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A/N: Thank you all for having this featured three times on FimFiction. It means so much to me, even if it's only featured for short times.
A/N2: Hopefully this will be under review soon, so I can clear any problems up.
A/N3: Now with a sequel! With a Shine in His Eyes

This story is set in a universe without Nightmare Moon, one where Luna has been with her beloved little ponies throughout the ages alongside her sister.

Novalis is a pony with big dreams. A large fan of astronomy and the night sky, his biggest dream comes true when Princess Luna invites him to the castle to personally show him her night sky. Novalis is excited, happy, eager, and... nervous? Novalis got into astrological studies because of his crush on Luna. Can he remain professional, or will he ruin his own chances?

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If you replaced "Novalis" with a canon character, it might be interesting.

I really enjoyed this story and I certainly will wait for more. Keep up the good work :eeyup:

Nice story so far.

Interesting, I think I'm going to have to stick around and see where this goes.


What's wrong with an OC?



Nah, just kidding. Maybe. Anyway, story's okay.


I needed a male for this story, and none of the canon males fitted my requirements.
Thank you all.
Meh, can't make heads or tails of your comment, lol.

Well buck... Two hours since publication, and over 50 views and 6 likes, which whupped my first story, lol.

Hmm.... I like Novalis. Seems like a bro.

I like it.


You sir earned a FAV :pinkiehappy:
Also first


oh, Luna, you and reading minds

Not minds, dreams. Dreamwalking, not mind reading.

Alright I like the story so far, no complaints (as if I ever have any of those).

Yeah, you never complained except a little on AHS4.

I really liked the story.Cant wait for the next chapter.
Great job!
Oh also favorited!

Thanking you kindly.

A clumsy beginning of a relationship that might be a big push into a greater future.

I don't like perfection. It is dull and boring drivel to create perfection, in my opinion.

900396 My own relationship started with me bumping into the girl of my life. If everything would be perfect the life would be really boring.:eeyup:

Agreed. Perfection eliminates strife and obstacles, thereby eliminating the need to push and challenge one's own limits. Making soft and weak hearts in the wake.

lols that can be applied to soooo many different things.

oh god why now i know why i didnt want to join this site... you have to wait sooooooo long for the next part. PLEASE! IM SUFFERING HERE! :raritydespair:

Yea sorry, trying to get cpu usage, as PS3 sucks for typing.

No problem bro I was simply executing a bit of drama there.
PS3 huh?

Yep, PS3. Also, I think you'll be glad to know that the next chapter is being typed up right now.

Don't rush it. I can be really picky

Hehe, you might be surprised to learn that I typed the previous chapters in two hours apiece. I pace myself as I go, to avoid giving myself a headache, and to review and fix any mistakes. I type and think at really fast speeds though. I have had trouble with rushing in the past but that's only when I put 3k word chapter or so out in about an hour. I'm pacing myself on this story to deliver the absolute best quality I can at this time of my writing experience.

Please please please use paragraphs. The content is fine but goodness! I was assaulted with a block of text! I couldn't tell when one action ended and the next began! It will make the flow so much better if like ideas are placed in paragraphs.

Huh? I'm confused... Make a bigger deal of him about to faint if he wakes up with a life threatening fever

The paragraphs change when the scene and idea changes... :ajbemused:
Also, I like it better this way, leads the reader questioning what the buck just happened to him.

I assume that the the overwhelming knowledge mixed up with his fiery passion literally heated him up hehe

found this. Thought it would go great with the story, but thats just me.

Again I get that song... AcousticBrony did symbolize the essence of night well with that song... It also doesn't help that my story shares the name.

907003 Oh well obstacles are always there. I am willing to get surprised by the next chapter :eeyup:

Lol, I can try, but I'm not out to shock too much.

so.... uh whens the next chapter coming out. I dont mean to bug you but IMSOSUPEREXCITEDTHATICOULD.... ':pinkiegasp:' .......BEATPINKIEINANEXCITEDCOMPOTITION!!!

Sometime tonight or tomorrow. Whenever my friend lets me use his computer.

Well I haven't read this fic, but I do have an idea for a fic I'd like to write that involves an OC character romancing Luna.

My idea for his name was Nova Borealis.

I couldn't help but be struck by the sheer similarity.

Anyway, the concept is entirely different (I think, considering I haven't read this) but I swear I'm not copying your character's name :rainbowlaugh:

Needs to be longer. Otherwise it was great.

Lol. Maybe you should read mine to avoid misconstructions.

I'd write more if I wasn't buzzed, although I see you calling anything shorter than 11k words short, lmao.

anything shorter than 1,200 words is short to me bro. It may take allot to write but all in all it doesn't always come out long lol.


Haha, well perhaps I'll give yours a read :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't worry too much about me accidentally stealing anything though. Mine is going to take place (Assuming I actually decide to carry through and write it, that is. I'm debating between writing it or another, bigger idea first) in the days preceding Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon. So essentially one thousand years before the show.

So Novalis is deeply in love with Luna, and has a severe allergy to rogberries.:unsuresweetie:

Seems legit.:eeyup:

By the way, I just love how specific the situation has to be for the rogberries to grow. It just makes the wine all the more delicious.

It is only my own point of view that the length of a chapter is meaningless if the content is interesting. Hehe while I am *buzzed* writing seems to be even easier at least for me :pinkiecrazy:

Ah cain't decide if yer pokin' fun at me or not. Ah'd prefer if ya didn't Mr. Mccullou, lol.
So, was the content interesting? Lol.

Well, read mine anyways (shameless self whorsing) and drop me a PM when yours is out so I can read yours, lol. :pinkiehappy:

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