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Far from the war with Conquest, far from the strife and struggles of Starfleet, and far from home, Sunset Shimmer awaits the end of Summer and the beginning of her senior year. Her friends are all waiting to finish their days of school and begin their lives as adults.

However, a dark cloud hangs over the rise of their futures. A being seeks to corrupt and change all that the heroes of the world have fought for. He seeks to destory the world and devimate the lives of all that Sunset has come to love.

She will face war and strife, love and loss, on this...her final adventure.

A crossover with Power Rangers, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

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You did this in response to He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named's horrible Power Rangers crossover didn't you?

If I have one criticism of this, it's the overabundance of bolded, italicised text. Otherwise fine, and I'm eagerly looking forward to reading more.


Why, yes. I wanted to 1) show off the difference between a guy who only wrote power rangers fics circa 2005 vs the guy who managed to craft an entire geneology of Power Rangers and put in american versions of everything before Zyuranger. 2) What a fan of power rangers really likes about the show (The characters, the fun, ect), and 3) Give some lessons on a real PR fic.

If I am successful in that or not...I'll let you the readers decide


That was the only way I knew how to interpit Skype calls

8008527 It's not that bad so far, if not a little confusing because of everything seemingly just seeming thrown in. Plus, there's a little too much bold and italicized text for my liking.

Bit hard to follow but I'm never all too good with Crossovers.

Sunset sighed, "You came to me when I was feeling down and you kept picking me up, but, that's it. What do we have in common, what do we like about each other? What about that?"
"I guess you're right," Artie sighed. Then he smiled, "Can we, you know, still be friends?"
"Sure," Sunset said.

Still crossing my fingers that this is what SugarMac will lead to (I'm not that bothered, honestly)
When Madilyn suddenly showed up I thought you were poking fun at how quickly love interests enter the story in Equestria Girls.

"Darkonda," Darkonda sad, bowing.

Mah Darkonda Don't...
Mah Darkonda Don't...
Mah Darkonda Don't Want None Unless You Got PUNS, Hon! :trollestia:

Rhymey charged at him, sword forward. Darkonda leaped over the would be swordsman and and slashed through his suit and left deep gouges into his backside. Once he landed, he grabbed Rhymey by his head and kneed him into the back. Then he spun Rhymey around, and punching him in the groin. Then he grabbed the testicles, squeezed and threw Rhymey into a tree next to his fallen teamates.

I'm enjoying it overall (Particularly for the above). Here's hoping Celestia's pet horse comes through okay.
Keep it up. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This was a pretty good chapter.

Is Sci-Twi cutting her hair shorter supposed to be a reference to Kimberly cutting her hair in Power Rangers (2017)?

I enjoyed the reference that Rebecca Shoichet is Twilight's singing voice and Sunset's voice actor.

I like the fight with Dai Shi with him turning into a fusion of different animals. I laughed at him trying to take everything he said back before he was defeated.

I like the idea of the Mane Six trying to become like their Equestrian counterparts in a world that is more similar to our own (at least in comparison to Equestria).

I always love it when you tear apart Mykan's way of thinking, such as him always trying to play the victim.

Very well done overall. Parts feel a bit rushed here and there, might want to go over that, but the scenario's excellent.
The team's climactic dilemma explores the good and bad of both end results of a very risky strategy and I'm unsure of who's more in the right here. I just hope they can settle things peacefully.
Sounds like this calls for a Pinkie Party!:pinkiehappy:
Those voices in their heads is the voice of the hater. One who harps on and on about the flaws in these characters yet not only fails but outright refuses to see the good.
You know who I'm talking about.
And now...MEMES!

"Are you sure?" Bon Bon purred, wearing her apron that said, 'the treats are right here' "Not even fro some peanut cups?"

Oh that Bonny!:twilightblush:

"Because who else has the power!?" asked Celeste. "This is just like the demonite incident,but worst. Now I can't even cover up their loss. How can you do this to me-"
Celesto's rant was quickly silenced by a wave of the man's hand, forcing Celesto down and screaming in pain, "Do not assume that just because you have been given you own world, that you are exempt from providing us with what we need! Need we remind you that you have yet to give us the last two souls?"

"Mr. Shi, if you would kindly," Rarity said holding out her hand. As she did, a diamond bow began to materialize in her hand, "Let a girl admire her new acutiments?" with that, an arrow appeared on the bow, and with a flock of her hand, the arrow flew out, striking the orb and shattering it."
"OH,' Dai Shi said, looking down at his shattered orb, "Shit."

Enter Rarity Resplendent In Her Suit So Fine!

Dai Shi backed up, painted, His body cracking and trembling, "Uh, is there anyway I can take back all I said about murdering and killing and taking down rangers?"

Starla and the Starfrat-boys seem rather one-dimensional but I suppose, given the context...
Try not to overuse the word 'jerk', however appropriate it is.
Looking forward to more. My knowledge of Power Rangers and Digimon is sub-par at best but I'm enjoying it.
Keep it up and whoever's responsible for the hateful voices, see to that they receive Sunset's fist down their lying throats!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:


Starla and the Starfrat-boys seem rather one-dimensional but I suppose, given the context...

