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A classic tale. Twilight tries magic. Magic doesn't work. Magic ends up reaching across the dimensional boundaries of time and space to bring forth the League of Legends's most dreaded incarnation of fear on four hooves to peaceful little Ponyville. Simple stuff, really.

A delightful little story in which the Shadow of War learns that friendship is the most powerful magic of all.
... Or was it suffering? Maybe it was suffering.

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Rytex #1 · Jul 3rd, 2013 · · ·

Hecarim is best pony champion. Pity he's banned every other game.

This is hilarious, because I'm going through a HUGE League phase right now, and GentlemanJ, I'm a huge fan of your stories.
Do you play LoL? If so, what champion?

This is hilarious, even if all the gaming references go over my head.
Fantastic as always, GentlemanJ.

I've actually retired. Not enough time to work, write, and play league. Sad, but true. :unsuresweetie:

Oh man GentlemenJ... Bit of a cring with how ungodly Meta this story was for me being a huge League lore fan. Glad to we it as a one shot, to loony toons to have it as a normal going story.

I know, I was one of the people who played hec nonstop before he hit the perma-ban list.

Suffering is magic!

Night falls! The night shall last forever! A new moon rises...

THIS MUST BE CONTINUED! Someone, somewhere, must continue this!

Well, if you ever get the urge to play League, just shoot me a PM, and I'll give you my summoner. I'm not great by any standard, but I enjoy playing.


bring forth the League of Legends's most dreaded incarnation of fear

Hey! Nocturne is literally fear made manifest!

on four hooves

Okay, that's technically legit.

Aaaaaaanywho, going on my RL list, since I've got far too much to catch up on before I can go picking up more things.

this.. this was amazing...
i hope there is more.

This was beautiful.

Poor Baron Nashor didn't get invited though. ):

...gotta imagine what the Summoners who were spectating thought of this... situation.

Comment posted by nogoodnamesleft deleted Jul 4th, 2013

oh my god that was so funny, I just might have to see what this league of legends thing is all about, just because of this story

Dude, the tea party would've been complete with Teemo. You never forget Teemo. :twilightangry2:

I was waiting for something like this to happen.:rainbowlaugh:
DREAM COME TRUE!:rainbowkiss:

2818306 Gah, played Hec on the Free to Play week. I felt like I was the most disruptive champion ever.

Does anyone else want to see an artwork made of the last scene? Because God knows I DO.

I've been saying for a while now that Hecarim is best pony but in all honesty, if this was written by ANYONE else I probably wouldn't trust it but ponies + one of my favorite champs written by the one who brought us the Journey of Graves? this definitely earns a read later

2819241 he was there, he's just a bit shy so he was keeping still... you know how that goes.

Koggy just want's to hug you *boom*

good work sir I salute you.

o yeah good stuff good stuff :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: 5 stars of pinkies :D

It's funny because whenever I choose Hecarim my skype friends points out "lol he's the pony champion".


Small comment, you kida got just one thing not so right in this whole thing. Fiddlesticks is the true incarnation of terror, Riot confirmed.

But fuck it, this story is so bloody epic I am willing to forgive that! :rainbowlaugh:

I simply adore the way stuff is happening. Good job sir. Keep it up.

I simply can't get enough of your stories and I sincerely hope that you continue writing forever :pinkiecrazy:
Anyways I ROFL'D for a good 30 minutes so i am satisfied. :moustache:

Finally, a League crossover that's written halfway decently! Thumbs for you old chap!

Did someone say tea party?


Loved this, absolutely loved this.

This was ridiculously funny. And I love how you dragged in Cho'Gath's alternate skin. Brilliant. And seeing the ponies' persistent pleasantness win over Hecarim was hilarious.

A few nitpicks:

The "something/other" just bugs me in general. I suggest writing around it unless it's actually in in-universe writing.

"raisin’ cane" I'm pretty sure the correct phrase (and it's one of those that you can't really change up, because it's a fixed expression) is "raising Cain".

"It took but a split second for her aquamarine face to break out into the biggest smile of supreme bliss that ever did occur this side of heaven as she cried out in rapturous joy the single greatest desire of her little pony heart:" The way you've written it is sounds like her biggest desire is hands, not seeing them, just hands. I advise changing it a bit, I don't know quite how, but as it is it strikes me as odd.

“What manner of madness is this?” Garen cried out as – he much to Caitlyn’s chagrin – jumped up from cover." Think the "he" should be before the "-", so "... as he - much to Caitlyn's..."

"Wondering whether she should just shoot the man and take their chances with a two-on-three, a rustling of nearby foliage interrupted her thoughts." This sentence is odd. You need an "event" before the thoughts are interrupted. As it is now, it looks like she is wondering even while her thoughts are being interrupted and that's just odd. I suggest: "She wondered if she should just shoot the man and take their chances with a two-on-three, but a rustling..."

This was great fun to read. Good work. I'll check your other work now.

Happy writing.

Summoners: "WTF?"

he is, that ult is too good for breaking up formations


fast pony fast!

I lost it at the "HUEHUEHUE EL MORDE ES NUMERO UNO":rainbowlaugh:

this is quite possibly one of the funniest one-shots I've ever read (though that might be a slightly biased opinion since I am a Hecarim player).

also, leave it to Flutters to bring out the gentleman in Cho'Gath and make the all consuming terror from the void into a cute, slobbering puppy. and inviting Caitlyn to tea? there's no way she could refuse. I believe Fluttershy may have just found a peaceful way to settle whatever dispute these champs were summoned for, now if only we could see the summoners' reactions.


Okay, please, do more of these! Bring in the Yordles! I'm talking about Ziggs, Amumu, Rumble, Tristana, Poppy, Teemo, Heimerdinger, Fizz, Corki, Kennen, Lulu and of course, Veigar! That would be sweet!

.... But that's just an option, right? :twilightblush:

This is hilarious


DIS IS DA BEST STAWRY EVA!!!! :pinkiehappy:

You have to get poor little amumu in there


The premise of this is too hilarious to not read it...:pinkiehappy:

This story is stupid, cute and hilarious. Take a fav. :pinkiehappy:

OOOOOOOO, I was waiting for someone to do a Hecarim in Equestria story:yay:

It was delightful, If a bit odd. Bravo:moustache:

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