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Luna makes me do too much paperwork :(


Well in case you were wondering...I'm back. · 3:01am Jan 2nd, 2014

I'm back! Sorry for the sudden drop out, my last computer had issues and I got a new one quickly but then realized that I hadn't recorded my Fimfiction password in my little password ledger instead I had it somewhere on the hard drive of the last computer (Which was one issue lol f*** digital copies come fire or Earth quake my little note book will live!) any how it was only 10 mins ago I remembered the exact password thanks to a friend who accidentally posted something on Facebook that made

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We Are Gathered Here today to speak of an amazing writer, one who made us all laugh, cry, smile, and many other things that we don't speak of, he shall be deeeply missed.

RIP PrincessLunas Assistant


Now it's 149 weeks and 19 hours...

1082642 last logged in is now 120 weeks 2 days no i do not think he is coming back either which a shame i love tea for you

Last online 12 weeks ago.

I don't think he's coming back.

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