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Time Enough For Three - Valtyra

Twilight finds herself wanting to know more about Celestia and Luna. So she ends up time travelling!

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Arc 1: Chapter 4

Author's Note:

Heya, peeps!

I really hope you enjoy this chapter as I had a blast writing it.

I have decided to shorten the chapter lengths slightly. They will be 5k or more, just so I don't burn myself out too much.

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It wasn't until several hours later that the last vestiges of light had snaked their way over the horizon and bathed the landscape in an ethereal glow.

Finding herself tired, Twilight suggested that they find some place to rest and wait until dawn. Agreeing with her, the group turned off the path and venture deeper into the forest, just in case any pony snuck up on them.

Passing through the underbrush, Twilight kept a watchful eye around them for any creatures brave enough to jump out at them. Now that she knew what her body could handle, she knew how much she could really push herself.

Several minutes passed and the group found a tiny clearing, in which all three of them could fit. While it was a little snug, none of them were against cuddling under the starlight.

The two sisters set about using their magic to break branches and clear a space for a fire on one side, before creating a thick pile of leaves for them to lie on.

Twilight wandered further from camp and began to carve runes in trees around the area, creating a perimeter alarm system in case they were discovered, or attacked.

She returned after a little while to find the two sisters cuddling up and enjoying the warmth of the fire. She couldn't help but stand there, admiring them.

'They're so beautiful,' she thought, before shaking her head and tapping her horn to give herself a jolt of pain. 'Don't be so silly,’ she chided herself, knowing where her thought process was going. 'Not every mare wants me.'

Entering the camp proper, she smiled and asked, "Enjoying yourselves?"

"Very much!" Luna replied, spreading a wing out to capture some warmth. "It should only take less than a day to reach Stonewall. As long as we are not accosted."

Celestia nodded and lifted a wing while looking over to Twilight. "Are you cold?" she asked, keeping a neutral expression.

Twilight could swear it dropped a few degrees, very quickly, as she nodded. "Yes, please," she replied, moving a little quicker than she should have to squirm under that wing. 'Yes please? She must think I'm such an idiot.'

Celestia's face now held a warm smile as she pulled Twilight close then nuzzled Luna. "Would you enjoy a story of our own?" she asked, turning to Twilight. "Tis only fair?"

The mare's eyes widened, and she nodded. "I would love that," Twilight replied, eyes sparkling with wonder.

That was when Luna spoke up. "Oh! Tell her about Grognar the Brave!" she asked, frowning in thought, before leaning in. "Actually, I wish to hear about when Sunset fought off a Dragon!"

Celestia chuckled and nuzzled Luna back down. "Sister, we shall let our Moon Light decide."

Twilight held back her squeal of excitement, as she didn't want them to think she was too strange. Looking away, she tryied to decide which story she wanted. 'Grognar sounds interesting, if only because it sounds like a legend, but I would get to hear about the mare we're going to meet.'

She looked back and asked, "Can you tell me about Sunset?"

"Of course, our Moon." Celestia squirmed slightly to get more comfortable, before starting. "Like most stories, it wasn't much past Sunset's thirteenth birthday. She had been given the day off from guard duty and had been spending it at the tavern, drinking the day away.

" You see, in her home village, any pony without a cutie-mark would be drafted into the guard as reserves. It was a harsh time for every pony, but they made do.

" So, several hours had passed by and she was stumbling home, when suddenly a piercing shriek froze every pony in place and the flapping of wings could be heard in the distance!"

Luna squeaked and hid her face against Celestia's chest, while Twilight listened intently.

"It wasn't long until the fully-grown dragon had arrived. The impact knocked over trees and threw back ponies with its gust of wind! It was a great lumbering beast crafted from the darkest obsidian, with teeth of sharpest steel!

"With a great rage, it began to tear her friend's home's asunder and butcher any pony brave enough to get close. The guard was scattered and broken from the beast's onslaught."

"What did she do?" Twilight asked, scooting a little closer.

Hugging the Unicorn tight with her wing, Celestia continued. "Sunset charged it head first."

"Straight on? Wasn't she scared?"

"Of course, she was. She was more scared than any pony there, but she had to save her friends and village," Celestia said. "She reached the beast's underbelly as a Pegasus attacked it and threw everything she had at the beast’s soft stomach. The other guards in the village claimed the blast rivalled even my own sun's light. Seeing what she can do, I believe them."

Twilight looked astonished. "Wow, a fully-grown dragon? That's an incredible amount of magic."