I blame this on the fact they somehow have even LESS for me to work on here than in Starfleet proper. At least in Starfleet, they have their militarybackground to fall on (and something else that I might touch upon in a blog at one point) but here...there is nothign. Somehow they are even flatter then ever. Artie, Buddy all lack the special something from their other selves and Starla lacks her desire to be her mother. It's like, somehow, the EQG world opens the possibilities for me as a writer as I can explore the humane six as a "Mane six origins" story, but these guys...nothing.

I can't imagine them with normal skin and hair colours, I'm going cross-eyed just thinking about it!

this story is good and as a bonus rhymey is barely in it

You wanted to show that things weren't quite the same in the Equestria Girls verse than the pony one, and it shows, while the mane cast still has to fight for their integrity they don't have to face as many struggles as they are fighting here, aside from the obvious fighting, they also have their personal issues, the evil buzzing, insecurities, school duty....

Slowly, the room shifted and turned, the shade began to draw themselves as darkness overcame the room. Soon the room was completely black, and the photos had disappeared while the door locked with a loud hisss. Then in an instant, he was gone, down a long tunnel.

and then an ominous piano started playing off key, in a sinister melody

(Relax! I know he is lex luthor!)

huh, Arthur seems to be the only one of his bunch to act with decency


Yeah. While I hate usually calling Equestria an utopia (It annoys me to no end when I see that trope pop up in lesser fics and I have about a billion reasons why it's not just from season 1) I will admit that things are 'brighter' and 'easier' there. Here, you still have to try and find your place, work hard for your dreams, and strive hard to remain yourself when things are down. Rarity, Pinkie, and Fluttershy are all unique in this regard.

Add into the fact that this is a world with the DCU (i.e Luthor exsists, as well as a bunch of villians), PR, and Digimon, and you have a collection of things that make it hard to be the mane six. And that's whats been making this fun for me as a writer, because I want to see these girls become who they are destined to be.

I am start to feel like if Fall is a fight to remain true to your ideals, then this is a fight for your identity.

Porfavor has al de(en versión mampato) color limón un personaje complejo...eso tomaria esfuerzo

Holy Moly! this is awesome! I never expected to see Mysterious as a teacher, Pinkie proves to be a extraordinarily strong person, I think she fits the Agrimony flower description though, and oh, oh no, what happened to twilight .... why,did she act that way? although it was theorized she wasn't herself..its still jarring...
Oh, and I got a new ship for me.

Comment posted by themetavoorhes deleted Oct 10th, 2017

'Whistles' I'm reeling.
It's a lot to take in.
First, let me start by saying I've watched Mystic Force and I enjoy Imperious's cameo.
Second, Grey Son?
It's Spider Man, right? :derpytongue2:

Sunset turned and looked at Twilight,"I'd love to, but... lately she's been blowing me off." She looked down to the ground.

Oh I'll bet she has! :twilightblush:
It's a sex joke...:facehoof:

"And for them?" Grey son said, looking to the normal students. "How is it fair to them to see you using your powers to beat the course. They are comparing themselves to you constantly, and thus, feel inadequate. It's kind of unfair to the other team."

The wise words of a superhero who got by without supernatural powers or Deus Ex Machina.

"What did I do wrong?!" Penny Scillion asked.

Pinkie smiled, "And who says! Who says I have to stop thinking on the positive side, and who say's I should stop being the go getter happy girl I am. Why, just because there is bad news out there or that something mean happened one day?"

:pinkiehappy:You go girl!:pinkiehappy:
If people think being an adult means not seeing the bright side anymore then they're the ones who are afraid of growing-up!
Hmm...these deaths seem...almost suspicious.
Could it be that Celesto knew the Elements needed to be seen to fail...one way or another?
Heads up for Celesto by the way: If you need to trick others, including but not limited to using mind-control, into thinking you're always right...that means you're not always right....you narcissistic, brain-dead tricero-twat! :twilightangry2:

It's only really a failure if you learn nothing and do nothing to make it better.
All together now!


First, let me start by saying I've watched Mystic Force and I enjoy Imperious's cameo.

Believe it or not, I prefer his Japanese counterpart to Mystic, but I didn't want to use his japanese name.

Second, Grey Son?

This was the second name I had planned. I was also thinking of Black Bird, Dark Wing, and Red Robin.

The wise words of a superhero who got by without supernatural powers or Deus Ex Machina.


If people think being an adult means not seeing the bright side anymore then they're the ones who are afraid of growing-up!

It's something I kind of liveby

Not to mention according to Mykan, Tommy, Burai, Wolzard, Rio and Mele and every other heel turned char should have been publically executed.

