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Princess Twilight, for all of her knowledge, didn't particularly know that much about Celestia or Luna's past. In an attempt to figure out more about her peers she digs up the infamous time travel spell. Jumping at the chance to gather first-hoof about the only other immortal ponies she dives head first into the past!

Finding that she has stumbled into helping the Princesses on a mighty quest she isn't hesitant to lend a helping hoof but her resolve is quickly tested when not all is what it seems and the past, and present, of Equestria is put at stake!

Follow Twilight, and the would-be Princesses, across the world as they track down dangerous artefacts, delve into dilapidated dungeons and avoid disaster in a race against time itself!

  • Romance will, eventually, be between Luna, Celestia and Twilight.
  • This story will include gratuitous amounts of cuteness at times.
  • There will be action and a little dark here and there, but only because it's the past and fighting does occur. It won't be a regular thing, trust me.
  • There is time travel and Twilight will be jumping around the timeline. But don't think about it too much!
  • The AU tag is only there due to the Princesses still being there, as well as the whole world existing before Equestria thing.
  • The world this story takes place in is: Equestria and Beyond. I absolutely love the detail which was put into this. Obviously there's parts not included, such as the Crystal Empire, etc.

I'm thankful to Dusk Melody for reading through and helping me realise the direction I wanted the story to go in.

Spelling, grammar and general thoughts have been provided by TheGreatEater

The source of the image used is: Magnaluna - Eye contact

Thanks for featuring! <3 Love you peeps!

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This story will include gratuitous amounts of cuteness at times.

Well then sign me the hell up!

Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Aw~ I appreciate it!
Working on it atm ;3

Celestia totally knows what Twilight is up to! :trollestia:
Could Twilight's presence in the past actually have something to do with the future? Like how her cutie mark is on the Tree of Harmony with Celestia and Luna's.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to reading more!

Who knows ;3
Well, I do, haha. I have plenty planned already!
Glad to have you here <3

Please give twilight some badass swords and epic fight battles


celestia knows
or better
trolesty has fun

Hey! I'm glad you liked it ^^

But is there a scene where Luna rides Twilight?

I could see Twilight turning the Chess Master Celestia trope around. Ending up as the one who tells her how things will play out and what she needs to do to make it happen.

It would explain how Celestia managed to get everything just right for a safe, peaceful future.

Granted it may not be intentional at first but you never know. Time travel can be... odd.

Con un último control sobre sí misma y una última mirada alrededor de su habitación, Twilight asintió y entró en el portal, sintiendo la superficie líquida retorcerse a su alrededor, ¡antes de abrirse y depositarla en el otro lado!

Esta genial ya espero el siguiente cap

Me gustaría ver una rivalidad de las hermanas hacia twilight

Oh gracias. Me alegro de que te guste. Aunque no hablo español.

Cutesy romance? I shall be watching this with great interest.

I like it. But I think you forgot to take it out of italics somewhere in there.

You are correct. Fixed, thank you!

It's... interesting. Not sure how much I like it yet, but it's certainly interesting.

Alright let's get this adventure started.

Hell yeah and damn right! Though I’m getting ‘Back to the Future’ romance vibes here...

Twilight can kick flank! :pinkiegasp: It's very interesting though, it seems like the Princesses aren't actually Princesses???

Hmm, I'm curious to see how this goes. It's already served up a good dose of curiosity for me, and I quite liked the moment between Luna and Twilight in the Garden.

Also, that picture is adorable.

Interesting, defently keeping an eye on this one.

Boom! Goes the Unicorn, knocked out with a burn!
Boom! Goes the Pegasus, arrows running out of turns!
Boom! Goes the Earth Pony Crushed under the Might!

Loving this so far! :twilightsheepish:

Now let's get some answers...:duck:
AND some cute* and daww moments oooh maybe some ship moments too

Well, everyone has to start somewhere. And it seems that in this continuity they weren't born and breed to be Princesses. I'll be curious to see how that will change in the future chapters, and what role Twilight may have in how things progress.

Also, Twilight REALLY isn't any good at coming up with cover stories is she? A trader? Yeah right, what kind of trader has that kind of might on tap? I'm looking forward to finding out how the sisters deal with what's obviously a very badly thought out lie. Will they confront her, or will they play along out of gratitude. And the obvious fact that the suspicious pony which saved them, who might be an exceptional hero, but is definitely not cut out for spy work.

Indeed. I have the Princesses, like many stories on here, as regular ponies and not of royalty.

How they became Princesses (in this universe), is something Twilight will eventually find out, and so will you ;3

Glad to have you here!

This story has potential. Let's see where this road will lead us to.

I'm happy you think so! :D

"Well, everyone has to start somewhere. And it seems that in this continuity they weren't born and breed to be Princesses."

