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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The eighth story in The Journey of Graves

The Grand Galloping Gala, so far gone yet still shining bright in memory as if it were just yesterday. That night marked the turning point for Graves, the night he found something beyond the sight of his rifle, beyond the endless call to arms. It's a new beginning, a new life to spend with the friends he cares for and the one he loves. For once, the grey eyed marshal finds that he too, has a chance to live happily ever after.

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I really need to catch up on these.

Woooo, first like! Yay! I feel so speshul! :3 Now, to actually read it...

Rarity just laughed tossed her head back and laughed.
... Please fix. Just remove the first laughed.

All in all, not bad, though the time jump was a TAD jarring. I was expecting some, but this was... A lot. And stuff. :3 Anywho, looking forward to the next chapter!

... 11 likes, 15 faves, 3 views. lol wut? Do people not actually READ things anymore?! XD (And sorry for so many edits.)

:pinkiegasp: new... Journey chapter? Married? Squee. :pinkiehappy:

Wait wait wait wait!!!! What?? Husband and wife?? Why did we not see a comedy fic of their wedding going wrong??
Why have the moved to Canterlot??? Why has a year passed?? Why is Graves training cadets?? Where has he been?
What did the others have to say about this??

Why.....Where......What.....When....How......ah, screw it. New Graves story!!!

Glorious. Delightful and funny, though that may have something to do with knowing the characters so well already. One thing: you mention that their rings are platinum at first, but then call it golden when you mention their wedding.

:pinkiegasp: MARRIAGE!?! *Screams like a girl in glee*:pinkiehappy:



Sweet more awsomeness is upon us:pinkiehappy:.

If this doesn't get featured, I'm b***h slapping the featured box.

Well it's about time those two got together.

They were waltzing around each other longer than me and my wife were and it still took us 5 years to tie the knot.

Woah, time skip? And married? And living in Canterlot? :pinkiegasp:


Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig time skip, probably filled with many interesting/painful things that may or may not be discussed.
Either way this is already shaping up well.

The french toast turned into crepes.
(You're getting enough praise:raritywink:)

That picture of wet the look... must make saving throw vs stun!
*rolls a 20*
Save made with bonus will to burn.

Still too early to say where this one is going but it's up to your usual standard, GJ. :twilightsmile:

Ah Graves, you better be good to her old boy:raritywink:

hmmm.....as tempting as it is to go along with all the other comments and say things like, "omg time skips!", I'm going to side with a different option. This really seems like you're starting at the end and are going to do a flash back story to show everything that leads up to the already revealed ending. Or at least I hope that's what you're doing. If you really did just skip over all of the development of their relationship I will be sad. Sad enough to make Fluttershy cry :fluttercry:. But I have more faith in you than that. You haven't let us down with any of the other stories, so I don't think you will with this one either :pinkiehappy:.

1516356 Like most Fantasy, this story just sort of throws us into everything. Giving us the situations and characters and vocab all at once and explaining it along the way, you either look confused for the first few pages, or you don't catch up and become completely lost.

1516818 Guess I'd better dig my story compass out then, to make sure I stay on track!!! GPS Don't work in Equestria,
Magic interferes with the signal!!!!


Oh wow I didn't see that opening coming at all. I was almost certain that's how this story would end instead of begin.
I'd really like to know how exactly Graves got out of that secret mission that they were talking about in the last story. I'd also really like to see stuff leading up to the wedding. There's a lot of potential there for romance, comedy, action, intrigue, all sorts cool stuff.
How long did they date for? How did he handle being in (what would appear to be) his first romantic relationship? I would have loved to see a chapter detailing his proposal. How did the rest of the cast react - especially when they moved to Canterlot? When Rarity first saw under his shirt she didn't react well. I could imagine now being married she's been in that position at least a couple of times since. Does she feel differently about his body? If so, in what way and how long did she take to get to that position?

Flank Sinatra...you're out of your mind :rainbowlaugh:

Possible typo:

The refresh my memory


Good cop, bad cop? Old times?
Gosh darn it! These are all things I wish I could have seen!

This start was a little more bumpy than the other ones. But we're just getting started so I'll assume you've got a good plan. You haven't let me down yet. Keep it up and get that next chapter out soon. I need my fix :flutterrage:

I really hope you plan on including the wedding at some point. Because ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the way you write Graves and Rarity is insane :heart:

I honestly woke up this morning and wondered if we would get the new story this week. I then chided myself for being selfish. Needless to say, thank you for the gift. And along with everyone else I hope we get some flash backs, but you know what you are doing. See ya in a week.

1516679 Don't be silly, crepes are like toast for France.

New Graves story!?

Uh, I mean...excuse me. I'll get reading now.

What they don't realize is that all this was being viewed from Pinkie's hidden camcorder. :pinkiehappy:

This shall be interesting...

Sorry, but you're off by one comment.

I really cannot believe that you made something so good with parts that for most people mean disaster. I mean, I can't think of another story with an OC like Graves, who is tough and awesome, who gets into a relationship with one of the main characters, with all of them changed into humans, with your own touches to the world, without it being awful. But you grabbed these parts by the horns, laughed in their face, and made them into something of quality.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're a pretty cool guy, who doesn't afraid of anything.

dat cover art.

1517833 No, I'm not. If I had said 'first comment', then you would be right. But I did not, ergo you are wrong. When I clicked 'Like', It went from 0 and 0 to 1 and 0. (Like and dislike respectively.) You just assumed that because someone else commented first meant that they liked it first as well, in which case you are wrong. Congrats! You just proved that the saying about assuming is correct! :3

I squeed when I saw this story in my notifications. :yay:
It takes a lot to make me squee. Be proud, good sir.
I award you three internets for an awesome story.

My thoughts exactly. The time-skip is big, but that does not seem normal for GJ. I am curious to see how this played out.
I am also detecting a subplot here--some other characters are doing something important at the same time, is that correct? I would like to see that; as awesome as Graves is, it would be unhealthy to overplay him in the third-person omniscient point of view.

Have a nice day! Keep writing!

--Not a brony

Sorry, I didn't see you wrote like


Thank you thank you thank you for continuing this saga! This is easily one of the best humanization titles I've ever read, and I hope you go on to produce more even after this one is finished! Hell, if you'd like some story ideas for future content, I'd be more than happy to throw some your way! Just drop me a PM :pinkiehappy:

1516837 True.

Or perhaps our good friend GentlemanJ is pulling a George Lucas.

seems to be shaping up to be awesome as usual



1516536 You'd better b**** slap the feature box, because this deserved to be up there just as much as my fiction. How it didn't get up there is beyond me.

1521312 NOT ME YOU DUNCE! ... That hurt.:fluttercry::trollestia:


I didn't slap you, I was trying to give you a high five and you face got in the way! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh and also, *slaps featured box

I've read all seasons in this story to catch up on it which I did in two day because this a very very good story.:heart:

We missed the wedding? NOOOO!
But in all seriousness nice chapter, lookin forward to more.

Love that cover picture! :raritywink:

got back from two and a half days without internet and you know what I find? 39 notifications and 10 faves and among these this story :D

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