"Indeed. She's now a researcher at the college. Luna and I go every so often to let her teach us the new spells she develops. I've found they're a little too complex for most ponies."

Finishing, Celestia turned to see Luna laid against her, head curved at an odd angle and drooling. Scrunching her muzzle, she slowly moved the mare around next to her and covered her in some leaves to keep her warm, in case the fire died.

Turning to Twilight, she saw the mare still wide awake, her head laid on her own hooves. "Still awake, we see."

Twilight nodded slowly. "I wasn't much of a sleeper before. Too much work to do."

"Oh? Pray tell, what sort?" Celestia asked, laying her head on her hooves and listening.

"Oh, you know. This and that. I worked as a librarian for a bit," she explained, receiving a confused look. "Oh, it's some pony that takes care of a communal collection of books. Any pony can come in and read."

It was Celestia's turn to stare at her wide eyed. "I’ve have never heard of such a thing. Most ponies like us don't have books, let alone are able to read." She turned to Luna once more and kissed her on the head. "We were lucky to have been taught by the elder."

Twilight could understand why barely any pony had books in this time, but it was a natural reaction for her to feel angry that they didn't. 'Calm down, Twilight,' she told herself. 'Can't change anything, remember.'

An awkward silence grew over the camp, before the pair started to talk over each other.

"Oh, you go."

"Neigh, we wish to hear you."

Flapping her mouth, Twilight felt a blush form as she asked, "Where, uh, have you been in your travels?"

She was feeling silly even asking such a mundane question to the future Princess!

Raising a brow, Celestia tilted her head, thinking. "We have been to plenty of places in our lives. We rested under the silver spires of Mount Hammertooth, travelled the great plains of Trypton to the west and even saw the free markets of Mareland," she stated, smirking. "We have been lucky to have lived this long!"

Twilight didn't know where those places were, but to her, the Princess could have been talking gibberish. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the positively glowing mare.

"Uh, those definitely sound like places," Twilight mumbled in response.

Celestia let out a small laugh. "Indeed, they are. But we do not know how long we have left. We weaken, even now. The mistress of time catches up to every pony, even immortals."

Twilight averted her eyes and looked down to her hooves. "Somehow, I think you'll make it through this, Celestia," she said, closing her eyes. "I feel like you have a lot more to give."

The solar mare held a hoof to her mouth to stop from laughing. "Are you an oracle now, little moon? What makes you so sure we do not simply waste away as we lose our sun and moon?"

Twilight winced, even hearing that as a possibility stung. "I," she said, hesitating. "I'll make sure that doesn't happen!"

Celestia was caught off guard by the finality of Twilight's tone. "We, uh, appreciate the focus you have, Moon," she replied, tearing her eyes away.

'Is that a blush?' Twilight asked herself, forcing herself to try and not stare. "Of course. As your escort, it's my job to keep you alive," she said, inadvertently imitating her brother’s stern attitude.

Celestia couldn't help but giggle at the mare. "You are very determined, I will grant you. I shall trust you with our survival then, for I do not believe there is any pony more suited."

Twilight smiled and laid back down, a soft yawn escaping her. "I think it's time to get some rest. My runes will wake us if anything attacks."

"You are prepared for anything, little Moon," Celestia muttered, laying her head down and closing her eyes.

Sleep soon overtook the pair as a frigid chill swept over them, knocking out the fire.

Once morning drifted by, the trio returned to their trek. With the sun beginning its ascent and the group in good spirits, it only took them several hours to reach the town of Stonewall, many of which were spent with Twilight explaining the intricacies of teleporting.

Rising over the crest of the last hill, Twilight gasped as she finally laid eyes on the town. Laid precariously across a massive gorge, the town connected both sides by simply covering the gorge up. Much like Trottington, the town had a perimeter wall, though this was made from heavy slabs of granite which were polished to a shine.

Towers of grey rock pierced the more mundane buildings, overlooking the town and surrounding forest.

Twilight was shocked at the sheer feat of engineering this would have taken, especially for the ponies of this time and turned to Celestia. "The town is," she muttered, taking in the sight. "Incredible."

"You will lay your eyes on more magnificent sights than this, if you are truly helping us, Moon," she laughed, walking ahead, her rear seemingly catching Twilight’s eyes.

Twilight's eyes slid away from the town and stuck firmly on the mare. 'I don't think that's possible'

Luna raised a brow, seeing Twilight stand there and nudged her. "Are you there?" she asked, giggling. "Keep your eyes averted. Lest they burn!"

