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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The tenth story in The Journey of Graves.

After much too long away, the Ponyville girls finally make their triumphant return with marshal in tow. Spike, who's been holding down the fort at home, is definitely glad to see them back, especially since it means the return of his beloved Rarity.

Only... what's a boy to do when the object of his deepest affections turns out to be taken?

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And thus the story continues!

Poor Spike, looking forward to more!

Also, that cover picture is adorable.

Oh, this is going to be golden :trollestia:

Graves/Rarity is best ship.
But still, Spike. Those feels. I feel those feels.

Ouch...the cold sting of truth is harsh. Poor Spike.

Don't worry Spike, she does have a sister after all.

Poor Spike. He just can't catch a break.
2913049 Same here.
2913084 I feel his pain.

2913343 A consolation prize. It'll do.

2912975 That picture is adorable.

Unrequited love sucks, Spike. Better you should learn it early.

Graves' train of thought: "Shit…Now what am I going to do with Spike?"

quickly, spike you must formulate your ultimate revenge. quick question, does Graves have a younger sister? :moustache:

I'm with Spike on this one. RarityxSpike is my one of my favorite shipping couples.

Oh gosh, just from the description / title I can tell many tears will be shed :fluttercry:
Oh well, guess I'd better get it over with quickly.


Angel had been bad enough, but considering Opal was currently the incarnation of hissing fury itself, the Persian’s

... Not to nitpick, but Opal doesn't look like a Persian. Her eyes and ears are totally off, and she's FAR too floofy (long hair) to be a Persian. My best guess is that she's a white Maine Coon cat.

Just my opinion, of course, but there you are regardless. (Sorry, I forgot to mention it earlier.)


I have to say, despite the personal dilemma for poor Spike, it is nice to see everything so...not depressing. Again, no offence to Spike, for we all know the feeling of rejection at one point or another, he will manage. Spike is strong, and he will survive, when he is not doing a classic drama style no, most likely on his knees raising his arms to the sky as the camera slowly backs away, letting the moment sink in...I gotta stop watching movies.

Great start to this next part GentlemanJ, and I happily await what happens next.

So when does the tenth story begin? Or is this the start of it?

an alligator that stared with the empty eyes of a stone cold killer

I cannot stop laughing at that.

I meant to finish this chapter sooner, but I've had it open all day...


It's great to have a story by you good sir, even if it's a short one.:pinkiehappy:

Poor Spike, I know the pain of having your crush (or in my case, waifu) be in a relationship.

It's funny how this story would have went unnoticed
if I didn't add it to certain groups.
I'm just

And so it begins.

I always wondered how Spike would react to Graves and Rarity dating.
'Ere we go!

... as Applejack would say, "I applaud you an' yer freaky knowledge o' cats." :rainbowlaugh: I'll get to changing that. Thanks for the tip.


I'm greatly looking forward to seeing how Spike handles this. Initial reactions show great promise.
If it's been mentioned before, I've forgotten. I know the girls and Graves are in their young to mid 20's in this story. How old is Spike?

I'm guessing pre-teen? About 10-12?

I haven't read the other stories in this series, but I felt the need to stop in and thank you for dealing with Spike's emotions. All too often, when authors ship Rarity, they choose to ignore Spike out of convenience. I applaud your willingness to "deal with it", as it were.

One question though: What's with Spike being uncomfortable with getting a hug when the cast come back? In the show, he's never, ever shied away from anypony's affection, especially Twilight's. He is, in fact, the "huggiest" character on the show. I notice authors doing that a lot too, and it always makes me wonder why.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to deal with this from Spike's perspective.

Spike has to deal with his crush/dream girl dating another pony? I HAD THAT IDEA ONCE! XD But sure this will be better.

I'm not the only one that finds it a bit odd that they got a military airship, which Graves attacked, to make an unscheduled stop just for them, am I?

Spike's reaction was priceless! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

There are so many stories where Spike is rejected, and apparently he takes it well....

Buck that!! I'm probably the black sheep here, but I kinda want Hiroshima to happen. Does that make me a bad person?


Actually, it makes you a prophet. What does that mean? Well... :raritywink:

2920208 What? Hiroshima? No! No! Noooooo...

I want all of hell to erupt on their world centered from one small child.

And behold Discord's master plan! It took a little while, a couple of close calls but in the end he got what he wanted. To crush a small boys dream of finding love with the woman he loves. Well played D, well played.


Spike's got a spine, if not brains. This is gonna be good.

Good for Spike!

If I'm reading between the lines right, and I THINK I am, it's more... He needs a reason to have lost Rarity. Just being too young is a little... It hurts in more ways than one. If he loses a duel, however, then he lost with honor, not because he's 'just' a kid. That, and a few other reasons that I'm too lazy to write out. XD

C'mon Spike. I mean I know you still care about and love Rarity, but this is a duel. you could get seriously hurt. Let us see though if Rarity shows any concern and worry for Spike, or if she will have wider eyes of affection for Graves.:rainbowdetermined2:

Wow, talk about a set of nuts on spike. I know he is going to lose, but a part of me believes in the salamander boy.

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