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After a conversation with the Mane Six causes Spike's mind to wander and fill with worries, he tries to find a quiet spot to collect his thoughts and think things thru. However, during his "free time", he finds himself in the magic mirror room again. As he watches himself, he makes a simple, silly mistake that ends up sending him back to that strange, pony-less world. This time, he doesn't have Twilight's help, but the strangest thing is the way he appears there: much less dog-like and much more...human.

(This story is located in a "flexible" timeline, the only events that occurred in the human world were the ones of the first movie.)

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An excellent way to start a story, I also really like Spike's character and that's why I make him the protagonist in all my fics. I hope you can continue with more chapters, how exciting, is he going to live with Principal Celestia? because I like that they have a mother and son relationship, or with Twilight, although I don't know if it's possible, because I also like their relationship as a younger brother and older sister.

I'm looking foward to see what happens next.

I have so many things to answer now!

First of all, thank you very much for the comment! You are one of my biggest inspirations since I started reading Spike fics a few years ago, having your support is a great joy.

In terms of who Spike will live with, although I have a good handful of ideas, I have to choose carefully which one I will use for this particular story.

Looks like Spike's got himself a new life to look forward too

Wow, I did not expect this chapter so fast, I really like the introductions, so, this is after Equestria Girls 3?

And Im sure the girls will suspect that Spike is very similar to the dog they meet earlier in the first movie.

Comment posted by Rock-Lee deleted Dec 16th, 2023

The only events of the movies that have happened are those of the first movie, as the story progresses there will be explanations for the differences that exist with the "canon" :raritywink:

And i already have writted like half of the story, i'm just fixing some of the errors and writting some extra things, so waiting is not going to be a problem

Spike is adapting well to the school

Spike's adjusting to the Apple household well. And love the cameo of myself

Man, Spike being dragged and carried by all these girls, he just can't catch a break.

Do you folks believe Spike will gain a better understanding on simply staying in the EQG world rather than returning to Equestria?

This was a great episode, it showed the relationship with the Apples very well and I finally understood that Spike entered a different universe than Equestria Girls, that explains a lot of things, especially with that magical alicorn that is watching him, apart from that, great cameo of my pony, although the design changes over time, I just forgot to change the profile photo.

And about Spike being just a servant, it was felt in the first seasons, but he advanced in the process, even more so with his relationship with Twilight, from be just an assitant to her little brother already for the last season, so I hope that the Mane 6 of Equestria In this fanfic, get forgiveness, since I've seen many fics where Spike simply separates himself from them forever.

"It's okay sir, don't throw a tantrum in front of everyone" Rainbow Dash would say as she put the embarrassed red-haired boy down on the ground. "Now, who will the little one stay with for the first week? My parents agree, but they want to make him a nice room before he comes."

Red-Haired? Is this a mistake, cause Spike hair is green.

Good morning to all my readers!

First of all, thank you so much for all the support this story is getting, although something I realized is that maybe some people feel that I'm updating "too fast" or that I'm not taking this story so seriously, I really apologize if I make anyone feel that way, it's just that I mixed a lot of free time with having a writing boom, I'll be trying to take more time to start writing the next chapter, maybe start writing when each chapter reaches 100 views would be a good way to control myself :moustache:

Pd: I hate Big Mac's design in Equestria Girls. :fluttercry:

On the contrary, I like that your update is constant, something that I would like to be able to do, but if you are so concerned, perhaps it could be a chapter every 3 or every 5 days to give space for comments.

I wasn't convinced by Big Mac design either.

1- Thanks for pointing the mistake, i don't know why i didn't notice it before ^v^"

2- I didn't mean to write it like "Yeah, Spike is just a servant", I wanted to show him more as someone surrounded by people who don't show him the affection he deserves, i explain myself right?

Spike's getting acquainted with others now

That was adorable πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ‘

Good chapter, I really liked the beginning

That was funny with the girls teasing Spike like that, and he's proved he's smart enough to be with older students in advanced courses

Sorry if this is s stupid question. But first of all, this is great so far.Tey should have had Spike be human in canon.

but for the question, will there be romance in this fic? And if so, then who are you going to par spike with? Also will Equestria's Twilight go to the human world to rescue him? Or will he want to live in this world forever?

1- I understand why Spike was not a human, first of all, a dog sells more toys, and second, it would "difficult" the story to a certain extent since Spike couldn't be in many places with girls, which with a dog would be drives much better

2- There will be romance, that will happen, but I'm still deciding whether to handle it as a romance from the beginning or simply something platonic for a few chapters

3- And as for Twilight, keep reading! you will discover it

Thank you for your comment :heart:

Can't wait for the next chapter, well done.