Luna trotted off to walk next to her sister and glanced back, a playful smirk appearing on her face which caused Twilight to look away, horrified that she had been caught!

Catching up slowly, Twilight stayed a little behind, so she had time for her embarrassment to fade.

As they made their way towards the down, the forest suddenly opened into great fields of wheat, berries and livestock that covered most of the land around. The path was well-worn from hoof traffic and every so often the group would have to move aside to let a cart through which carried bags of grain.

"Tis harvest season," Celestia said, turning back to explain to Twilight. "We should enjoy our time here."

Nodding, Twilight returned her focus on their vicinity. She assumed there would be more ponies here due to the harvest and would need to do her best to keep her focus up.

The path they travelled on wound around several farms, gently settling parallel to the gorge itself, allowing Twilight access to take a nosy look in. Along the mossy walls, sat hundreds small holes dug into the rock itself, with perches attached to the outside for Pegasus to roost on.

Various Pegasus were coming and going, transporting goods or simply their children back and forth between the town and their homes. The sight alone caused Twilight to stare, fascinated with the ingenuity.

Quick enough though, the three of them passed through the gatehouse and entered the town proper.

Twilight had to stick close to the other two in case she was swept up in the sea of ponies that made up the main street of the town.

Celestia glanced to the mare who was being bustled to and fro, then wrapped a wing over her, keeping her from being pushed away. “Keep close, Moon. It will be a struggle with this harvest!” she said, chuckling.

“Are they all here for that?! There’s more here than-“ Twilight realised what she was going to say, “than back home.”

“Indeed, they are. The harvest brings ponies from all over. There’s even a market which I’m sure Luna would love to see.”

Luna nodded, looking happy that Celestia had remembered. “Of course. The market has all the best food! Last year, we had something called a cream puff. It was delicious!”

The bustling street completely different from the wide, open city of Canterlot that Twilight was used to. The buildings seemed to have been placed at random around one central road that span across the gorge, with a main plaza in the middle. Numerous dark alleyways shot off the main street, some of which had stairs which led down, under the city.

All in all, it felt more like Klugetown to her, which only helped to fuel her paranoia of having some feline try and sell her again. Still, she did find the architecture fascinating. Each building tried to have a uniform building style, yet were constructed in varying combinations of wood, stone and thatch.

The deeper they travelled into the town, the denser that the building became, until they suddenly stopped, and Twilight was met with a large, flat plaza in the middle of town. Hundreds of tents were set up around a central fountain, each one containing exotic and rare items which Twilight had never seen or heard of before.

Most of the crowds had thinned out, with each pony moving aside to gather around the stalls and tents to spend their money.

‘I wonder why there’s no record of this town?’ Twilight wondered, sniffing the air. A sweet aroma filled the air and Twilight looked around for the source, her stomach grumbling. “Hey, we should probably get something to eat. I haven’t eaten since I woke up in Trottington.”

Luna gasped and rushed around to Twilight’s side. “Celestia and I had some food just before we left the Trottington, but I can take you,” she remarked, glancing to Celestia while Twilight did, and gesturing to Twilight with a frown.

With a sigh, Celestia shrugged and ruffled her wings in agitation. “Fine. I’ll see you at the college then. Luna knows the way,” she muttered, beginning to walk off.

“Oh, uh, sure,” Twilight said, confused. “I’ll save you something, alright?”

The solar mare glanced back and nodded. “I’d like that, thank you, Moon.”

With that, Luna giggled and pulled Twilight over by a hoof. They made their way through the stalls, Twilight glancing over their wares and debating whether to buy anything. As they neared the source of that sweet scent, Luna brushed up against Twilight and grinned.

“So, how are you finding our homeland? Other than being brutally wounded, of course?” Luna asked, chuckling into a hoof. “Do you have anything like this in yours?”

Twilight thought for a second, then nodded. “There’s plenty. But this is different,” she answered, grinning.

“Oh? Pray tell?”

Twilight slowed, then leaned to whisper into Luna’s ear, her cheeks darkening as she did so, “Well, they don’t have you two there.”

Luna’s eyes widened and she found it hard to keep a wide smile off her face. She covered her face with a leg and giggled. “Careful, Moon. Any pony would think you’re enjoying this.”

With a roll of her eyes, Twilight waved a hoof and said, “Oh please. I might not be as old as you two, but I’m sure allowed to tease a mare or two.”

“Indeed. But tease too much and you might find yourself in trouble,” Luna purred, trotting off towards the now empty sweet booth and brushing her tail over Twilight’s neck, leaving her a flustered mess.

