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Satin Sheets is just a regular mare, working a regular job as a maid. She's good at her job and has a stable life in Canterlot. Yet, there's something missing: She doesn't have a special somepony. Maybe the resident human can fix that for her?

  • Despite this having the [HiE] tag, the main character is a pony.
  • Catherine (the human) is not from EQG.
  • This will be slow romance.
  • I'm trying to keep it as realistic as possible and not have them act brain dead just to have them together.

The art is from the talented Bean.

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On that fateful day that Buffy launched herself off that tower to save her sister, she didn't give it a second thought. She gave her life willingly to protect her world and her family from unbelievable horror.

The universe had other ideas for when she jumped off that tower.

Prior knowledge of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer is not needed. Majority of stuff will be explained / shown.

Thanks to various friends who looked over the chapter/story :3

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Twilight Sparkle, youngest arch-mage and technomancy prodigy of Canterlot finally desires something more than research. Unfortunately, love, friendship and other ponies are too chaotic and unpredictable for the mare, with too many variables for her to take into account to optimally navigate.

It didn't take her long to realize that she needn't navigate the raging rapids of love, when she could bypass it altogether and simply design and build her own perfect mare!

Thus, the C.E.L.E.S.T.I.A project was born.

Central - Electronic - Learning - Emotion - Software for - Tenderness - Intimacy and - Affection

Alt-Universe for no Princesses / Technomancy/Technopunk world.
Twilight isn't an Alicorn.
This story is from Celestia's P.O.V.

Image source is: Celestia 2.0 by Pon-ee

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Princess Twilight, for all of her knowledge, didn't particularly know that much about Celestia or Luna's past. In an attempt to figure out more about her peers she digs up the infamous time travel spell. Jumping at the chance to gather first-hoof about the only other immortal ponies she dives head first into the past!

Finding that she has stumbled into helping the Princesses on a mighty quest she isn't hesitant to lend a helping hoof but her resolve is quickly tested when not all is what it seems and the past, and present, of Equestria is put at stake!

Follow Twilight, and the would-be Princesses, across the world as they track down dangerous artefacts, delve into dilapidated dungeons and avoid disaster in a race against time itself!

  • Romance will, eventually, be between Luna, Celestia and Twilight.
  • This story will include gratuitous amounts of cuteness at times.
  • There will be action and a little dark here and there, but only because it's the past and fighting does occur. It won't be a regular thing, trust me.
  • There is time travel and Twilight will be jumping around the timeline. But don't think about it too much!
  • The AU tag is only there due to the Princesses still being there, as well as the whole world existing before Equestria thing.
  • The world this story takes place in is: Equestria and Beyond. I absolutely love the detail which was put into this. Obviously there's parts not included, such as the Crystal Empire, etc.

I'm thankful to Dusk Melody for reading through and helping me realise the direction I wanted the story to go in.

Spelling, grammar and general thoughts have been provided by TheGreatEater

The source of the image used is: Magnaluna - Eye contact

Thanks for featuring! <3 Love you peeps!

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Pinkie, the mare who can enjoy anything is stumped when She finds out what Rarity is into. Can she be swayed to try it with her, or is she doomed to forever ignore the hobby?

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Several centuries have passed since the elements and various technological breakthroughs have made space travel no longer a dream.

The first proper ship; the HMS Twilight is to be launched with Celestia as the first royal passenger.

What will her adventures bring? Contact with aliens... Maybe! Thrills... Most certainly! Excitement... Definitely!

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Rarity has been turned into Nightmarity, it is Spike's job to defeat her and restore harmony; join him as he attempts his adventure with the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Image is from: Datponypl.

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Celestia had a bad day and Pinkie cheered her up. Now it's Celestia's turn to take Pinkie out.

Prequel: Letting her mane down

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Applejack had been so careful. She knew when to throw the trash out, so she wouldn't be seen. She had made excuses to her friends and even had to lie a couple of times to make sure she didn't get caught.

She thought she could handle the pressure, like all the other times. But the urge wouldn't leave her alone.

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After trying to prove that direct time travel was possible, Frederick's experiment broke, leaving him in a new place. Normally he would dust himself off and start again, but that might prove more difficult than expected.

Mlp:fim belongs to Hasbro. Unox and the universe it references, (the "crossover") belongs to me.

Alternate universe is where Twilight didn't become an Alicorn. Romance starts around chapter 10.

Enjoy, like and fave :)

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