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Ending up living with ponies wasn't the plan. Not at all. Not that I really planned on leaving the Dragonlands. But perhaps i'll stay, it's not like the idea of going back to unfriendly dragons is appealing. I'm gonna record everything that happens to me, might help me remember things in time.

Note: For this Story, the Alternate Universe tag, refers to the timeline and events of the show and comic books being extended/slightly altered and gaps of the show being filled in from this Point of View. SEX tag is for suggestive terms.
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Forgot to use the gait.


Interesting so far. I was going to say that Spike doesn't have wings, then I saw the Alternate Universe tag.

Added to my tracking shelf and up-voted.

Seems Krein is coming along, slowly. I'd like to see how he attempts to actually start negotiations with the Equestrian officials, considering their prejudice against dragons. And I'm interested to see how things are going in the Dragonlands!

7936705 I don't understand. Oh, wait, nevermind.

First, I'm loving this as well as wait to read more!~:heart:

A little slow, but that's okay. The premise has me very curious. It's hard to find decent stories with non-biped dragons.

Here's to the true wyrms! (And not Smaug, who is an overgrown wyvern)

Also, I blame PoJo for this...

Kii and I eat gems as sacks...

I cannot wait for the next chapter

ok I will say I was wondering about this story as to how it will reads but I can say after just the first chapter I am sold.
as normal with me I will not vote till I see if the story holds to gather.
this may seam a bit wrought but fear not this is just how I do things.

ok I only have one thing to say as I am now at the last posted chapter.
this story is really good it flows super good and is vary fun to read.
a vary worthy read.

8131179 I'm glad you're enjoying it thus far. I've a lot of free time on my hands right now. I'm hoping to get another chapter out soon.

not sure if you would be interested in joining a author's chat or not but if you are curious check out my blog.
this chat is open to any and all who sees this post.

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impressive I only know of one other story that has the equestrian deer in it and one deer plays a huge part in it and the sequel.
running thorn.
or grandpa as he is know in his human form.

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At that moment, Fleur stuck her head out of the kitchen. “Dîner is ready.”





8171704 I'll admit that that was a copy and paste thing.

let me be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY :pinkiehappy: :pinkiegasp:
this story is defiantly coming along really good love the new chapter.

hum Ember visiting, wonder what this is about?
a good chapter I like it.

Well, I'm glad I found this.
Strangely this fic is seriously underappreciated. Have a thumbs up and fav.

A golden opportunity for Twilight to tgo to he dragonlands and see the library

a good chapter with normal family time.
“Might I suggest acting?”
that may be interesting.

Quite an unexpected finish to this chapter, but that only sells me on it that much more! This weekend promises to be very entertaining.

Little faux pas there, Spike. Guess when you are used to dealing with royalty, you tend to forget that there are a few things that should be done properly.

Interesting to see your interpretation of the canon characters, although that's been pretty minimal so far.

Well, that's one way to introduce yourself to pony society. Just hope he doesn't sneeze and fry something important.

Ooh, Blueblood! Great to see him, and a great portrayal. Good to see Snow too.

Trade with the dragon lands and a possible dragon force? Interesting thoughts indeed, although what the dragons would want in return is the question. Aside from the obvious, of course.

I love the little touches of prejudice and skepticism and that our favorite Speaker is perceptive enough to notice.

Well, the party was a bit mixed, but appearances are important...in Canterlot. Loved Needle and Forge. And I forgot to mention it before but I do love the enchanted bit purse.

I wonder how much trouble a little dragon and an alicorn of love can get into?

Oh man, Twily loose in the Athenaeum would be brilliant. Bonus points if she needs out with Olakaan.

Surprised to see the dragons progress so far on their own. And those areas where they need help are certainly something I could see ponies lending a hoof to accomplish.

Well, didn't think those would end up as gifts, but that's really a warm gesture. :pinkiehappy:

That encounter was pretty wild, good to know that those flyers aren't just showponies. I'd love to see Spitfire spit some fire at dragon recruits.

Wow, Lord Torch is bringing down the hammer. Hope Krein is up to the task.

Beautiful. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. Now if he could just stay in Canterlot for more than a few days at a time, I'm sure Krein would be happier

Moar Pinkie! :pinkiehappy:


Well, looks as if a little dragonette is going to have quite a surprise


That was perfect

Interesting world building.

"I maintain that he kicked himself."


Niirah with some misandry issues. Not unsurprisingly, given her abusive upbringing, but at least she's willing to learn from ponies.

Although if she keeps up the nad-hitting, they might have to get Twilight to make another dragon limiting spell.

There's another thing I forgot to comment on earlier: Maresanto

Spotted it the first time and love it. Krein put that little Ben Stein monotone wannabe salespony to shame! A dragon embassy sounds like a great idea.

Acting is a beautiful thing. Here's hoping that Niirah can act a little nicer eventually. :pinkiehappy:

Well, it didn't take me as long as I feared to catch up. Thanks to your writing, it was hard to put this story down for too long. I was captivated!

Too bad I can only like this story once!!!

I'm glad you both are enjoying this story. It means a lot to hear people are enjoying it.

political chess is always so much fun.
a vary good chapter with loads of interesting things going on.

... I like where you’re going here.

The big doors to the room opened and Luna stepped in with her personal guard right behind her. The guards took position by the door, while Luna walked right up to Ember. “Roaring Contest.” Princess Luna stated.

Omg this is hilarious!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

I like this, it has a few spelling errors here and there but it's all completely readable, to wit I read the entire thing in about two days. Very enjoyable to read, my only complaint is that the other stories listed in the description are listed as companion stories and it was unclear if I was getting into this in the middle of something or not.

I really like this chapter,
yes it is slice of life but it is family driven it is just a vary good read.

Yaaayy!!! Horsey!!!!!:twilightsmile:

how old is spike in this? because him having wings would probably happen when he reaches dragon puberty and that would be like age 60 or so.

8504844 This is Alternate Universe. In this he had wings since hatching, and in this he would be in his teens. like 16 or 17.

Yay! Strider cameo!

...wait WHAT. Dragon civil war?? definitely less yay. except for the fact that I’m yaying right now because PLOT ADVANCEMENT FORWARD MARCH!!!!

I was hoping that would spark some curiosity.

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