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Novalis has progressed far. Once a mere admirer of Princess Luna, he is now her ambassador on errands she cannot handle herself, and her personal student, studying the stars and sky when his dreaming is not interfering.

A sequel to Nocturnality, Novalis will now begin exploring the world, and his relationship with the Lunar Princess.

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Beautiful cover art!

I like Luna pictures. I have quite a few to choose from.

Didn't know you marked Nocturnality complete, Kotushk. Good thing a group update notified me of this, else i'dve missed it!

I made a blog that made note of that fact.

Yeah, i see that, but you never tagged Nocturnality with it. I haven't got you on follow, so i never got either blog post. I'll fix that now, but for reference, you never did tag Nocturnality, otherwise i'd have gotten the notification.

I could have sworn I clicked the marker for it and all my other stories except Twilight, Do You Love Your BBBFF?

I went through all the notifications i've had in the past week. The only ones with your name attached to it are these two comment replies, and the blog posts were one yesterday and one on the second, so they're within the week deadline for removal/expiration/whatever.

Ah, well, check me more often. It seems my blogs have difficulties appearing sometimes.

YES! I bet you he asks for wings to fly with Luna at anytime

No, he will not, actually. I can assure you he will not become an Alicorn. Nor will he give up his magic. :twilightsmile:

2093320 Then what will he ask for........oh.....OH!

I see.

I know what you're thinking, and... no. Lol.

Did you read the first part of this story?

2093899 I dont know what your talking about :trollestia:

Oh really. Then enlighten me in a PM.

Why yes i did read the first part.....:twilightblush:

Damn Overpowering your own mind?


This is part of my world I built. To be able to use your full ability(as a unicorn) you must be able to control it. Magic is far too powerful if unchecked, yes?

2114962 True and understandable but here's the thing unlocking one's true power can lead down to a very ugly and distorted path. Which then in turn leads to nothing but hurt.

Still a great chapter though

It can lead down that path should one abuse their power or lose sight of their morals.

2116480 Then all will be lost to them unless an outside force is stronger than what is unlocking there power, but the same force can be used to keep one in check.

I can be a philosopher too :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

Hence the Princesses. Who have never locked their power, and are far stronger than any mere mortal pony.

2118477 Again yes, BUT like I said before a FORCE which in turn can be the very reason he has unlocked his power. Indeed the princesses can interfere but absolute true power comes from one within the reason they exposed themselves to it in to he first place.

I have a feeling where about to go in circles lol

Nah, I shall not push this. I think you and I are on different tracks, making a Venn Diagram. I hate Venn Diagrams...

2120478 same but we both can agree to this there is a good and a bad to this :rainbowlaugh:

It hurts to have someone openly pissed at you, but someone who indirectly says it and words it that makes it seems there not? THAT'S EVEN WORSE!

Short but great chapter like always

If I decide to join the Chessverse, my chapters there would be quite a bit longer.

My stories are not likely the best to ask for an editor on. After all, I need one and still don't have one.


Grammer Nazi reporting for duty, sir!
I'd be more than happy to edit for you. Of course, I'm only around one week out of two.

Yeah. It's my life, so I can't change it. I'm also only good for grammar and spelling. I'm inexperienced with development

The development is already planned, albeit expanding.


Then if all you need is a bi-weekly grammar nazi, I'm ready to roll.

I just may take you up. You're the first to offer, AND unless I get heavy inspiration, I tend to not write a lot quickly.


Never settle for less. I know a site full of people more qualified and more consistant than me. If you'd like, I can link you there. Trouble is, you need an account to ask them. But you dont have to post there to get an editor.

For the most part, my spelling and grammar are fine... I kinda just need to be told what was wrong at the time of reading, you know?


So, things like continuity errors? Even so, I'll drop a link for you:


Err, no, I mean any spelling or grammar I happened to miss in my own proofreading.


Ah, Still, any one of those listed would make a fine prereader for you, but I'd still be happy to do it.


So you've updated. I suppose this means the assassins failed.

They were amusing for awhile.

That just means Ill have to try harder.

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