To everyone that wanted a new chapter, Whatever my fans request is my job :moustache:

Spike really had quite a day with Rarity

So... when will we find out where Sunset is?

You say this is set after the first movie, so I am a bit confused why the girl's aren't trying to help her be better?

Also, she is my favorkte character, and I would love to see her be a big sister to Spike.

Hehe, don't worry about her, she will appear sooner than you think, she hasn't appeared yet for something that... I can't say yet ^v^"

So to recap: Spike's been with AppleJack, and Rarity. I hope Spike doesn't see his dog self when he stays with Twilight, otherwise it's going to be a disaster.

" PRINCESS OF THE NIGHT! " Crystal's voice would begin to rumble around the two of them, causing Luna to gasp loudly. " THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU MEDDLE IN THE MIRROR WORLD! "

Hmm... this Crystal character seems very interesting.

I partially get why she took Luna away, if that was the real Luna, but I feel like she could do more to help and soothe Spike, to let him know she isn't a threat... UNLESS CRYSTAL IS A THREAT...

As for the thing in the author's note, no worries!

I can tell you have plans for best pony-turned-human, and I am excited to see them!

The scenes of Spike with the girls so far is wholesome.

And Luna seeing Spike was really wholesome too
"My little baby"

Though Crystal is a little suspicious actually.

Rarity’s family sure has taken a liking to Spike. Especially her dad

Nice Spike ran into Sunset and is now seeing this world's Cadence about his troubles

And probably even more moms too.

1. A very nice chapter, and I noticed that small mention of Cadence being with Child, hehe, very nice!

2. No worries about the Author's Note!

A great episode, with this I realize that the EQG world that Twilight and Spike traveled to was a different one, or at least that's what you imply, since Sunset does know Spike.

Yes, the session with Cadence was moving, noting that Spike did not have any friends his age, and yes, in the first seasons it was something of a joke, but at least from the 4th onwards they gave him more respect.

I just hope that Spike can reconcile with his friends from Equestria since I don't like to see stories where he abandons them or stays angry, they just have to apologize from their hearts.

I like where this is going, maybe I'm just saying this for fanservice but would you consider writing a beach chapter?

1- I know it's confusing for now to understand how the timeline is going, but trust me, it's part of the main idea.
2- Yes, I am a bit cherry picking, but hey, who doesn't? He he
3- I can't say much about how Spike will feel or feels since that's basically the joke of the story.
4- Tom...I'm literally writing my fantasies of Spike being everyone's son/brother, believe me, there will be a beach chapter

Spike and Sunset really got closer here

Hehe, was really nice to see so much Sunset, and I am glad she is slowly making progress, and I LOVE the friendship between her and Spike!

On the flip side, a very interesting lore drop at the end there. Journals are closed, Crystal can wipe memories, and is SISTERS with Celestia and Luna.

Last part spoiled because it seemed the most important/impactful

Another good chapter, and I look forward to more.

Looks like Spike and Sunset are bonding real good.

The memory of Fluttershy almost in despair at the simple idea of accompanying the girls and Spike to observe the dragon migration would cross his mind at that precise moment. She's really afraid of adult dragons, huh? But what would happen when he grew up? She would start escaping of him? She would start having fear of him?

"Mhhg...It's a little bit sad when i think about it"

Its a big funny when i think about it. yes im insane in my opinion. And yes i have pshycopatic thoughts and i do have a therapist

This chapter has lots of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You spell OK like OK not Okey. And to simulate that Uhhhhhh in a real setting it would be confusion. To do it correctly it would be Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But other than that, good story.

Thanks! i fixed the problem with the "Uhhh", but i don't understand why writing "Okey" is wrong, i'm still learning the lenguage, can you explain it? ^v^"

And thanks for the help!

Ok, where you from. Also its Language not lenguage. Also also you are writing in English right? If so, don't you have autocorrect?

My native language is Spanish, and yes...i have one autocorrect when i'm writing, and the fact that i'm still making those mistakes proves that maybe i should try something new ^v^"

maybe you should take some English and typing classes. That helps.

I'm actually living in the USA...

I never implied that you live in Spain anymore, I was just saying that you should take some English tutors to improve your writing skills.

Nono, i'm not saying that, i Say that i live in the USA because i'm already taking English classes, it was like a "Yeah...I'm already doing it" but...withouth saying it

Yeah Rainbow's parents may be over the top, but Spike would've killed to have that kind of family growing up who let him know he's special and important.

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