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I find your lack of faith disturbing


He probably should have seen it coming. Humans were, after all, more chaotic than even him. But, as this human proves, the best laid plans of mice and draconequus often go awry.

*This story has nothing to do with Rust and BlackWing's "Chess Game of the Gods" universe. I may change this in the future, provided Rust and/or Blackwing give me permission, but for now, it's a solo story.

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looking interesting, Human with broken past seizes control of chaos in a world of Harmony
All he needs now is a kick ass title I vote for Anarchy

His title should be Anarchy or Mayhem

That team is you.
The team is Twilght Sparkle, sounds like Celestia needs to learn some lessons in friendship.

Love it how he screwed Discord, you gave me these powers on loan so you could free yourself and give me a taste of sweet sweet power?
Awesome, now go fuck yourself.

i like this, this looks awesome :moustache:

*cough* *cough* dogandponyshow *cough* *cough*

this is prob one of the best ideas i have ever heard of...ever:heart:

This fic has potential I tell you that. "I'll be taking my body back after a while".
I wonder what will James do when he realizes he has no body to return to.

Very interesting. I want to see more of this.

Alright, this is going much better than I thought it would. Tracked! :yay:

Well I can tell you put some effort into this and it was a success, I really can't wait for the next update.:rainbowkiss:

So this means he isn't going to be bringing about any pony apocalypses? :fluttercry:

Very interesting. I can see a very central-mental conflict coming from the OC having discords brain.. discord must love chaos for a reason, if he is a god than I doubt he would have started out insane.

Bit short and now I just want more. Damn you.:trixieshiftleft:
Also the music was a nice addition through.

Is he lying to them? Pretty sure Discord left in an ominous way.

I'm guessing he's lying to them. This is actually rather interesting. Favorited.

Why cancelled? This story could have been pretty fuckin' awesome on its own.

If you ever decide to un-cancel this, let me share a little secret: Omnipotence... isn't. All you need to set up a conflict (one which I honestly think would be more original and interesting than yet another Chess Game of the Gods story) is to recognize that your character still has a human mind and, to quote God from Bruce Almighty, "since when do people know what they really want?"

It's a common theme in our culture and its relation to our inability to step outside ourselves enough to identify what's truly denying us long-term happiness is expressed in many phrases like "money can't buy happiness" and "doctor, heal thyself".

Hell, some of the best story concepts I've ever run across have been about people who gained some kind of phenomenal cosmic power and then had to learn the hard way that it's useless until you gain the wisdom to direct it at the real problems. (You even set up a hook for such a theme with Discord's musings on our species name. For extra props, make Discord's "best laid plans" slip-up result in redeeming him with a deeper and more nuanced reconciliation between him and the regular cast than season 3 did.)

(Or, in ultra-condensed version, "person vs. self" is one of the most under-appreciated types of conflict in all fanfiction and the ultra obvious, simplistic, hero vs. villain expression of "person vs. person" is almost cliché in and of itself.)

"And you never will again." He snapped his fingers and felt Discords presence slip away from his mind. Buried. "Now. Time to have some fun..."

Heh heh, I'm liking this guy. Not going to be discords bitch...

Why oh why must this be cancelled,The premise isnt THAT new but it is pulled off in a way that I personally(And quite likely a large number of others) immensely enjoy

sigh to bad you dropped this, well i'll still add this to my fav's

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