This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The twentieth story in The Journey of Graves

The drama should have been over. Rarity and Graves should have been well on their way to a happy ever after. However, when a piece of the marshal's colorful past comes rolling into town, sparks start to fly as Rarity wonders whether it was all a fairy tale after all.

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But when k an entrance.

Not sure what this sentence means.

Oh... ooooh..... oooooooh shiiiiiiiit. Graves, RUN!

*sees new story*

BOOYA!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

*happy dance*

... NOPE*!

25.media.tumblr.com/938952f45fc11d4f38e4e6dd03f3ad82/tumblr_mtp932zvya1rqr335o2_500.gif *

* In regards to updating headcanon to RPG Graves

In reality, I'm... apprehentious, but since you said you had already written ALL of it, and gone through it, etc... I'll trust you... For now...,

Run for the hills, graves

That's one hell of a way to say hello to a former lover...But then again, maybe that's the kind of thing one should expect from an ex.

4964343 Admittedly, I am somewhat in agreement. The idea that Graves had a lover previously is somewhat at odds with the traumatized loner workaholic Graves that we've become so familiar with. I also don't recall anything like that which would figure into what little of Graves history that we know from the previous stories.

But then again, it could have been something that occurred back before he lost his teammates and essentially decided to cut himself off from any meaningful human relationship, so there's that possibility...


“Araneida Roamanov, Director of Security for the Stalliongrad Governing Body, and” she finished with a smiled to Graves, “this one’s former lover.”

Five bucks that she has had a tragic past too.

a poor boy singing the fandango,

also, :yay::yay::yay::yay:

A New Challenger Aproaches

I should note that Graves used Kira's method of detection. Nice job.

“Araneida Roamanov, Director of Security for the Stalliongrad Governing Body, and” she finished with a smiled to Graves, “this one’s former lover.”

Oh snap, Graves you sir a are a deadman. On a side not is this supposed to be the story with 40 chapters?

4965038 I have forty chapters, but not all are meant for this installment. I would say more, but in the words of the great River Song, "Spoilers.":twilightsmile:

And that's how the Journey of Graves ended. :raritywink:

Is Rarity gonna have to smack someone? :duck:

Is it wrong for me to picture Araneida like Molotov Cocktease from The Venture Brothers?

Is this "Graves' former lover" claim self-professed the same way Shining Armor calls himself Graves "best friend"?

“Araneida Roamanov, Director of Security for the Stalliongrad Governing Body, and” she finished with a smiled to Graves, “this one’s former lover.”

much? Just one hair-dye away.

On a more serious note, I'm looking forward to a new portion of world-building, especially if the subject would be your version of glorious Stalliongrad.

Oh mate, the missus and the ex. Welcome to every man's worst nightmare!

Cat fight!!! I could see Graves getting close to someone that's near the same skill level as him and by his reaction one could assume that he thought that she was dead. Letting someone in after the death of his team only for him to believe that they died could solidify his lone wolf mentally we see in the beginning of the series.


I was wondering why Araneida seemed so familiar. But yeah, I can totally see the similarities. Black Widow-like old flame whose idea of a friendly greeting is a murder attempt?


It says a lot about Graves' naivety concerning relationships that he doesn't seem to realize that he's sitting on a powderkeg.

4967117 I think it's a bit too early to say that, but that might be the case. Also, please tell me you got the reference :raritydespair:


Doctor Who episode "School Reunion", right?

Don't forget the scar and the accent. Plus her idea of a friendly reunion includes not only a murder attempt, but also a possibility of a mind-blowing intercourse sprinkled with some deadly violence. Sadly, we probably won't see the latter.

I'm not so sure about the 'old-flame' part, seeing how Graves himself is much younger, and much less awesome axe-crazy than Brock.

GJ, you're back! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
And your story is on the front page! I'm sure others have been, but it's always great to see them up there anyways!

My story list has been long and winding and now my I see that my favorite Marshall has returned!?! :raritystarry:
I think I might be more excited than Rarity....:raritywink:

This red-headed danger woman... I like her. She seems like a good foil for Rarity. Maybe give Graves a sense of what he really has with Rarity and just how much living in Ponyville and being around Rarity has done to him. :unsuresweetie:

Also, like everyone else has been saying... DIS GON BE GUD.:trollestia:

Red Vs Blue. The best in each others mega civilisations?

