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The Meta, a murderous creature , the scourge of The Reds and Blues, and the ultimate amalgamation of man and machine, has died. Dragged off a cliff and drowning in the icy ocean below, what a dishonorable way to be killed. If he was going to die, he wanted to die in fair combat, by the hands of one who earned it. Not by three cowardly, tricky red soldiers and a wrecked Jeep.

But instead of giving into the cold embrace of the afterlife, he fought tooth-and-nail against Death itself.

He soon gains a second chance at life, though in an entirely new branch of reality.

So, here he is, in Equestria.


Red vs Blue crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Gore tag added just in case. I mean, the guy carries around a four-foot Knifel, what did you expect?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 46 )

Very well done so far mate!. Being a a large rvb fan myself, I've got to five you props for your depiction of the meta. Keep it up!

Jaja, thx mate

Hmm, interesting. I hope this goes very well for you, it's a very nice concept.

Gracì señor.

I will like to see how it goes.

We have enough reasons to fight we don't need another one.

Fluttershy fainted from the stress of waiting and the sudden climax. (The second kind, not the first one perverts.)

:trollestia: you know us so well

Any story with the meta in it is good but this looks like it will be great. Also nice death v meta fight.

Before I read:

the guy carries around a four-foot Knifel

You mean the Grif-shot?

Maine is badass! Please Tell Me he's going to kick shinning armours ass!

No promises.

Now I want someone to try something. 😁

Oh dear God, a southern accent. That brings back memories... and rage...

In another life, Grif and Maine could've been friends... Hell, they even shared the same weapon!

If Fluttershy is upset hearing about his "shrug off" injuries, imagine how traumatized about his near fatal ones, like getting shot in the throat several times.
Also I think that Maine is such a an unstoppable badass, that you should have it when they're leaving the Everfree, every creature(including timber wolves) they run into immediately runs away scared for its life, after seeing Maine. Because predators will never attack a prey if they know they can't kill it.

I like it! Thanks for the idea I am going to shamelessly steal and put my own spin on it that narrowly avoids copyright!

Glad I could help:scootangel:

You have my attention good sir or ma'am.

Yeah! Flip Death off! He deserves it!

i held off on favoriting this only because i need to know that it will continue before i do.

I plan to. With school and junk there might be pauses in updates, but I intend to complete the story.

good. expect me to comment regularly

Maine is so badass he just become my hero!

I WOULD say "I thought he was dead", but that's become as cliche as "don't look down".

its sad that I know the only thing that could take him down is another spartan.
so, uh, what life problems will he face?
being trained in the art of combat he sure don't know how to do taxes'n'shit...
A.I. forgot bout that.
speaking of A.I., rampancy, will it be a thing? I hope not. I don't want to see him go through what Cortana did.

i don't remember maine being as talkative even before the high way

“Wow, you lot are awful at acting. Honestly, I think a rock could act better than you... err, no offense Pinkie.”

... Oh god, not him too! If I had a pound for every time Hazbro used that line, I could get a Macdonalds!

wow, McDonalds must be expensive over there

It's England, its either really cheap or expensive as hell.

Fluttershy fainted from the stress of waiting and the sudden climax.

It's always the shy quiet ones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

that sucks, over here you can get a monster mac (an extra large big mac) for about two dollars, I can't imagine how much it'd cost over there

A regular burger, milkshake and fries costs nearly £5, but You can get bus tickets that let you get medium fries and a regular Big Mac for £2 though...

Are we really talking about Macdonalds rather than the actual story right now?

I think we're, for some odd reason, debating intercontinental McD's food prices :rainbowlaugh:

No wonder the world stereotypes us American's as fat, it's so much cheaper to buy fast food here, though it does make sense, other countries no doubt induce tariffs on foreign companies, so in order to make a profit the company's need to charge more.

You think you guys are labeled as fat? You should see half the meals at my place. I'm a hallow leg'd git who ends up finishing everyone's dinner. Worst thing is, I don't out on any weight. Well, best thing in my case.

My only request is, PLEASE don’t make Maine too polite. Just cause he has his sanity again, doesn’t mean his entire character should change. He’s a ruthless badass that doesn’t take shit from nobody, and responds to everything with brute force. So PLEASE don’t make him a push over, especially when he runs into rude or arrogant ponies, or the royal guards(seriously, worst military, EVER!).

Thanks. Going through the process of rewriting these first chapters before moving on.

This story seems to have potential, I really hope It doesn't randomly stop or something like a lot of other stories.

Wonder how this story will turnout.

Dont jinx it fkn bastard!!
the pinks is right. and as said "dont question the pinks mah boi" -twi [probabaly]

I kind of hope that some other Freelancer Agents are there, albeit in other countries.

Like the Dakotas in the Zebra lands, North with a replicated Theta, given how closely he bonded with the fragment. Florida/Flowers (the difference is whether or not it's the MJOLNIR armour or ODST) with the Griffins, irritating them with his overly cheery demeanour. CT with the Changelings.
Things like that, only they didn't fight Death, but brokered deals with him, where he gives them situations that should be impossible, even for them, with him not factoring in interference.

Ooooh this is wonderful :pinkiehappy:

I fear this story may be as dead as my future...

You’re probably not wrong. Until I get out of my funk with this one, it’s definitely on hold.

I don't believe AJ or 'Shy introduced themselves when they asked their questions...

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