is still happily trolling away and, naturally, Twilight is the most obviously vulnerable. So, who is 'He'? I'm guessing Tirek, actually.

I would have thought that Rarity would have told Graves about the Six's adventures, including their encounter with the God of Chaos. Of course, he knew Discord as 'D', his mysterious psychic benefactor that helped draw him and Rarity together (after a ridiculous denial-based side-trip to the Changeling Wastes). Still, just the name should have meant something to him!

5274495 Your art was the first. It seemed appropriate that it should adorn the last. :raritywink:

Gotta love Discord. Same for Twilight's reaction to him.

So... wait. If Discord never escaped in this timeline, then how does Twilight know about Sombra and the Crystal Empire?

5277160 discord did escape and was resealed like in the canon. After that, Sombra and the Crystal Empire happened as well.

One thing that would resemble a plot hole:

Graves slept through most of history, yes. Did he also sleep through the time Discord got out of his prison and wreaked havoc all over Ponyville with reports of crazy weather all over Cloudsdale? As close to the princesses as the marshals are, I'd expect them to have heard about that. Perhaps even get called in for attempts at damage control during the incident.

My first guess of the message would be Tirek. But you have a tendency to surprise me and since it would appear as though you're running parallel to the canon (pre-Magical Mystery Cure), he's around but not making his presence known yet. So I'm hoping to get pumped for an original villain that ties everything I mentioned at the end of the last story. But since you have a tendency to surprise me and everything I just mentioned, it'd be just as crazy if it was actually Tirek.

Why do you have to be so good and make me look so bad?

First, I will read this story to the end. Then, I will weep manly (and perhaps girly) tears of sorrow as this fantastic series concludes.

5277212 Remember, Discord was an issue that resolved itself within one day with no marshal intervention. Since its no longer a threat, there's really no need to update outside parties on what really is recent history, but history nonetheless.

well, i somehow ended up in hospital yesterday, so thank you for giving me something to distract me from my boredom a little.

concerning the story, i'm rather interrested to see whom you decided to give the honour of being the final adversary of graves. i don't think it's tirek, like some seem to think. i would asume the message then would be something more akin to: he is free, not awake.

Also, i somehow get the feeling that if i'd reread the series, i might find a few clues to who it could be?

hmm, how about that dragon graves killed, the one who anihilatied his marshall unit. i mean, was he really actually dead? did they make sure of it? like someone i know used to say; "only when the monster is slain, burned and it ashes scattered in the wind, then you can hope that it's truely dead." would be an interresting ending to have him face the enemy with whom everything began.

Oh well at this point i'm just guessing around so let's just stop here. Anyway looking forward to see where this is going :pinkiehappy:

I have spent the past 3 days reading all of this story...i finished the last story i think about 15 min before you put this up.
I went away and 3 hours later I NOTICE THE FINAL ONE IS UP


i'm pretty sure i was destined to start reading when i did...
i had the first one bookmarked as read later for about a year now....i think?
I only hope spike gets his own story spin-off......

“D?” Graves gaped with confusion to rival Applejack at a trigonometry convention. “What are you doing here?”

An acute observation with an obtuse aside? Or is that just a reflex? :applejackconfused:

I like how the passage through town causes reality ripples. I was suprised that Pinkie didnt pick up on something, after all, reality misbehaviour is what she specialises in. Also, given that Twilights spells were, affecting light, that shouldve also be doing something suprising.

The mention that Graves gives about D though, goes right back through the stories. but so, how did he get his cutie mark if D claimed to help?

Hey GentlemanJ, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing this series to the viewing pleasure of the readers of FIM Fiction.

It seems pretty crazy that this series has gone on for over two years now, the first chapter being posted in July of 2012. You were one of the first users I followed on this site, and "When the Man Comes Around" was one of the first human-based pony fanfics I read. Needless to say, I struck gold on finding your work early.

Although I, like many others are sad about the final saga of the "Journey of Graves" series, what a hell of a journey it has become.

I wish you the best, and I look forward to any content from you in the future once the Graves saga has finally ended.

P.S-Rarity is best pony/human

Longtime Follower,

So, The Journey is coming to an end, is it? It's certainly been fun and I'm sure you'll give it the send off it deserves. Thanks for having us all along for the ride.

highly dangerous Time Lock

:rainbowkiss: I se what you did there. OH! Doctor who references everywhere

Well now time for some good old fashion chaos.:pinkiecrazy:

the last time me paid us

the last time he paid us

only laugh once more.

only laughed once more.

“Come at once.”


...wait, it's a Gent J Graves fic. We always get cliffhangered these days!

So, who is the mysterious entity that is now awake. Is he behind Door number One. Door Number Two, or Door Number Three.

