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This story is a sequel to Journey's End

Time has passed. The defeat of Nul now belongs to the past and life has continued on. Thus, it's finally time for Rarity to pick a new road and a new beginning.

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Just as I selected this to read it.


Dont Stop Me Now. :pinkiecrazy:

More at 12.

Oh boy.




“Fer yer information,” Applejack huffed, “Hemmingmane jess happens tah come from farmin’ stock like us, so he’s more comfortable at the orchard ‘n anywhere else.”

Ha! I knew that was going to happen!

Hmm... who's Spike getting friendly with? I can't remeber if it was mentioned.

“Find her… and say that… he… he… is…”

...living? Dead? Living but with no memories?

6010577 Gotta hate those cliff hangers!
Great to see there is a new possible ending to the Journey of Graves. The previous ending was pretty good, in my opinion.

I knew that the story wasn't over!

Can't wait to see what happens.

6010596 Glad to see there's someone else out there who thinks so

Shipping, shipping everywhere. And that's fine with me.

“And that’s the thing, isn’t it?” Rarity sniffed as she carefully handed the pages back to Twilight. “We don’t have an ending to this story because someone was too inconsiderate to give us one.”


“And indeed I have,” Rarity nodded. “I realized that if he can’t be bothered to show up on his own volition, then I’ll just have to go and find him myself.”


6010577 I don't remember myself, and for some strange reason I hope we don't find out which Crusader they're talking about. It seems funnier in my mind if we never do (especially if we eventually see all four on screen and it still isn't clear).

(Spike not to scale.)

6010647 ...I wonder where they got that idea from...

...Graves, if that is you the messenger is on about, you now have another thing to answer for!

“And that’s the thing, isn’t it?” Rarity sniffed as she carefully handed the pages back to Twilight. “We don’t have an ending to this story because someone was too inconsiderate to give us one.”

derpicdn.net/img/2013/6/8/343312/medium.jpg *

So, we begin again, eh? SO much shipping...

Well, consider me strapped in and ready for what-the-fuck-ever is coming. Let's do it!

*I am going to Hell..

Only if you have a hand-basket.

Eeeeee! A sequel! *does a happy dance*

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,”.

That's what I've been saying for years.

You go, girl! Sometimes you have to track your investment to make sure it works out. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you.

Ey~! It's back! Who would have thunk. Now let's see what amazing, breathtaking, heart wrenching story you will post!

When they mentioned that today was the day he was supposed to come back, I spent the whole rest of the chapter waiting for him to speak up from behind someone, just completely unnoticed.


Did you write the lines I assigned you before you wrote this? "I will not write cliffhanger endings to the end of series" 200 times?

I'll alter what I said at the end of the previous book. You're still a great big excellent writer and no longer a giant meanie. This is still a good story, and NOW it'll soon be finished. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for listening to us. :twilightsmile:

WAHT??!! :rainbowderp: But....you,,,,,,

<faints to ground with face stuck>:raritystarry:

So much teasing with the shipping, especially with Spike.:moustache:





*Internally screaming with joy like a mudda fucking mad man*

I may or may not piss off a bunch of people. Maybe.

You were fucking with us, weren't you? Hell, you called it Journey's End, you called the chapter Finale, you added The End, you even acted the part out with the blog posts.

But you also said that this ambiguous ending had been planned from the start. I've heard other people saying that there would be no more Graves, but never from you. As far as I can tell, you never actually said that Journey's End was the absolute end of the series, the closest that I could find that actually said it was the end was the The End in the Finale chapter. Of course that could mean that it was only an end.

So you act the part, you make us believe that the series has ended, and now this story come up. This whole comment probably makes me sound assholeish, but there's a nagging suspicion in my gut, and I'd rather be called an asshole than stay quiet.

Maybe I'm think I'm thinking too hard.

Anyways, it's good to see them back.

Happening intensifies

YOu....You.... YOU BASTARD!!! "RAGE RAGE RAGE :flutterrage:"

AT the same time though.....OH YEAH!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT WOULDN"T DIE LIKE THAT!!!

There must always be another journay, another road to travel. :pinkiehappy: Bless you mate, consider me on board once again.

6011510 No, it was the final story in the journey of Graves, of which Rarity played a big part, and now it is her journey.

God damn, J, Fluttershy's picture book hit me right in the feels.


I bet your cutie mark is a person dangling off the edge of a cliff, right? :derpytongue2:

I'm not expecting the guardsman to catch his breath for another 10-12 chapters. If we've waited for months, and the girls have waited for two years, then I certainly don't expect all the answers given to us by Chapter 2.

I agree with Lucky 424, this is the Journey of Rarity. It's going to be another long, winding road.

Just as I came to terms with the ending, you go an release the next part of the story...
I don't know if I'm happy about it or not. Well, just one way to find out I guess.