“Coming?” she called, glancing back with a quizzical eye. “You wanted food, remember!”

Twilight blinked and glanced down as she began the trek over to the booth, feeling her heart threaten to burst out of her chest and her face burning. ‘Was- was she hitting on me? Would I even know if she was? By Ce- Luna I need to get out more.’

Glancing up as to not bump into the mare, she looked up and saw that the booth was filled with pastries of all kinds. Many of which Pinkie had herself baked at one time or another. The stallion inside the booth wandered over after closing his stone-fire oven and smiled, greeting them. The stallion had light orange fur along with an aqua coloured mane.

With a light smile working on her face now, she didn’t seem to mind the slight flush that stayed on her cheeks while picking out what to buy for her and Luna.

“So, uh, what would you like?” she asked, glancing to the mare, then back at the pastries to pick her own food.

Luna let out a long hum as she looked over what remained of the food that wasn’t sold and pointed towards a deep red tart off to the side. “How much for that?” she asked, licking her lips.

Turning back to see which one she had picked out, the stallion walked around and lifted the platter, showing it to Luna. “La Tarte aux pralines, tis a delicious choice, my lady,” he said, placing it in front of her on the booth. “We travel around to gather the ingredients for this. Only five were made this time.”

“How much is it?” Twilight asked, tearing her eyes from Luna’s face to look at the sales pony.

“Fifteen bits,” he answered. “The ingredients are divine; I can assure you.”

Luna looked from Twilight to the sales pony and shook her head. “It’s, uh, okay. We didn’t bring that much. What’s cheaper?” she asked, picking out a simple éclair.

Twilight paid for her own creamy éclair, thanking the pony and caught up with Luna, who had begun to wander off towards some of the more jewellery-oriented tents. Wandering around for several minutes, Twilight subtly eyed a few of the horn decorations; ones which would compliment each of the three’s colour schemes and quickly paid for them. She wrapped, then stashed them inside of her saddlebag and exited the tent.

Seeing that Luna was out of the way, Twilight quickly made her way back to the pastry seller. Levitating some bits out of her pack, she bought the tart. She resisted the urge to take a bite out of it then wrapped the pastry up, before gently going to find Luna, the tart levitating beside her.

“Luna!” Twilight called, walking off and through the crowd of ponies, trying to hide her excitement. “I have a surprise!”

With a gasp, Luna could be seen zooming up above the crowed. She spotted Twilight and quickly making it back to her side, landing beside her with a soft ‘pomf’. She looked at the wrapped item in confusion. “What did you buy?” she asked, moving to the other side, where Twilight levitated it away.

“Oh no you don’t,” Twilight teased, giggling. She looked around and used her magic to gently pull Luna over to an empty bench by the fountain. “Alright, sit and close your eyes,” she ordered, to which she received a huff.

But Luna did as she was told and closed her eyes, confusion etched onto her face. “Moon, what is this?” she asked, letting out a huff. “I would rather not be too lo-“ Luna cut herself off as the wrapping on the tart was torn off and the smell wafted hit her nose.

“You can open them,” Twilight said, unable to hide her grin.

Once she opened her eyes, Luna gasped, seeing the delectable treat hovering in front of her. “Moon,” she muttered softly, looking shocked. “I don’t- Why did you- What?”

Giggling, Twilight placed it down between them and shrugged. “Because you looked like you wanted it. Plus, just because I’m helping you to not die, doesn’t mean I can’t do nice things.”

Luna nibbled her bottom lip, then smiled. She couldn’t help but brush her mane behind her ear and scoot closer. “Are we to share it?” she asked, licking her lips.

Twilight could feel the fur on the back of her neck stand on end and her mouth dry up. “If you would like?” she mumbled, chest thumping hard. ‘Don’t buck this up,’ she warned herself as she used her magic to slide up the tart into small quarts. Separating a quart, Twilight levitated it onto Luna’s hoof. ’I can’t believe I’m doing this.’

Wasting no time, the mare levitated her piece to her mouth and took a bite. Instantly, she closed her eyes and let out a squeal of happiness, her wings fluttering. "It's delicious!" she quietly moaned, her mane drifting back in front of her face.

Twilight let out a soft giggle and bit down on her own piece. Twilight closed her own eyes, finding the sweet nutty flavour burst throughout her mouth. Her smile grew as she savoured the flavour, opening her eyes and watching Luna continue to munch hers down. 'Ah buck. I've fallen for her, haven't I?' she asked herself, finding it suddenly warmer.

