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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The sixth story in The Journey of Graves.

Spring has come and gone, Graves remains in Ponyville, and for once, all is well. No monsters to slay, no damsels to rescue, nothing: just nice, relaxing days passing in easy leisure. Or, at least as relaxing as Ponyville ever gets. A collection of short stories, the marshal takes a break from fighting and learns a little more about his friends and neighbors, one lazy summer day at a time.

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Amazing story yet again, keep up the good work bro!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: FANTASTIC!:pinkiehappy:
Totally worth the wait! Keep up the awesome job!

Yet another instalment of this great series is up... let the awesomeness begain!

It's such a different take on all the moodiness; I like it.

Very nice. Just as good as your previous stories.

Wonderful as always. Look forwards to the next installment

I haven't even read it, and I've already faved it just on the account that your stories have never disappointed :eeyup:

EDIT: Just finished reading, and I'm pleased to say that you totally surpassed my expectations once again :pinkiehappy:

Now thats... More like it! I see some words a bit jumbled... but then again, thats nothing compared to the imaginative adventure going on in my head as I read this... Please, I insist... do please continue on doing so? :raritywink:

Complete already, or is it just a mistake?

Another quality story from one of the most underappreciated writers on this site but dare I say one of the best. My hat goes of to you sir and when you stopped this series I shall weep manly tears

I remember reading the short story this chapter is named after when I was 15, so I a good idea what this was about as soon as I read the fourth line.

Good start.

Loving the stories, just wanted to throw it out there that I moved right on to this from the fifth part and noticed you said "the series will continue after hiatus with A Day in the Life. Just suggesting you go back and change it is all.


YES, I remember reading that too and was totally thinking the same thing.

Aw poor caramel. Interesting idea bout the club though thought it was funny :)

Do we see Rarity's view of this tale of relationship with Graves? Rarity is with Fluttershy at the spa every now and then so maybe you could do that there?
Anyway LOVE THIS , and need mOAR

Boys club!

In the show, Caramel does have a girlfriend. It's during the song in Hearts and Hooves Day.

Why do I remember this stuff? :rainbowderp:


Huh. Looks like I picked the wrong guy to make my patsy. Ah well. :derpytongue2:


Won't be the same kind of situation (because honestly, where'd the fun be in that?) but rest assured, the inner workings of our favorite histrionic shall be revealed in due time. :twilightsmile:

God damnit Graves go get her already! :twilightangry2:

Cute. I'm surprised the people at the spa didn't freak out at his scars, since apparently they're that bad.

Here is a question.
Rarity was shocked beyond normal when she saw Graves body.
Graves was at the Spa were you most likely don't wear much clothes, Fluttershy should be in a worse shock then Rarity (for being so emotional).
So WTF happen?

GAH! Graves! Rarity! Altar! Now!

768230 768124
I'd assume they're mostly on the front of his body, since that's how Rarity was viewing him when she saw them. Most masseurs let you undress in private and don't come in until you say you're ready. Since Graves would have been lying down, they wouldn't have seen his most of his scars. Sure he probably has one or two on his back, but not in any number that would horrify someone. I doubt Fluttershy would have seen any of his scars, since she wouldn't have been there when he undressed and he'd have been wearing a bathrobe at any time afterwards.
Though I will agree that Graves should have thought something to that effect, rather than having the reader infer it.

768539 That was only ONE of the manys thing that Graves did there. Some are understandable but other do not like the sauna for example: How does one NOT see the scars of a guy without something to protect it's upper body? No?

Ya' know, as editor and pre-reader you would think that I would think of these kind of things... :facehoof:

Possible Explanation from the editor:
The massage: Graves would probably be laying face down before anyone would see his scars, not to mention the masseuse would leave and allow him to get dressed after they were finished.
Sauna: separate male and female saunas, Men don't ask that kind of question nor do they mention it.
Seaweed Wrap/Mud bath: similar to the massage in that you can go with as much or as little exposure as you are comfortable with
Hair styling: you're still dressed for this one.

But wouldn't he have some scars and stuff on his back? I mean come on, guy serves them army for years, go on missions all the time, encounters wild animals and enemys. He is bound to have some scars and shit on the rest of his body, sides, arms, legs, back, Im quite surprised that the one that is doing the massage on Graves hasn't had a seizure


I'm going to assume professionalism or just plain politeness on the masseuse's part. Plus, Graves really never found out that others had a problem with how he looked, scars wise, until he overheard the couple of nurses talking during that flashback in the previous story, the ponies/people can keep their reactions to themselves.

But yes, I can see what you're saying, I will make sure to keep this story aspect in mind as I continue to work with GentJ on the rest of the Graves Saga.

773392 Good, no need for plot-holes (No, get your head out of your ass you sick bastard).


Ah, I see I've almost incited a riot here. :rainbowlaugh: I didn't mention it because I didn't want to go into too much exposition for a fluffy short story, but I shall endeavor to elucidate the situation.

