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Why do I do the things I do? BECAUSE I CAN.


The Mad Tinker was a renowned mercenary among the Axle's underworld; known for his incredible reaction time and lethal speed. His dual, chained blades known as 'The BladeLock' struck terror into the hearts of all who beheld them. His face was never seen without his long, striped scarf and a pitch-black pair of huge welding goggles. His mere shadow sent criminals running from the fabled man. His skill was unrivaled, and he was never caught off guard... Until one fateful day, a powerful, forbidden relic of wars past was found and his entire world was unraveled around him. He awakes to find himself in a world that does not make any sense in the slightest. A place inhabited by mythical creatures, magical beings, and based upon, for some illogical reason, Friendship.


I mean, really? Friendship?


I wrote this probably in 2014 on another site and decided it was pretty low quality. But then I thought- eh, screw it. So! Here it is folks!

Don't judge. I hardly knew how to write creatively and not cringeworthy, cheesy stuff that only worked in my head.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 12 )

Eh, Whatever. Wherever here is should be way more fun anyway.

If only he knew...



"Hmm," he mumbled, his eyes lighting up, "Now that is definitely knew. Mind if I give it a shot?"


You guys think I should slow down? Maybe make the Chapters longer? Lemme know.

For a second in the distance, I could've sworn I saw a train hop over a rainbow. Could've been my imagination. Or maybe... nah. Couldn't be.


"High ceilings, of course.... filled with instruments- I'll show you later- And.... Steampunk to the max."

I love it. Nuff said.

"Oh hey! We have some CHEERios, Bran flakes, and wheat squares."

🤔 hmmmm?

Nice muscles though.

I must agree! This is the most important detail...

Oh..... Oh this looks promising... Dives in

"Eh, it folds nicely, so do the swords. As for how it does it? No idea, I just know it works very well."

it just works
it just works
it just works


After diving in, I enjoy this greatly

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