• Published 18th Oct 2019
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Time Enough For Three - Valtyra

Twilight finds herself wanting to know more about Celestia and Luna. So she ends up time travelling!

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Arc 2: Chapter 7

Twilight took a deep, almost laborious breath as the door squeaked open. Her attention flicked to the hinges, a hint of annoyance flared from the fact that Fluttershy still hadn't oiled her door but she was quickly torn away by Starlight staring at her.

Starlight displayed her obvious surprise at seeing Twilight standing on the other side, then her eyes shifted over to that lack of wing. Her surprise morphed into horror when her brain caught up with what she was seeing.

"Twilight?" she stammered, swallowing her growing panic, at least momentarily, before taking a step forward. "What-"

Twilight's horn fizzled out and she interrupted Starlight. "I cut it off," she stated as a matter of fact. "It was necrotizing."

Starlight was taken aback and kept opening her mouth to speak. "I..."

Twilight sighed and stepped aside. "Please come in, Starlight," she asked, her expression neutral. There was no hint of the worry that was festering before, leaving Fluttershy to look worried from the stairs. "I'll explain."

Starlight stared at the mare for a second, before closing her mouth and stepping inside without a word. She saw Fluttershy, smiled slightly then moved over to the couch to wait for Twilight who had closed the door and almost seemed to drift along behind her.

Twilight passed her and climbed onto the undersized chair opposite, throwing the cushion onto the couch to make room for herself. "It's been quite a while, for me," she said, receiving a silent response. "We got the first Artifact."


"I killed the king," Twilight added quickly, causing Fluttershy to gasp off to the side. "He took my wing with him though," she continued, all emotion seemingly drained from her.

Starlight watched Twilight's gaze drift to the floor. "I'm sure you had to do what you did, Twi," she replied, really not knowing what else to say.


It felt like an eternity before Starlight spoke up, her eyes shifting over to Fluttershy who was inching her way upstairs silently. "What's the pla-" she was interrupted by one of the cottage's stairs creaking loudly, causing Twilight to wince, tense up and start to hyperventilate; Her horn instantly bursting to life with an ethereal glow.

Starlight closed her eyes then turned to Fluttershy, "Fluttershy. I'm going to need to ask for a big favour."

The mare's gaze shifted between Twilight and Starlight, then the nodded. "Of course, anything..."

A few minutes later, Starlight shifted down and under the soft covers of Fluttershy's bed with Twilight next to her. She settled down and a smile and proceeded to pull the covers over them both, causing Twilight to look a bit worried.

"Do you have something to tell me, Starlight?" Twilight asked quietly, squinting as the other mare lit her horn up.

"No," she replied, a deadpan expression on her face. "We're in a secure place. Nothing said in here escapes, okay? I won't tell a soul."

"I don't know..."

Starlight shook her head, causing the shadows to dance around. "Do you trust me, Twilight? If it'll be easier," she said, causing her horn to pulse. "A anti-scrying spell. Now no one will actually hear us, okay?" she smiled and reached out to gently brush Twilight's hoof with her own. "We don't even have to talk if you don't want to. We can just lay here and relax."

It took a second for Twilight to reply. "I would like that," she stammered, small tears starting to form in her eyes. She inched closer and buried her face against Starlight's chest, holding her while she shook.

Starlight brushed the mare's mane with her hoof and let out comforting 'shh' and whispering that it will be alright.

The pair laid there, Twilight enjoying the warmth that came from being held, even by the smaller pony. Yet, she knew that she was simply stalling and her problems wouldn't magically fade away.

"I'm not the same mare that left," Twilight whispered, nuzzling into her. "I was trying so hard to save what we have here that I forgot to save myself..." she continued, pulling away and staring into Starlight's eyes. "I'm broken."


"I'm enjoying all of this fighting and action. We keep getting attacked and it would be so easy to get it to stop, but I like being the hero... It reminds me of when things were black and white..." Twilight's voice slowly drained of emotion, like before as she stared off into the shadows.