I expect that after getting back, Rarity would have given the mane 6 a slight heads up about the situation to avoid creating another issue. Keep in mind that it's not so much gossiping about him as letting certain close friends know about the situation so they can understand him better and avoid hurting his feelings. As a result, Fluttershy would have been made aware that Graves had scars, so even if she had seen them, it wouldn't have come as a shock (which as we've seen, is the only real emotion that has to be watched out for in this situation). Overall, I think that this is something Rarity (as a highly tactful person) would do to make sure an incident like that wasn't repeated.

Spa workers, as professionals, probably wouldn't be riled by the sight, and even if they were, wouldn't show it because it's their job. This is doubly true in Ponyville because the creed of all is "love and tolerate" after all.

Also, in both cases, Graves would be the kind of guy to keep his bathrobe on as much as possible so as not to put himself on display. I think MrBackpacks right in that most things at the spa could be done without exposing oneself unduly, but since I'm no expert on spas, that shall remain conjecture.

Lastly, I'd like to take a moment and address psychicscubadiver's theory. Yes, the majority of Graves's scars are on his front. Why? Because wounds to the back are a warrior's shame, and he's a baller, that's way. :rainbowlaugh: But really, it has something to do with his specific role as a marshal, what his job and specific skill set involve. I'm not going to go too much into it now because it's part of the later stories, so for now just keep in mind that Graves isn't the kind of guy who'd let an enemy get to his blind spot.

Hope this clears things up. If you have any other questions, please let me know. :twilightsmile:

773598 If he would be running away from a fight (Highly unlikely) he would have some scars, bullet wounds (if there is even any bullets (Magic bullets?)), and more. Like when he was fighting the chimera he is bound to have been scared when he was running for cover. ¿no? or other stuff like that.
Don't give me that "oh he is the marshal, nothing comes behind his back unnoticed" (Ok, now thats just sick toughts, you bastards are weirds... and maybe even gay). Everyone gets their guard down and he is bound to have done it a few times. And I quote From even your story J:
“people aren’t perfect, especially not marshals. What’s important isn’t that you never make a mistake, it’s that every time you do, you learn from it and become a better person. Got it?”
Or have you just forgotten :ajbemused: . That teaches Graves to never let his guard down because he has been ambushed and got scars on his back for his foolishness. So you see, even I can point out your Flaws.


In response to your very interestingly worded query:

First, I said the majority of scars are his front; I never said that his back was blemish free. Second I'm not "giving" you anything. You had questions and I did my best to answer them without revealing too much that would spoil future stories. Finally, with regard to the quotation, I have not forgotten. The issue you seem to have is that my intentions for that statement do not coincide with yours; your theory about him having learned the lesson via an ambush is an interesting notion yet in no ways what I intend to have happen.

Since I am writing a series, there will be many issues mentioned now (if prematurely) that will be addressed later. What you see now is a partial picture that I plan to complete as the stories progress. Please keep that in mind as you continue to point out my "flaws".


774204 Point being: I just wanted to write that and see how you would react.

DAMN IT GRAVES*Smashes head against desk* WHY*Smash*DON't*Smash*YOU JUST*Smash Smash*GET WITH*Smash Smash* RARITY!*SMASH! Now out cold*



Don’t be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl
Don’t stop now
Don’t try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the girl " :rainbowlaugh:

803160 Yes..Yes....YES!!! Do that ! Use that song in a chapter when he finally kisses her!

Well that was heartwarming.

Now i finish to read the new Graves' story.
I like this chapter and the second. :heart:
This chapter explained background of your universe. The second broke the fourth wall. :pinkiegasp:
You are my favourite author :pinkiehappy:
I have a question
Will there secondary charcters like Gilda, Shining Armor, Diamond Tiara and the ninja mules in the next chapter? :scootangel:
Sorry for my poor english. :scootangel:

Love this set of off stories, gives me a bit of a better day with each one.

And now the spell gun is explained? I wonder can you get diffrent types of spell gun? And also do the unicorns of this world talk?


The next story will take place in Canterlot, and yes, Shining Armor will be making a major appearance. Other minor characters will be sprinkled in, but no solid plans as of yet. Any suggestions for stories/characters you'd like to see?


Basic structure's the same, but yes, there can be variants. Ex: Graves uses a silver spinel, which helps buff out his lightning blasts. The rune carvings on the interior lend to a much stronger, more focused blast, but require more magic per shot. Different engravings would allow for variations on energy requirements and rate of fire, lending to different models.

As for your question on talking unicorns, I'm not sure I understand. Unicorns have been humanized into burst magic users. Do you mean actual unicorns within the bounds of this world?

DAMNIT GRAVES, STOP SOUNDING LIKE STEVEN BLUM!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

810502 so when he gave the example of unicorns he ment people?

Awwwww. Graves would make a good daddy :twilightsmile:


Ah, I see what you mean. No, those are unicorns. Horsey unicorns. Different from people. Don't know if they talk. You'd have to ask someone who's met one, like Graves. :twilightblush:


No, no... It's just curiosity. :scootangel:
My curiosity is the role and the whys of secondary characters in Graves' world. :twilightsheepish:
Many authors fill secondary characters in thier stories without a specific reason. They wink fandom's eye. :facehoof:

Shining Armor (and Cadenza? :heart:...) :Q_______________

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