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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The second story in The Journey of Graves.

With the rogue marshals dealt with and order restored, Graves has received instructions to stay and protect the town from wild creatures that have moved into the Everfree Forest. Only, what's a man of action supposed to do when there's absolutely nothing to do? With some help from his new friends, Graves will learn what it means to settle down in Ponyville.

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A very good story! Apart from the odd spelling mistake (e.g.: by instead of bye) it's very well-written. You have my full attention now sir! I shall track.


Aha! Found and rectified. Thanks for the tip, good sir: hope to see you around!

Another pointless "humanified" story. (a "humanified" tag needs to be added to the list, so people can tell when a story is about humans in Ponyville and when it's just about humans.) What does this add to the story? NOTHING. What does it take away? The point of the whole series, which is right in the title: my little PONIES.

If you want to do Pony fanfics, do fanfics about PONIES.

If you want to do stories about humans, do them someplace other than a board meant for Pony fanfics.


I'm sorry you feel that way. I posted it here because I like the characters and wanted to write with them. I also felt like making them humans would give me a little more creative flexibility. If your main issue is with this, then I hope you'll at least give my stories a chance, be it about humans or ponies.

Yes!! I was worried you were just going to stop writing. Keep up the good work. I did notice you describe graves movement in the orchard as troting dont know if it's intentional or not


I like to vary up words, and trotting in my mind is a form of light jog. the fact that it's a bit pony-esque is just icing on the cake. :twilightsmile:

And yes, I hope to be update a chapter or two every week, which should give me enough time to write the next segment. Thanks for the support!

Great story, please continue.


Will, do, thanks! :twilightsmile: Have you checked out the first story in the series?

Yes, It's just as good as this one!294958


It's people like you who keep me writing. Thanks so much!

I love your stories...please don't stop writing


Not for a long, long time yet. :raritywink:

I've read the first one and the second one now and I must say... This is very good


I like to mix things up. Some adventure here, a little slice of life there, spice it up with some comedy, drama, and romance, for an overall delicious product. Glad you enjoy it!

so many funny one-liners i like this story.

no offence to graves but he is so not looking in to the deeper meaning, how you describe him he sounds like a good looking guy. no wonder flutter shy and apple jack wanted to spent more time with him. BTW avian terrorist tactics, i lol so hard. love your writing keep up the good work.




And if you want to read fics about ponies, don't read the ones tagged 'human'. You clearly don't want to read humanizations and as you said, if you wanted to read stories about humans, you'd go to another damn site. Your comment said nothing about the quality of the story, which in my opinion was quite good. Not that you care. Also not sure why you made it to chapter 2 of the second story in the series to realize it was a humanized fic. Plus, the fact that they are ponies has almost nothing to do with the series. I realize that Unicorns and Pegasi play a big part here, but that aside, my BLIND sister enjoy 'watching' MLP plenty for the characters and the story and she gets the same feelings of happiness and enjoyment that every other brony out there does.

I personally loved the line "Graves rampaging like an angry debt collector" xD

Ahahahah! " Graves had just given everyone there a free pony" it's funny because they're all... >> << VV >> ...It was funny! ...deal with it! :pinkiecrazy:

Have you considered adding a link to the next installements in each of the Graves stories?

Though not quite as adept at physically assaulting plant matter, Graves found that stomping the trees as he would when kicking down a door worked quite well. Thus, with Applejack sailing through the air and Graves rampaging like an angry debt collector, the ripe apples were knocked down and collected.

I love this little bit here; just the phrasing and everything was rather humorous.

He didn’t get it, but something about Applejack’s smile bothered him. It was as if she was somehow disappointed, but that didn’t make sense. They’d finished picking all the apples, hadn’t they?
Was it was because he couldn’t stick around and help with the barn repairs? Maybe that was it, but he’d already spent too much time here already.

You repeated 'already' in that last sentence. I like how Graves is missing the point; Applejack wanted him to stick around for lunch. :rainbowlaugh:

I was way too amused by the 'avian terror tactics' :twilightsheepish:


Wait, you can do that? :rainbowhuh:


883700 I'm not sure, but there's people who post youtube links for music ... Like in Sweetie Belle's Mansion? It hink somehow you can set certain words to be blue links.

Nice. :rainbowlaugh: This looks just as promising as before!

883700 Copying the url address of the link you want, you can either paste it directly into the fic, or use the little anchor button to link it to text, like this.

Aside from that, though, loving the stories so far! You've done an excellent job in characterization and descriptions, and I wish that I could write this well.

aw my gurd. Teh Scootaloos be escapinginging.

Seriosuly7 though. These are really good fics. Glad I got to them.

Lol. 'Such a whooping and hollering from the crowd, you’d have thought that Graves had just given everyone there a free pony.':rainbowlaugh: That made me imagine a gif of either Graves or Oprah giving away ponies. "And you get a pony! And you get a pony! You! At the back! You get one too!"

