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Ever since his appearance in Equestria and moving in with the Cakes, Steve has been working for them to try and eventually afford his own place someday. He finds his job at Sugarcube Corner to be... Really boring. Save for Pinkie, who has become a good friend of his. So, as his mind wanders one day, he comes to on odd realization. An odd realization he wants to joke with Pinkie about.
... Silly Steve.

(Just made off of a random thought I had. Rated Teen and Sex only for incredibly awkward scenarios; no sex happens.)

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Major problem here. You're writing in third person but any Anon story needs to be written in second person if it's to make any sense. The whole point of an Anon story is to place the reader in the role of the titular character. You can't really do that if you're writing in third person.

Hah! Yes. Good. This pleases us.

5273414 Oh, right. :twilightsheepish: I'll change it, then.

Hah! I love it! It's just so weird and random! But poor, poor Steve.

Haha, that prank against Rarity, LOL :twilightsheepish::raritycry:

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