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Princess Nightmare Moon has it all. Socially awkward shut-in Twilight Sparkle has nothing of worth. Princess Nightmare Moon can acquire anything she desires. Twilight Sparkle can't seem to catch a break. Two polar opposites from completely different worlds. Yet amidst her dominant rule, Princess Nightmare Moon feels she's missing something. A certain day from her memory has been wiped... and none of her common materialistic desires can sate her quench for answers. That is until she encounters a certain young unicorn mare, who she can't seem to get off her mind.

Twilight Sparkle's dull and downtrodden life is about to get much more interesting.

[Inspired by S5 - Nightmare Moon AU: Thank you for your support!]

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The older pony nodded with a frown, crossing his hooves. "Yes... you're position likely won't be difficult to fill. Plus I can't really justify a reason for keeping you with your issues. I've got to think of the business, and right now you're not what's best for it. You should sort yourself out before getting a job here. Sorry to say."

Was "your" the word you were intending to place?

Princess Nightmare Moon continued to stroll the streets of Canterlot, those who saw her either immediately bowing before her presence or standing in awe. Many also hid away or scurried off, as to not draw her ire. As she strolled, she looked to the skies, and particularly the moon with her sister's figure upon its surface. "Tch!" She[,] after a moment, then continued to focus on the stars. Her mind was still filled with unease, the blank space that couldn't be filled. She had everything she could possibly desire... yet something was still missing.

I'm not sure if that is a grammar issue, but I'm just particularly bothered that there isn't a comma after "She".:trixieshiftleft:

Twilight Sparkle looked up at her blankly. "Sorry[,] I just lost my job and I need time to think. Please excuse me." She continued on past Princess Nightmare Moon again, focusing back on the sky as she trotted.

Okay, I'm confident that a comma should be added after "Sorry".

I'm liking the premise of this story. Twilight essentially being a failure that earned the conflicted affection of Nightmare Moon. I'm curious to see how this develops.

Also, I'm a bit concerned that the like-and-dislike rating is disabled. I'm worried that your story won't gain much traction of audiences if it is disabled; this is a really good concept.

Cool start. Nice concept. I hope to see more soon :pinkiehappy:

Well you have catch my attention.. Great start

likes arnt dissabled it just dosnt show the bar or likes dislikes till enough are gained

Oh, I see now. Thanks for telling me. Guess I learned something new today.😄

Ok this looks like it can be a lot of fun

Good start. I'll have to keep an eye on this and see where it goes.

Yeah, Imma need more of this OP. Like, the fluff. All of it.

All is going well and I can't wait to see where you take this concept.

That's an interesting condition Twilight has there. It must be a huge pain to randomly blink around the world without warning.

I’m morbidly curious how her “co-workers” figure she could compensate for a condition of that nature.

Now this I like!

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one! :pinkiehappy:

Magic horn suppressor ring? Though that would be like wearing a muzzle or a gag if someone has Tourette's syndrome, which is really fucked up if you think about it. Hell, you don't even need to think about it to know that it's fucked up.

Keep up the good work, I always like a good Nightmare Moon x Twilight story, especially since I haven't been able to find a huge number of those that are either complete or have been updated in the last few months.

I’m not sure you’d be able to acquire one powerful enough. Assumedly these are flares of magic on par with what we know she is capable of, so I would figure you’d need a model they probably only allow in the hands of law enforcement or military.

So, what happened to Cadence? I'm assuming whatever happened to Twilight's family also affected the young alicorn in some way. Possibly taking her out of the picture too?

Huh. Previous chapter made it seem more like she had a falling out. Explains the near Maud levels of deadpan.

This is a really good start you've got going here, giving us just enough yet leaving us wanting more. Keep up the good work.

Shutting the front door and soon addressing her was her mother. But standing beside her mother was a disheveled filly Twilight Sparkle. Her pajamas were torn and dirt spotted in some areas. She also held a doll in one hoof, and blankly looked at the ground with wide lost eyes.

I'm... I'm not liking the implications here. Oh, not her parents dead, thats fine as far as a narrative goes.

"This is also good news cause you two are already always hanging out at school! Now you can trot over there together every morning! Isn't that fun!?"

What? What the fuck? Is this mare fucking psychotic or something? Considering she seems to have literally dragged a shell shocked fucking child from the ditch she got jettisoned into from whatever unfortunately eye hole diddling life decided to cheerfully inflict upon her family.

It was likeely an attempt to give her daughter an excuse not to question what happened.

