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Ever since he was exposed to Gamma Radiation, Bruce Banner has been seen as nothing but a mere monster. Constantly hunted and hated; his very existences is considered a threat to all of Humanity. But what if he wasn't around Humans? What if one day he found himself in another world entirely? Can Dr. Bruce Banner finally have what he has been searching for all these years; Peace and happiness? Or will his arrival cause chaos and bring nothing but destruction in his wake?

All rights to the Incredible Hulk belong to Marvel. This is also a completely different version of my previous story- The Incredible Hulk: Hero Or Monster? First Three Chapters will more or less be the same, after that is a whole new ball game.

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I'll be keeping my eye on this one. Keep it up!

I'm liking it so far bro, though, I gotta ask if you have an editor or not. I see a few mistakes here and there. Then again you did mention these were the same as before so I have to read the rest before having a final thought of it all.

Good story, but the grammar needs to be checked. Seriously.

This story needs a grammar check, other than that keep up the good work.

Awesome Hulk Smash!

P.S. Wait, scratch that...


Read the previous one and didn't know it was taken down, then found this a while ago and didn't realize it technically was the same story it is better than I remember the other one being, but it still has about the same story.

The Destroyer is going to have his shit #rekt.

I eagerly await the next chapter.

1. Never challenge hulk smugly to a brawl
2. never assume you won because you can get stronger because of an absorption ability
and most importantly #3. NEVER challenge Hulk's title of strongest one there is
Reason? *points to story*

Hulk Pet Pony....hulk not eat pony

i love it more chapters please

Watch Hulk vs Doomsday (cartoon fight club, not Death Battle. Also, cartoon fight club made it first)

Wait if those comic strips are suppose to be a representation of Hulk and Valdis fight, then where the hell did Hulk get pants from? It was explained he had no clothing, except for some foliage that he fashioned into a make shift skirt, he should have ripped it, the second he turned into Hulk, meaning Hulk should be naked now.

7715259 personally, i say just go with it, he doesn't have the exact pictures, plus, how and why would he, he uses what he can to best portray the story

Plus, nobody wants to see Hulk's hulkjunk.

the hulk has went world breaker on the timberwolf (sp). i like it and now nothing can defeat the hulk. the reason i like the hulk so much is because of world breaker is on par with celestials of the marvel universe.

that picture of Canterlot........... Jesus Christ it’s PRETTY! :D

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