Or has Graves got the edge through being humble?

I wonder what her death defying ability is, that permits her to compete evenly.

I wonder how good she is at dodging Rarities flechette swarm. :trollestia:

and that's how rarity got life in jail :rainbowlaugh: cant wait please I need more

Funny, after reading this I have come to fully realize that ex-girlfriends are way scarier than any dragon or bloodthirsty beast. The real reason we all wish we were awesome heros facing death at every turn is because everyday life is way more frightening.

Oh dear... When you cause trouble for your characters, you do like to spread it around with a big shovel don't you?
The only way you could really escalate this is if you introduce a big dose of syphilis... To princess Celestia... Who got it from Tirek.... Who in turn received from Shining Armour.

Another story by the legendary Gentleman J? Awesome!
:After reading:

“Araneida Roamanov, Director of Security for the Stalliongrad Governing Body, and” she finished with a smiled to Graves, “this one’s former lover.”


I know it's too early to condemn the story based on the first chapter, but at no point in any of the past iterations did Graves show any sort of experience in the romantic field. Heck, his inexperience was part of the charm, him being romantically handicapped and his stumbles across the most basic of relationship problems.

I'll reserve most of my thoughts until after the end of the story (Which I'm guessing will be in about 7 more chapters) but I'll just say that I'm a little skeptical about this.


Well I wasn't expecting Graves to have an ex girlfriend because of how hard it was to start a relationship with Rarity, how anti social Graves was, and how he really only had one or two friends before the series started. I guess anything is possible and I like the way the chapter endedblog.paddypower.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/be49e_ORIG-boy_that_escalated_quickly.jpg

If she was not somewhat inspired by Black Widow then that is the biggest coincidence in a fanfiction that I have ever seen

4968758 Your skepticism has been noted, good sir, and know this: your benevolent ruler has not forgotten you. All shall be revealed in due time and when it is, you shall marvel at the glory and splendor of its majesty.

And remember, kids: keep the faith, lest Inquisitor Stan brand ye a heretic.img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120907185939/warhammer40k/images/2/28/Maellusinquisitor.jpg

Just because someone is awkward when it comes to mushy gushy romance, doesn't mean they aren't familiar with it. Love can bloom between enemies or rivals starting with a mutual respect for ones power. Is it a healthy romance? Answers say no, but when every day can be your last, you have to learn to treasure every tiny moment you can get.

That being said, no matter what the circumstance, when your ex meets your girlfriend, you should be nervous. Graves, being new to lovey dovey romance, has no idea what kind of can of worms has just been opened.

I know that this is going to be good, GentlemanJ, so tell the story as it is, and let the fireworks fly.

Wait. When she says "lover", does she mean... you know? Because you already established that Graves and Rarity are in a chaste relationship, so it seems kinda jarring to have this tart come out and say, basically, "yeah we banged".

Looking forward to that conversation.

I know I say this a lot when I wander into your little corner of the internet but, Dis gon be gud.

So, a Russian femme fatale who's also a redhead, and has the name Roamanov, who is diametrically opposed to what is most probably the American/British-inspired secret agent protagonist. All she needs now is a name like "The Snow Maiden" or something like that and the match up will be perfect.

Can't say that I haven't seen this tons of times before in James Bond movies or Tom Clancy novels, or even the giant honking embodiment of this trope that is Black Widow, but hell, I still love the concept anyway. I gleefully await seeing how this is going to turn out! *rubs hands together grinning like a maniac*

Is it more or less required to read the entire collection of Grave stories or do you just read When the Man Comes Around and this one?

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4975828 She's actually a blonde, but otherwise spot on.

4977342 If you read nothing of the previous stories, you can still follow along with the plot. However, the weight of the relationships will be nowhere near what they could be.

4977905 I know, shortly after I posted that I started to read the second Graves story. It is a pretty interesting series.

4977912 And guess what? It only gets better from there. :raritywink:

4978490 From what I have read so far, it does indeed seem that way. I just started Two Kinds of Complications. One last thing, will Graves ever get piss drunk at any point in the series?

tha shet hat tha fen:pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiesick::flutterrage::twilightangry2:
and yes i did the bad spelling on peeress :moustache:

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