Luna's eyes fluttered open to see Twilight staring at her. "What's wrong?" she asked, giggling and tilting her head."

Twilight quickly shook her head. "No, I- uh," she stammered, looking down at the rest of the tart. "We should probably get back. Wouldn't want Celestia to wait for too long, do we."

Luna blinked, then reluctantly nodded. "I guess you're right. She is rather impatient at times."

The pair quickly left the market behind and crossed into the town once again. Nearing the main street, that led to the other side of the gorge, Luna turned off and guided Twilight through the gates of the imperial college.

The building, from what Twilight could see, was the largest building in the town and was partially attached to the other side of the gorge to stop it from crumbling down from the sheer weight.

The building itself was made out of granite, with the roof made out of slate. Several lecture halls could be seen through the floor to ceiling windows on the front. The main entrance, atop a small set of stairs, was flanked by two marble columns.

Walking in the entrance, the light natural light faded slightly and was replaced with a softer light from glowing gems embedded in the ceiling.

The more that she stayed in the past, the more Twilight found herself baffled by the technology this place had.

She was knocked out of her amazement by a Pegasus mare rushing up to meet them. The grey mare adjusted her uniform and smiled.

"You must be Luna and Moon Light. Please come with me. Sunset does not like to be kept waiting!" she ordered, before turning gesturing to follow. "It's been hectic. Sunset has every pony rushing around to gather materials."

Twilight blinked as she and Luna trotted behind the mare. "What for?" she asked, unsure if she should be confused or concerned.

"She says it's her biggest ritual ever!" the mare laughed, having flared her wings for dramatic effect. "She always says that though."

She led them through the college, dodging past students and staff alike, until they reached a staircase and descended, all the while Twilight having a smile on her face.

Luna gave a quizzical eye to the mare.

"Nothing, just remembering a place from my homeland," she answered, having taken in as much as she could on the way.

The staircase kept going for a couple of minutes until it levelled out in front of a thick, iron, double door.

Twilight frowned and leaned in, her horn lighting up, upon seeing dozens of tiny runes etched on the surface.

"Hey, hey!" the mare warned, using a wing to push Twilight back. "No magic until we're inside okay? This door is extremely delicate."

Nodding quickly, she moved back beside Luna and gave a sheepish smile. "Sorry."

Ignoring that, the Pegasus used her wings to stabilise herself and rise up into two legs. She pressed a hoof high up the door, then another on another random rune.

With a hum, the cracks started to glow a bright bubble-gum pink, just before the door began to creak open, bathing the three of them in a warm light.

"Ah, you've made it, finally."

Twilight blinked and shook her head to clear the stars and was greeted with a sight that practically made her squeal with delight!

Past the door was a room filled with alchemical and magical equipment. Scrolls hung off nearly every desk and equations covered every whiteboard.

Twilight rushed in and nearly fainted from the sheer giddiness she was feeling! "This is amazing!" she cried, rushing up to Celestia, not noticing that the mare from before was gone, nor the bubble-gum pink mare staring at her.

Luna wandered in behind the wide-eyed Twilight and passed her. She sat next to her sister and cuddled up to her, nodding as Celestia whispered into her ear.

"Some of this stuff is new, even to me!"

Looking back to Twilight, Celestia placed a hoof on the mare's shoulder and sighed. "Moon Light, I'd like you to meet Sunset Swirl," she said, gesturing to the mare sitting upon a slightly raised platform in front of her. She had a silky smooth deep blue mane, in addition to her pink fur. Her cutie mark was of a twinkling pentagram.

Twilight looked over and giggled. "Sorry, I didn't see you there. I've heard you can help us?"

Gazing down, Sunset took a second to assess Twilight before nodding. "I shall definitely try. These two are family and I shall repay them for their kindness," she replied, stepping off the platform. "Celestia tells me that you are like them? Undying?"

"Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that, but I am."

"Undying, immortal, same thing," Sunset mumbled, her magical aura pulling a map over from a nearby table. "Celestia has filled me in on what happened and has helped me to design a ritual that will help you find what you need."

"What we ne-" Twilight asked, realising what was happening. "Do we need some hard to reach magical artefacts that will help us in reversing the spell and or defeating the evil pony?"

Sunset stared at Twilight in shock. "Yes. Yes, you do. How did you know?" she asked, giving a look to Celestia.

"Uh," Twilight started. "My homeland has lots of stories like that. They're pretty common at this point."