Starlight tightened her hold on her friend's hoof while listening to her. Simply hearing that was bringing up clear red flags, but she wasn't a psychologist and she knew she'd make it worse by trying to help... But she could redirect the mare.

"Tell me about your wing, Twi," she asked, her eyes shifting over to the orange, glowing, stump. "You could have gotten a new one fitted as soon as you came back... Why didn't you?

Twilight hummed and shifted slightly, clearly uncomfortable about the subject. "I don't know," she muttered, pausing for several seconds. "I guess I don't want to forget what I did." Her voice had changed to barely a whisper and it was clear to Starlight that it was something she was having a hard time talking about.

Starlight nodded and gently rubbed Twilight's leg. "Twilight... You silly pony," Starlight muttered, moving her hoof up to gently brush her cheek, leaving a confused mare. "The very fact you're punishing yourself clearly means you would never forget. You're one of the kindest ponies I know... I would be horrified if it didn't affect you.

I remember when Cozy, Tirek and Chrysalis were turned to stone; you were a blubbering mess. If you had to do what you did, it means there was no other way."


"No buts, Twilight," Starlight interrupted with a more forceful tone, her hoof moving to Twilight's breast. "I don't care if the whole of time is unravelling. It's time to take care of yourself for once. I expect you to get your wing looked at, then have a nice, long spa session followed by talking to someone professional."

Twilight looked unsure, but after a stern look from Starlight, nodded. "Yes, ma'am..."

Starlight let out a small giggle and rolled her eyes. "Wasn't so hard now, was it?"

"I nearly blew up at the last therapist I talked to earlier," Twilight muttered, now looking ashamed. "He made me realise all this."

"Well, I think an apology is in order, don't you, Princess?" Starlight stated, raising a brow.

"I-I'll see him when I go back..."

Starlight's lips curled into a smile. "That's more like it."

Twilight chuckled. "You always know what to say... Why don't you be my advisor?"

Starlight was taken aback for a second. "But... Isn't there one appointed to you?" she asked, unsure.

"Oh, Paper Pusher? He quit. Said something about me being too anxiety driven and detail oriented," Twilight answered, letting out a groan. "But that's perfect since I can hire you. I can trust what you say since we fought to the death!"

Starlight winced at the reminder of that old memory.

"Ah, sorry," Twilight said, reaching over and taking her hoof. "What I mean is that you aren't scared to tell me what I do wrong. Plus, it seems that you have a better moral center than I do."

Starlight's uncertainty wa still there. She knew it wasn't the worst idea and she could actually help the mare in a more direct way once this was all over. "Okay, I'll do it."

"Wait, really?"

"Well... Why not? I'll continue my research at the castle while advising you when all this has concluded. Plus, the extra bits would be useful for reagents."

"O-Okay then. You're hired Ms. Glimmer!" Twilight said, her smile widening as she laughed.

"Why, thank you, your majesty!" Starlight replied in a snooty canterlot voice. "It'll be an honor!"

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It's alive!

going by anime rules, gonna guess sometime around "When the plot demands it" and after "When it was convenient for the plot" but also ITS ALIVE!

Discord fixing her Wing in a Batpony one would be loved by Luna i guess.

Yeah update thx

It's back? Huzzah!

Huzzah! Update! The fun has been doubled!

Ngl I thought this story was dead

Finished it in two days and I must say, this is one of the best things I've read in a long time. I've seen this story earlier this year, but were somewhat hesistant to start since the last update at the time was posted a while ago. But last week I again discovered this story and decided to try it. And I wasn't left disappointed!
Much love and hoping to see a new update. :twilightsmile:

Aww thanks! It's slow going, but I will def put out updates. IRL continues to kick my ass :P

At least, Twilight has an advisor to keep her stable and calm and it's one of her closest friends which makes it all the better.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun reading this. Really looking forward for future updates.

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