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Just your not so average changeling who attempts to write stories.


Set in Calm Winds' Wonderverse.

Talon, a Changeling from a hive in a drake empire, gets thrust from home when his hive collapses due to unknown forces and through some discordian intervention, gets thrust in a war of 'bolts.

It starts during the griffon drake war in his time line, 20 or so years before Piercing the Heavens, but the majority of it takes place during Piercing the Heavens.

Chapters (24)
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Comments ( 80 )

A lovely start to what will be an amazing story, I am sure :pinkiehappy:

I love Ember, she is such a cool character.

And, no way beating up the Prince of Dragons will come back to haunt you! Not at all. :trollestia:


Hey, no spoilers for those that may be reading! And as for Ember, i'm thinking of a separate story for her after Chapter 3 goes up. Er, that was a spoiler, wasn't it?


I will refrain from spoiling things.

And it wasn't spoilers, just means people are going to think something -interesting- is going to happen to her now.

You're missing a final bit of dialogue at the end.

Otherwise it looks good :D

Bleeding all over the mess hall is unhygienic.

Well prince way to sabotage the war effort.

Fantastic start. Tracking. :pinkiehappy:

He might of stood out among the more known Equestrian hives,

As a rule of thumb, might of isn't proper grammar: It's an improper phonetic spelling of might've, which is a contraction of might have. It is a fairly common grammar mistake, with "should've," and "would've" also regularly improperly spelled.

… instead of the frayed horse like tail…

I tend to use dashes between words like that (horse-like). Another way is to make it one word (horselike).

He was just contently reading, laying on a cushion and completely relaxed.

I'm fairly certain that you meant contentedly.

Also, it seems like you have a problem describing the character in a very "telling" method ("His fur was blue") instead of showing us ("The sun made his blue fur stand out from the grays in the room").

Now, on to the next chapter.

Excellent, all the changeling fics seem to be updating at once. Is this some kind of conspiracy?

"It's too early for cups..."

Yep... Way to early for cups...

Should have let them punch steel. :rainbowwild:

ok this story line is really shaping up.
I am really liking this but I am wondering how a certain silver stallion will react with meeting a old changeling that has not aged at all. if he even remembers him.
this is a story to defiantly keep a eye on.
Harts Fire

This isn't a troll, this is really me being reminded of this song by the title.

Damn beat me to it. I was thinking it in the last chapter. But with this one I'm expecting that to be next title.

this story is getting vary interesting as it goes.
this story is showing real possibility's and I am really liking the story line.
I am going to watch how silver handles meeting talon at the point in time. will he remember him from twenty years ago??
Harts Fire

ok now this is vary interesting it looks as if Talon has a foot in the door and is still training, but he is still holding back why?
even Descent felt it.


Learning to fight as a pegasus is different then as a changeling. Pegasi lack the same magic as a changeling or unicorn. Though in that little spar, he does go changeling and use some of his magic. But for the most part he is going to fight as a pegasus, at least until a certain thing happens that... I'm sure most will know about.


I'm actually quite a few chapters ahead. I was just posting them slowly before, but... yeah, that backfired when I suddenly found myself at least 10 chapters ahead, on both stories.

So now I'm just posting a chapter every day or every other day. :pinkiehappy:

To the science dungeon!

I mean, Twilight loves to learn new things :twilightsmile:

it is just pinkie need I say more.
a good chapter I like it.

a good chapter I see this building up to something.

Cool, this was good. How many changeling hives are in your universe? Also do you need any, because you can use my hive.

6807601 I was just going with a few Hives, mostly because I've read Goldfurs stories and liked the six hives of Equestria. I had two hives in the Drake Empire, but both don't exist anymore, due to the wars wiping them out.

But this story really only focuses on the Changeling, and how he takes part in this war that he got dropped into...lousy Discord.

6807763 Ok. cool. Do you have the names, colors, and abilities of the hives that you have? I would like to know.

6807782 I actually havent thought of stuff like that beyond names and colors. The hive Talon and Ember are from is the Ruby Hive, and its "sister" hive that died out long before this war, was the Quartz Hive.

Ruby's coloration, well, see my Icon. The Quartz is more paler, favoring whites and greens that go with it.

6807843 Cool, do you want the description of my hive in case you want to use it?

My, my. What could have happened?

ok it sounds as if things are starting to hit the fan.
this is going to be good.

this just got real in several ways and if I am guessing right Talon in his true form is out in the open right now.

Wow, shit just got real. What now?

Rapidfire strikes again... or for the first time. Maybe some other run ins. Hmm... I just don't know anymore! :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, this is a prelude to whats already been written. If you have been following Piercing the Heavens anyway.

I'm joking about it. Not sure if this is his first time faking a pony though. Descent mentioned other times when he's done it.

I like I like this is a bade way to be reunited but I guess it will have to do.

Forgot to put my comments here, since I've been reading ahead. :twilightsheepish: Looks great, Zol. :twilightsmile:

it looks as if Talon's secret will be reveled, is it a good thing or a bade thing?
I am thinking it will be good in the long run as it will be so much easer for him to use his true skills.

the last part of this chapter makes the hole chapter.
exultant work.

I love it it is a happy chapter to pick up the hole story.

Talon, saving all of our OC Wonderbolts in one go xD

Also, I'm with Azure on this one! I want a million bits! :trollestia:

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