Yeah no I get that, I just assumed that Twilight went back to a time when they were starting out as Princesses, or already Princesses. I'm interested to see how they were like before they earned the title so I'm pretty excited to read more.

There's lots of possibilities why a trader could be very powerful Perhaps they used to be a veteran mercenary before getting tired of the bloodshed, or maybe they were a spellcaster prodigy with huge natural reserves whose passion ended up being trading. It might be unusual, but it's not an instant guaranteed liar flag.

Heck, Starlight was "just" a small town mayor, and yet she could match season 5 alicorn Twilight in combat.

That's a cute picture, ngl.

kinda feels like this was a few chapters linked together.

wish celly did something a bit more intimate than normal around twi at the vault scene. maybe a sway of the hips?

I love how you showed how both Princesses knew what was going to happen without making Twilight seem stupid for not realizing.

Also, while I'm not usually into a Princesses romance thing, or especially a three-way romance, you write well enough for me to be very interested regardless.

I like that you can have badflank action, yet still have the characters be terribly injured. Even with a (relatively) OP character.

Most stories only have characters be seriously injured if they fail, which can get pretty stale.

"Well, alright. But remember that you'll have plenty of time to study old currency soon," Celestia said over her shoulder, as she began to wander off, leaving Twilight staring at her. Her smile had turned into the other type of smile that Twilight knew all too well: knowing.


Ah, good old Trollestia! :rainbowlaugh:

This was a very amusing scene. :pinkiehappy:

Mind you, Twilight was experiencing some heavy magic depletion after using the portal. Any other day with the same odds, she would come out less battered if not unharmed.

Nice. I would however like to lodge a complaint. The fight sequence, dont get me wrong it's well written and easy to follow. But it felt a little off, as if it's a fight from much later in the story. Maybe tone dawn the amount of injury that twilight endures, not by much though, it's pretty good as is.

Heya. I totally get where you're coming from and don't worry, there's not a *huge* amount of fighting for a little bit.

I guess I was more concerned with how, rather than if I should. Yet, too late now. I can only learn and grow. Thanks for the feedback. I've taken it on board. <3

Why did you stop this story 😕😕😕😕😕its really good I've come across some really good stories in my short life and just like this one they were incomplete I don't mean to sound rude or anything of course but it's kind of disappointing 😐😐😐😐😐😕😕😕😕😕

I only uploaded the chapter last night. I'm working on the newest chapter right now.

Cubriendo a Twilight, los dos Alicorns se acostaron cerca de ella, acariciándose mientras esperaban a que regresaran los guardias de la aldea local.

Aquí se viene lo chido, no puedo esperar a ver que pasa en el siguiente

a whole day?
story's dead. why'd you stop the story. RIP story. another story left in purgatory. why'd you leave the story. will you ever finish the story.

repeat x10,000

this is sarcasm

Really liking this one.
Only nitpick I have is "she needed to save Luna. The timeline couldn't be changed."

... Twilight, you do know that you are changing the timeline just by being there, right?
That, or this is a closed loop like your last time traveling mishap and nothing you can do will change things in your past.

:twilightsmile:"Before I travel back in time, I should make some rules for myself to follow. Rule 1: Don't interfere with past events!"

Immediately interferes with past events upon arrival.

:ajbemused:"Seriously Twi, your supposed to be the smart one."
:twilightblush:"I can't help it. Whenever Princess Celestia is involved I just lose all rational thought."
:trollestia:"Ouch! I stubbed my delicate princess hoofsie on this door. It hurts."
:twilightangry2:"FUCK YOU DOOR!"
:ajbemused:"You did that on purpose."
:trollestia:"I have no idea what your talking about Applejack."
:rainbowhuh:"Twilight, I think you just killed someone."

I wouldn't really call what happened 'kicking flank'. I would call it 'barely surviving a difficult fight that could have been avoided if she used the hidden crawl space Celestia told her about'.

Details, details :moustache: in the end, she beat all of them. Sure she ended up messy but that happens :twilightsheepish:

Eeeeeee this deserves best story on fimfictoin so far

I'm really excited to see how this evolves. I love the premise and let's be real twilunestia is the best ship.

While Twilight is not a trained soldier by any means, she is supposed to be a prodigious spellcaster with some pretty decent feats of arcane strength and talent even before she ascended, so her struggling so much against a bunch of thugs just feels weird.

I'm not saying she should have gone in and effortlessly killed everyone like a stone-cold badass ala John Wick with cheat codes on, but someone that intelligent just charging in and then flailing around like a noob isn't particularly good writing, IMO.

She's not LEEROY JENKINS! after all.

Edit: I have no problem with the rest of the chapter, it's just the fight segment that feels off.

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