That would have probably worked leagues better if she hadn't brought her covered in muck with her pajamas teared.

Horn Removal Surgery

No! Twilight, don't do anything rash! Quick, Nightmare, get in there and cuddle her into submission while you both learn what love is. It's the only way.

Also, Glimmer, Sunburst just isn't that into you.

There will be much fury should "horn removal" come into effect

Great chapter this story is pretty engaging; on a side note HORN REMOVAL!!:pinkiegasp: hopefully someone intervenes and changes Twilight’s mind and why do I feel like Starlights gonna be trouble...

The stallion continued, excitedly. "Yeah! You're the one who told off the Princess!"


Wouldn't the stallion be aware of the fact that this Twilight isn't an alicorn?

A lie will be halfway around the world before the truth has its boots on.

This is the first time that I can't say whether or not I like or hate Starlight from her portrayal here...

I love it. Keep up the good work, I absolutely love the amount of layers being set up!

They likely are referring to

Twilight Sparkle blinked a few times before muttering. "Um, you're Princess Nightmare Moon."

Princess Nightmare Moon's nose wrinkled as her head retracted and she looked down at her, shocked again.

Twilight Sparkle looked up at her blankly. "Sorry, I just lost my job and I need time to think. Please excuse me." She continued on past Princess Nightmare Moon again, focusing back on the sky as she trotted.

From the prologue as the incident in question. To some people, a curt dismissal like that, combined with then teleporting away in the middle of response, will be classed as "Telling off"


That isn't all that impressive.

Although with gossip, the event could be made more awesome than it actually was.

This story has peaked my attention

Horn removal surgery. Sounds like when cat owners declaw them because they aren't willing to deal with behavior issues. We'll have a convenient cheat sheet of who really cares about her when we start seeing who is encouraging/ discouraging/ desperately trying to talk her out of that.
Btw, totally thought the professor was going to get molesty there, glad it wasn't the case.

Good chapter, as usual. Twilight sure is good at getting important ponies to notice her, eh?

Applejack continued, still smiling softly. "Ya know, when I was a filly, the Princess came and found me." Applejack began packing up her makeup and soon checking over herself in the mirror more closely. "Sometimes I like ta think a lot about my life would be different if she hadn't." She looked down in silence for but a moment, as her eyes saddened. "Maybe I should've been a bit more honest with myself back then?"

What does Applejack mean by that? How did Nightmare Moon "finding" her lead to her becoming a model and businesspony?

Well I might as well if no one else is going to "I'm Lovin 'It"

I have no regrets

"Ah... what was it called again? Trying to remember."

Twilight looked to him a bit more seriously as she stated, "Horn Removal Surgery."

The thing throwing me off here is how he could forget the name of such a procedure. Tonsillectomy or the like i can understand. Complicated name, and generally a minor surgery as far as surgeries go.

The removal of a horn I imagine is quite a big deal here, so I doubt he'd forget what the procedure was. And if it is simply called "horn removal surgery", forgetting that is something I would take as a sign of dementia.

Very interesting. Good chapter.

“She is a literal demon, we want nothing to do with her. Now let go buy some of her latest fashion line.”

I don't know what's more intriguing? Twilight having a potential crush on AJ, (who is a potential millionaire or billionaire) who could be working for the princess or the fact Nightmare had an interesting dream conscious talk with Celestia, who we still don't know her full faith of what happened.

Either way, this chapter open up new possibilities and theories

I just have a question. Is Applejack’s friendly attitude towards Twilight in the present based on Twilight’s actions with Nightmare Moon or is it because Applejack recognizes Twilight as the filly who helped her in the past?


I don't want to say too much :twilightsmile: but I hope with coming chapters, how all the characters tie together (including AJ) and their roles and motives in what they do will become more clear. Everything is already planned out, but these bonus chapters were more so not necessarily planned, and I've decided to do them to hopefully give more depth/fun for you all interested. If that makes sense.:twilightblush: Sorry if that's pretty vague response.


I find it interesting that the Princess of Dreams is still grappling with her own conscience.

And it isn't crazy for Applejack to be an advisor. Being rich does grant you potential access to the halls of power.


Well here's a theory.

In this bonus chapter Twilight, with adorkable endearment, was able to provide AJ the necessary truth she needed.

Years later, this same mare shows up and manages to get one over the most powerful pony in the world, with the same adorkable endearment. Someone like Applejack would feel joyful to meet this same pony again.

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