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I live again, for now... · 4:53pm Oct 23rd, 2014

Hello everypony, Kotushk here after I think, what, a year or so? Jeez, time goes by fast. Just updated With a Shine in his Eyes, yay, recently watched EG2, and oh my Luna I always thought and entertained the idea of sirens in Equestria, and even had a rough idea of them for my story. I decided to implement them after all, although I have to retract what I thought they looked like. Speaking of sirens, EG2 has quite literally put me under their spell, with the siren songs from the movie easily

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For the foreseeable future... · 11:12am Feb 24th, 2014

I'm quitting writing. Many factors go into my drive to write, but the two main ones, which are feedback and time, are not in abundance. I'm rather depressed about it, but I don't write well if no one seems to enjoy it, and since all the work is on me, myself, and I, I need more time, which I cannot get.

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Life is Hell, and I am currently in the thick of it... · 7:39am Oct 5th, 2013

So... Yes, I dropped off the face of the Earth for awhile. Sorry. Can't do much when life is giving me lemons and refusing to let me get the sugar and water. I recently got evicted from a condemned apartment. I lost my job. I lost my computer. Lost my internet. Lost my library privileges due to a technical fuck up. Moved to another state. Had my mother committing suicide and therefore stressing me and making me have to look after her. Not in that order. But I am sorry, my dear readers.

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More delays on Shine?! Calm down, at least I'm writing something!!! · 4:45pm Aug 10th, 2013

Well, with that cleared, let's elaborate. Yes, I'm writing the next chapter, it's just proving Luna awful hard to polish the way I want. Dialogue especially. Couple that with jumping to the other end of the spectrum with the violence and destruction of a Chessverse story, and you got a Grade-A fuckfest in my brain at all times.

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Gizoogle · 1:56am Mar 12th, 2013

A text conversion engine, Gizoogle will turn text into "gangsta" talk.

As a test of it, here are the two letters from Vinyl and Berry from the latest chapter of With a Shine in His Eyes.

Vinyl Scratch

Yo, Mista Muthafuckin I be too phat ta write or call anypony,

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