"Rhymey charged at him, sword forward. Darkonda leaped over the would be swordsman and and slashed through his suit and left deep gouges into his backside. Once he landed, he grabbed Rhymey by his head and kneed him into the back. Then he spun Rhymey around, and punching him in the groin. Then he grabbed the testicles, squeezed and threw Rhymey into a tree next to his fallen teamates."
Oh my gosh even rhymey doesn't deserve that>~<

Twilight be careful your heading towards the dark side,other than that great chapter


...be gentle if you do. This little one is only three chapters old and hasn't had time to grow yet.

I kid of course. If you do a review, good or bad, please let me know.

Wonders when the next chapter will be done

Comment posted by themetavoorhes deleted Jan 19th, 2018

"But no matter what happens next, she will have to realize the truth of this world. We have to kill, we have to remove life in order to save others and to save this world," Rhymey growled. "The strong kill to survive. Think that Metropolis or Gotham are safer with their villains alive? Do you think that the Rangers have any remorse when you kill things?"

well he kinda has a point there. Still an ass though


I know, and that is what I love about writing a villian sometimes. Sometimes, my faves are the ones who have a point and you feel bad about agree with them

I really enjoy how you characterize everyone.

I'll be blunt, I've never heard of Agony in Pink.

Considering Kimberly was just transported away, does that mean she might turn up again in the future?

I liked the point you made that even with the numerous superheroes in this world, ordinary people are still going to have to put their own lives at risk.

I continue to love how Fluttershy's surname is Firewing. I really liked the backstory of her family.

I like all the little continuity nods and mythology gags you put in.

Comment posted by themetavoorhes deleted Jan 20th, 2018


Consider yourself lucky you have never read that pice of slock. It's like the second worst Power Rangers fic I read.

I like all the little continuity nods and mythology gags you put in.

Thank you.

I'll bet.

You're welcome.

Have you thought about having your favorite Flash villain appear in this story?

Well, that was something.
Getting a bit hard to follow with all the cameos about. I'm never all that great with multiple crossovers and my knowledge of Power Rangers/Super Sentai is...limited at best.:derpyderp2:
I will say, however, you done good.
Never have I said 'Buck you, Rhymey' more times in a single chapter. :twilightangry2:
I like how you built up Fluttershy. She's clearly dealing with serious issues and its great that her friends are there for her.
Something Rhymey forgets is..
THIS IS EQUESTRIA! Where an open hand can accomplish a whole lot more than a closed fist.

Fluttershy glared at Rhymey, her eyes burrowing a hole into his could and forcing him to the ground, "Rhymey...you and I are over!"
"W-what?" gasped Rhymey, his eyes wide.

Once again...

:yay:Fillies Just Wanna' Have Fun!:yay:
And now a song I found that suits my feelings on Rhymey very nicely.


That I don't know. I am trying to stay with DC's main magic characters and villians (With the exception of Dick, but the guy has fought demons before, so he's good.) However, there is one future magic wielding villian I have my eye on for this one.

And the fun part is, his name is a Starfleet character.


I hope with future cameos I can make sure to explain them properly. But, then again, this is a mega crossover and this stuff is my bread and butter.

That was amazing as always and a Part of me wants to end rhymey for that. Also I wish best luck for Kim she doesn't deserve the pain she went through.

Is the picture showing what the Mane six actually look like?
Or a general sense of what there costumes are like?

I ask as I have not read the fanfic, yet.


A general sense of what the costumes look like.

Spelling errors aside, I feel as though the costumes themselves need more descriptions.

LIke thorughout this chapter, I don't think it was ever described as to exactly what Starfleet's costumes look like, particularly in comparison to the Mane 7's new outfits powered by Harmony.

And apoligies if I am treading old ground again, but is the picture of the Mane Six supposed to be the concept of their Starfleet costumes or their NEW costumes?



Well, the concept for their costumes are based more towards Liveman. The picture was the second best image I got.


Yeah, The bro and me are big Godzilla fans and when I told him of what I was doing, he decided to add Godzilla to the mix.

Comment posted by SellZaWarudo deleted Sep 28th, 2020


Just a small little bonus world buildng chapter. I think I'll explain more when we get there.

Comment posted by SellZaWarudo deleted Sep 28th, 2020

I loved this chapter.

It was a joy to see Phoenix Wright. I particularly enjoyed the moment when he calls Rhymey out on his bullshit.

The Wards continue to the scum of the earth. I really Harry having a connection to the League of Shadows.

The altered scene of "Forever Red" that shows the return of Rita and Zedd was a nice addition.

The talk Fluttershy has with Dr. Noneko.

The part explaining why Nightwing has a "No Kill" Rule. Especially the part with Snails and Raindrop's father.

The entirety of the courtroom scene.

Two-Face's motive rant and his execution of Rhymey.

Addressing Rainbow's fear of her loved ones leaving her and her problem of running away from her problems.

Gasha Skull's parting words to Rainbow Dash.

Unos' genuine love for his nephew.

Oh, Sunset... don't go...

Comment posted by SellZaWarudo deleted Sep 28th, 2020
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