Sunset slowly nodded. "I see. In any case, my research indicated that the only way the 'bad pony' could be controlling the sun and moon and stop them from rejuvenating Luna and Celestia would be though an impossibly complex series of spells."

She waved her hoof for the three to move away and levitated chalk over to herself. "Needless to say, anything that complex would be vulnerable to, let's say, magical outbursts."

Sunset completed the outer circle and began in the inner pentagram. "Of course, no pony alive would be able to produce enough energy to bypass the spell matrix barrier of such a collection of spells."

She continued and sketched the three outer circles. "That's why you need the artefacts."

Glancing up to Twilight, she smirked. "And this will tell you where they are."

Finishing the runes inside the circles, Sunset moved back beside twilight and placed the chalk down, then levitated the map into the middle.

"Moon, if you would help me?" she asked, placing her horn down against the chalk and letting her magic flow into the runes.

Twilight did the same, closing her eyes and feeling the warmth of her magic flow out and fill the runes with magic instantly.

Sunset pulled back, staring at the mare, then to Celestia.

Leaning back up, Twilight smiled and stretched her neck, eager to see where their first destination was. She glanced between Celestia and Sunset, asking, "Is something the matter?"

Celestia shook her head, a warm smile appearing. "Of course not. I'm just a little worried for where we will have to go."

"I'm sure that no matter where it is, we'll be fine," Twilight said, nodding.

Sunset rolled her eyes. "If you are done trying to woo her, Moon, please can you activate that circle while I do this one."

Twilight did as she was asked, her face blossoming crimson as she did so. She moved around and placed her horn on the turns, using her magic to activate the pentagram.

The chalk outline lit up and from each circle appeared a beam of light. Each beam hit the map in a separate location and Sunset let out a disappointed sigh.

"What? What's wrong?" Twilight asked, looking to her.

Sunset moved over to the map, being careful not to smudge any of the chalk and placed a hoof down pointing to the first location.

"This one is the Crown of Ruin. Said to give the wearer enhanced magical abilities at the cost of their mind."

"That's rather ominous. Where do we find it?"

"On the head of the Mad Gryphon King, Titas," Sunset answered, sighing.

Celestia shook her head. "It's too dangerous. He's mad for a reason. We're barely able to hold peace with the gryphons. They're not going to let us just wander in their capitol."

"Well, you're not going to like where the other is," Sunset mumbled, moving her hoof to the west.

"Where?" Luna asked, hesitating. "Where do we have to travel to?"

Sunset looked down at the map and sighed. "The Orb of Séance is just off the Cape of Tears. In Heliopolis."

Celestia moved her eyes down to Luna and nuzzled her. "We can do it, Lulu," she whispered. "It's only half way round the world."

Luna rolled her eyes and laughed. "I'm sure with Moon, nothing can stop us; just like the ponies in her story!"

Twilight moved over to the map and pointed to the third and final beam that was off in the top left corner. "What's that one?" she asked. "I don't recognise the place."

"The final one is the Amber Horn-Ring. I theorised it's what is helping whoever set up the spell stabilise the matrix and stop it neutralising itself."

Twilight stared at Sunset and felt her blood drain. "Amber horn-ring?" she asked, feeling her voice quiver.

"Indeed. When worn it helps a unicorn to weave more intricate spells but takes so much more power. No wonder why they took the sun and moon first," Sunset explained, shaking her head in disgust. "What are they doing there though?"

Rushing out of the circle, Sunset levitated various leather-bound tomes off the bookcases and flicked through them frantically.

"Here!" she called, moving over the three as she started to read. "Eden. Not much is known, aside from an old, rather ominous tale. Nothing that has gone there has ever come back."

Twilight was only half listening as her mind had started to race with thoughts. Was Luna lying to me in the garden? She seemed almost amused by my question. How could she simply forget that this happened to her and Celestia?!

There was so much more that she would need to work out if she was to get any answers, least of all from the future versions of the ponies currently looking at her concerned. She’d have to go back to the present soon, if only to do some research into this King Titas.

"Moon Light?" Luna asked, sitting next to her. "It's going to be a long time until you see your homeland again. Are you sure you want to come with us?" she continued, almost not wanting to ask that. "We can continue by ourselves, if you need to go back?"

Twilight frowned and shook her head. "I said I'd keep you two safe, didn't I? I'm not going anywhere!" Twilight stomped her hoof on the marble floor and grinned. "And as cliché as it sounds, I will follow you to the end of the world!"