Discord has been watching Reboot. Dont you just love hidden file attributes. :moustache:

To The Castle.:pinkiegasp:

I'm just a little disappointed that AJ didn't get to smack Discord with her shovel. Ahh, I suppose you can't have everything.

“… It’s just a few words,” he finally rumbled. “Why not let the Princess decide?”


Makes sense that Rarity would be worried like that.

I'm really hoping every chapter ends with a three word dramatic declaration. Celestia in chapter three: "Let's have cake."


The Elements to whoever is awake:
You done goofed.

Good chapter, it was interesting seeing Rarity learn about Discord's interactions with Graves :raritystarry:

The one who's awake:
Bring it on


The sympathetic looks she received made it clear the girls thought it about as likely as Scootaloo ever learning to fly.

:ajbemused: SMH

I said this at the time of Graves' long dream and his subsequent breakdown and I'll say it again: Discord is a being who is old and is capable of creating twisted knots of strategies. He had his own motives for helping Graves then and he has a motive for helping now. It would not surprise me in the slightest to learn that Discord has been manipulating events and people towards a certain end that benefits him for some time. Only now are we going to find out precisely what he has been planning and why.

5299689 You really, really don't trust Discord, do you? :rainbowlaugh: Can't say I blame you though. He's about as straightforward as a corkscrew.

This… nothingness

...I need to get these films on DVD!

Ooooh, an original villain?! Bold choice, my friend! I can't wait to see what you come up with. This dude sounds like bad news...

Meh, gimme a second. I'll ring up Fort Benning and Fort Hood. Unholy being, twisted abstract, or deranged embodiment of evil itself, ain't nothing that can stand up against a squadron of Armored Cavalry:

and a few good Rangers.

No wonder Discord's worried. Even he can't conjure Chaos from nothing.

Plus, I find it fitting that the last major villain is Nul…they end The End at the Journey's End.

Hmmm, this puts me in mind of Nothing, as envisioned by the author Garth Nix. A stimulating way to get things really moving.

From my limited understanding of entropy, it is a gradual decline into disorder. I've heard and read some things regarding the eventual end of the universe, and one of those things being the Heat Death of the universe.

The term Heat Death comes from the idea that, in an isolated system (the Universe being a very big example), the entropy will continuously increase until it reaches a maximum value. The moment that happens, heat in the system will be evenly distributed, allowing no room for usable energy (or heat) to exist – hence the term ‘heat death’. That means, mechanical motion within the system will no longer be possible.

From what I understood from the end of this chapter, Nul can manipulate/is made of entropy, which explains why Celestia calls him The End.

So you've taken this aspect of the universe, Nothing, and have turned it into the big bad.

I like it! Very much so! This scenario (Heat Death of the universe) for the end of everything, if true, is impossible to stop, an inevitability. Which will definitely translate into this story as adding hopelessness in the coming battle against Nul.

Ah, going the "Power of the Void" route.

Suddenly I'm having flashbacks of Exdeath from Dissidia.

oh snap things just got real.:pinkiecrazy:

I noticed that Rarity is, once again, the only one that picks up on the subtle clues out there, and Twilight is still being closed-minded.

Also, with Nul being the Big Bad, the motivation behind the antagonists of all of the previous stories make a whole lot more sense. I was expecting the Boss Villain to be a Chessmaster, secretly manipulating all of our characters pieces on a game board. Or maybe an advanced race like the Shadows from Babylon 5. The Changelings, the skullpions, even C.O.B.R.A., they weren't being pulled like puppets; they had to know what they did because their previous way of living was completely and utterly annihilated. Gone.

Well played, Gentlemen J. Bravo.

This, flame, seems awfully familiar to me. In that its been so long since I ran the maths on it, thers have rediscovered it and run with the possibilities themselves in ways I could never envision.

Something thats been proposed in multiple research papers over the last few years, is the idea of Negative Temperature. that is, where once maximum entropy is achieved, and all lowest energy levels are filled, there is no more energy left to support reality against gravity. So reality collapses, and things get squeezed. Things get hot. Until maximum temperature is achieved. Then, even more energy is pumped into teh system as relaity collapses even further, and the excess energy has to be absorbed in higher energy levels, making it that the lower energy levels are emptied. As the energy increases even more, less and less energy levels are filled, as only the upper levels are available. Eventually all particles are in a single highest energy level, maxmum negative tempoerature, and zero entropy.

Very intresting graph. Noone seems to have had the idea of wrappng the two ends together and saying, this is what the Big Bang looks like, and what UniVAC was attempting to resolve. It also matches the old 3D model of the Infinite Universe that the Open University used to have.

The thing that Twilight should be asking, is that all of Lunas aincient knowlege and magic are only able to hold a single non flame. How can they possibly compete against The Big Red Button?

This Is The Final in the Story Of Graves


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