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*The sequel for "That Moment You Realize You're awake."*

Jumping ahead roughly 16 years, after Seethe Master and Celestia wed, their two foals (Spring Song and Lightning Flicker) must find their own ways in life, and it seems things always find away to reach their strict rule-bound mother, and lenient happy-go father. The two foals, now adults, must find their place in life, whether it be in government or somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Seethe and Celestia struggle with emotional problems caused by a feeling of age. One of them will eventually take desperate action to save their love. Eventually their problems reach the public and a major concern is raised over the idea of the Equestrian Government fall apart due to relationship problems. Soon, being the talk over every gossip magazine and newspaper, Celestia and Seethe lock themselves away.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 22 )

That was a quick sequel!
Anyhow, looks like you're back and better than ever. :pinkiehappy:

2656316 Thanks and to be honest I had the idea ready, it just needed an opening chapter and for "That moment you realize you're awake" to be finished. lol (Thanks the power of my fast typing that could be accomplished in an hour)

That was really quick. I see a few problems with the grammar but other then that, it's still as great as it was before.

once again reminded of why they married.

d'awwww :pinkiesad2:

Awesome to have the sequel already up and running! I was hoping it'd be here soon but I didn't expect it this quick! :twilightsmile:

Holy fuck is rainbow like 20 years older then lightning damn what a cougar. But she is dash.

This will not only NOT end well, it well end awesomely, well done good sir.


20 years older


damn what a cougar


But she is dash.


Well... that will be fun :rainbowlaugh:

Didn't she used to help foalsit them in the first story? Thats a bit... creepy. Fun as hell, too.

2665583 lol, yeah. It's quite odd, isn't it.


faved just because dash is a cougar

Wings!!!! Well we've had horn stimulation, now time for wings! :twilightsmile:

Yay! Brain..... exploding....... because....... update!!!

Short but good :) Waiting period was long, but hey, everything good is worth waiting for :pinkiehappy:

2988982 Thx I'm gonna try and update all of my unfinished stories some-what periodically :twilightblush:

This chapter has some very odd but very funny tangents...

Oh wait...Mistook the first story for this one....YAY NOT ENDING...*glomps omega again for updating this one too!* :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: YAAAAA DATE NIGHT! :twilightsheepish:

Flying tackle hug thing... :twilightsmile:

I sense a disturbance in the grammar Nazis that have read this fic cause there is many mistakes

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