Oh, a few spelling/grammer things by the way, just to help you out. :twilightsmile:
"Where you surprise? Were you?"
Simple mistake, easy fix.
you’ be able
you'd or you'll, another simple fix.
learn how to take things easy.
Missing a " at the end.
usually stolid face
Most likely should be solid, instead of stolid.

Awesomely done though, I'll look forward to reading more from you. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:
Oh, just realized how late I am. Sorry about that. :facehoof:

Not bad. Short but sweet.

He cared? *Has horrible flashback moment to Care Bears*

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... Wait... He... HE CAN RESIST APPLEBLOOM'S EYES?! DA BUQ?! Okay, too OP. Gary Stu, sorry... I could accept that he's all of these other things, but really? Immune to Puppy eyes? That's just too much...
(XD Just teasing you, but still...)

‘Let’s do this! Hoorah!’

Pfft... XD Do you ALWAYS have a good ending line for the last chapter? Last one it was “… There’s nothing wrong with my coat,”

XD Nice... Maybe a bit... IDK... Seems like this could be better, as a story I mean, but... OH! It's too short. And simple. Yeah. Just from one thing to the next, and then it's done. You need some side-quests or somethin! XD

Man, someone´s even worse at making friends/figuring people out than Twi. What a day. :derpyderp2:

Thank the gods, Twi has such a connection with the Princess and can simply ask for a year long vacation for Graves. And then the Pinkie party. :rainbowlaugh:

But i´m missing some aciton, some shooting, some awesome RD/AJ karate moves, some grand and amazing Twilight magic stuff and so on. More wild west action ya know?

Here look at this silver tube *puts on sunglasses* Just keep looking.
*light flashes* Now you never saw carebears. If anyone asks you you have never seen it and will never try to and those memories you have will be locked in the deepest recesses of your mind.
All right you have a good day now.

1007747 9.6 *Blinks to try to refocus* Yeah... You too... *Stands in the same spot for a good hour*

Avian terrorist tactics?:rainbowlaugh: that's genius. I like Graves character a lot except for the part where he makes me want to :facehoof:. but again that was used for comedic purposes. Which works. Anywho, great fic, great writing. I hope to be as good as you when I write my fic. Also I hope you see the resemblance but Graves reminds me of Vash from Trigun with the coolness of Spike Spiegel.:moustache:

I just finished the previous story and this chapter.
I like his style, mysterious stranger "old man-cool" with a big ass sniper magic gun? awesome

Oh Graves, you so blind. :derpytongue2:

* Sigh* Okay, Graves, I'll talk you through it.

Demographics. In Equestria, the approximate female/male ratio in frontier towns is anything up to 6-to-1. Those that are around are typically in committed relationships (the good Doctor for example) or relatives of one of the major family groups that dominate the area (like the Pies and the Apples). So, being an unattached and out-of-area male, you are going to have a lot of the unattached ladies following you around and batting their pretty eyes at you. I hope that you have a habit of succeeding in tough WILL rolls. :twilightsmile:

Celestia definately planned this for her "best agent" - Put him in a town with her personal student and a bevvy of other lovely and lonely young women looking for a life-mate and wait for the magic to take its course. I've got a mental image of Luna accusing her of being a "wannabe Yenta".

There is a problem with your description of Graves. In the first story, you said his eyes were steel grey, now you have them as cloudy grey. Just something minor to fix if you could.

He didn’t get it, but something about Applejack’s smile bothered him. It was as if she was somehow disappointed, but that didn’t make sense. They’d finished picking all the apples, hadn’t they?
Graves, you are an idiot when it comes to women...

“So, um, I was wondering…” Fluttershy began, her usual shy uncertainty returning as she absently scuffed at the ground where she stood. “I was planning on taking Angel Bunny to visit some of the forest animals after we have afternoon tea, and… I was wondering if–”
“Oh. Alright. Have fun on your rounds,” Fluttershy said, her smile faltering a bit as she said this. With a tip of his hat, Graves turned and quickly trotting off.
As he left though, he mentally kicked himself for being so stupid. He’d spent too long picking apples, so he couldn’t help with the barn, and here, he’d spent too much time on the chickens so he couldn’t help with the animals. No wonder Fluttershy had the same look of disappointment that Applejack had on earlier.
you know what is funnier than having a guy being oblivious to a girl's advances? him doing it to two girls.
:facehoof::facehoof: :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:


Good eye. This was actually intentional. The eyes are windows to the soul as they say, and the way they look reflects how he feels at the moment. Steel hard and sure is how he usually is, cloudy grey is when he's pensive or uncertain, and a silvery shine connotes happiness and mirth, to name a few.

Hope this little discourse helps. :twilightsmile:

282632 FANfiction it is stories that are written by fans, and this HIE is great

I find humanized stories to be easier to picture in my head as I read them.
I had to take a break while reading because I laughed so hard at the catapult suggestion.

Here we have Marshal Graves. He can hit a target with pin-point accuracy from insane distances with ease. When it comes to understanding women though... He can't hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun.

Marshal Graves, you need to learn how to understand women:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: , you're driving me crazy!!!! I started cursing at you to understand at the computer screen until i realized i was reading a fanfic :facehoof:

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