Of course you continue with cliff hangers! -.-'

Well I was going to work on more stuff for my portfolio but now this will be on my mind constantly. What fun. Also he's dead isn't he? They just found his body I bet. Even if that is the case it's good to see more chapters from you. Even if they mean no Graves (probably) I look forward to more and Rarity's saga.

6011510 I think it was more of a play on words. I said on one of his blogs that my suspicion was that while the last story was the end of the Journey of Graves there was still more to his story. I thought it would take on something more like the Life of Graves with more adventures along with his relationship Rarity growing. However, this recent chapter tells me otherwise and makes me think that Graves is dead and is instead about Rarity coping with the loss of her love. I don't think she'll find someone new but I don't think there is anyway Graves is alive.

oh J, you clever shrew you.This was downright awesome, despite the horrible wait between stories. Thanks for making my day.

Given the lack of a 'Sad' or 'Tragedy' tag, I remain cautiously optimistic.


I was more going off of everyone raging thinking that the story Journey's End was the absolute end, as if there wouldn't be any more stories after the abrupt ending. Of course with A New Road Begins, that was proved wrong.

I think that that was what we were complaining about the most, not knowing that Journey's End wasn't really the last story ever.

Thee are redeemed. But seriously though this kinda eliminates my main problem with Journeys End, I assumed that Journeys End was not only the end of Graves' story but also the last story in this universe you've made. I'm glad to see I was wrong and that this universe isn't finished :pinkiesmile:, thank you (and sorry I doubted you if you had this planned the whole time).

P.S: With Journeys End not being the last story the ending (at least for me) has been greatly improved as the main reason for me not liking it in the first place was as stated above because I thought it the last story.

P.S.S: I'm not saying I shed a few tears on the picture book part but I might have shed a few tears on the picture book part.

Holy Cannoli, I did not expect this!

So the Marshal's journey has ended, but a new road is being forged. Wonderful!

Really glad to see you're back GJ.:pinkiehappy:

Huh so the rank of Sergeant is a promotion for a Marshall? You'd think Marshals would be ranked somewhere higher up the chain of command as I'm pretty sure Sergeant is the minimum rank requirement for Special Ops units in the U.S. (Could be wrong mind you, not to mention this is Equestria) I'd have pegged Marshals as being somewhere along the rank of a warrant officer.

This was a really good chapter. I found a few minor hiccups:

“Couldn’t control, not like the girls.

Think you forgot the word 'it' here.

Celestia left first, the soft swish of her white silk dress suddenly cut off by her passage through the shimmering wall of light. Ironside turned to follow, but just before he did, he paused. A moment’s hesitation arrested his th an invisible force.

“Don’t woro deal withI won't be leaving anytime soon,” the young man smiled. “ Still have to pay you back for those boots, don’t I?”

If the words meant anything to Ironside, hi emergeds poise didn’t show it. Steady as a mountain, reliable as the stone, nothing seemed to unbalance the stoic calm that seemed to radiate from his broad, powerful back.

Did...did you have a stroke here?

“Well… what happens next?” she asked. Fluttershy looked down.
“I… I don’t know,” she admitted softly. “I know that the story goes like that up to here, but I just don’t know how it’s supposed to end.”
“And that’s the thing, isn’t it?” Rarity sniffed as she carefully handed the pages back to Twilight. “We don’t have an ending to this story because someone was too inconsiderate to give us one.”
“So inconsiderate,” Pinkie Pie nodded.

This sounds like the fan response to the end of Journey's End

I should have known better from the king of bait and switch.

Damn GentlemanJ, I haven't even read half of Marshall Graves, then the speculation that he's dead or pretty much classified, and could look at it as a ending.

Then you have to throw this into the mix.....this entire series will never be completed, is it?? Is that right? The story will go on until there is a time to conclude it, and obviously the newest work shows that there is still a lot more to show us.

Bring. It. On. :twilightsmile::moustache::raritywink:

Damn cliffhangers!

Was I hoping for this? Yes. Closure will be good. Lucky it wasn't two actual years for us readers! Thank you for not letting us share in Rarity's suffering on that point.

J you magnificent piece of work you. Only you can make me feel these feels.

I love how casual he is about tearing his way through the fabric of a prison dimension and found his way back to Equestria. I have absolutely no doubt that while he was travelling through those "weird places" along the way, he had more adventures and saved the inhabitants of those dimensions as well:

As the third sun set on the world of Blargle, the village's sproutlings gathered around the cold blue flames of the fire as the storyteller Ghzdd sat down.

Ghzdd: Young sproutlings, what story would you like to hear?

Sproutlings: The one about the gray-eyed one!

Ghzdd: But that's the fleemth time this vreegle! Oh very well...

so my reaction:
nuff said


a return so awesome not even michal bay's explosions can top it.:pinkiehappy::heart:

discord you mischievous bastard.:pinkiehappy: always great.

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