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Flames - Olakaan Peliik

Coming to the ponylands: Not Planned. Being an ambassador for dragon kind: Not Planned. Finding a better place to live where my sister would be safe: Planned.

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VI - Public Relations

“—and then we played this game where we learned everypony’s names, and it was so much fun!” Kii was squealing into my ear as I walked down the street.

“So, sounds like your introduction to school went well,” I smiled. I glanced up at the addresses of the houses we were passing and found that we were approaching Fancy Pants’ house. I was still unsure as to why he wanted to see me, but I had a feeling I was gonna find out. Celestia’s sun was setting, which meant the Luna was gonna be raising the moon soon. Luckily eight eighty diamond drive was easy enough to find in the waning light of the sun.

With Kii at my side, we approached the door to the fairly well-sized pony home. It was bigger than mine certainly. The house was white with a blue and purplish pink detailed trim.

“What do you think he’ll be like?” Kii asked jumping down from my back.

I shrugged my wings. “I duno. Only one way to figure that out.” I reached up and knocked on the door.

After a few moments a stocky white unicorn, wearing a suit with long coattails, monocle, well kept blue mane, and triple crown cutie mark, opened the door. After the initial shock of my appearance, he seemed to remember who I was and calmed down a bit. “Ah, I take it you are Ambassador Krein are you not?” he asked. I nodded. “We are moments away from dinner if you’d like to join us?” the pony continued.

I bowed politely. “My sister and I would be honored to join you for your meal.” Kii gave a bow beside me as well. I stood back up. “You are Fancy Pants, yes?”

He nodded. “Surprising manners. I mean no offense, but I did not expect that from dragons. Do come in.” Fancy pants motioned to let us in.

“I guess you could say that my sister and I were not cut from the same gemstone as our kin,” I joked.

He seemed to relax some. “Haha! Very good. I’ll let my wife know to set another pair of plates.” He walked us into his living space before going into the kitchen. “Fleur, dear we have some guests, do come say hello.”

A white mare with a light pink mane and a trio of odd symbols as a cutie mark walked out from the kitchen, still with the initial looks of fear on her face when she saw me. She cleared her throat before speaking. “Bonsoir, monsieur, my name is Fleur De Lys. A pleasure.” She bowed her head slightly.

I bowed in return. “My name is Krein, and this is my little sister, Kii. Say hello to our hosts Kii,” I told her.

“Hello!” Kii chirped with a wide smile.

Fancy Pants put a gentle hoof on Fleur’s shoulder. “They will be joining us for supper. If you could set some more plates, my dear.”

“But of course, mon amour.” Fleur turned back into the dining area and levitated out additional plates with her magic. “Dîner will be ready soon, make yourselves comfortable.”

I nudged Kii forward. “Kii, why don't you see if you can help Fleur, eh?”

Kii beamed as she hurried after Fleur. “Okay!”

I turned to Fancy Pants who was moving toward a blue velvet chair. “If you don’t mind me asking, why is it that you have requested to see me?”

He sat back in his chair, and steepled his hooves and looked at me. “I overheard ponies talking about you, and how you’re new in Canterlot. Then I heard about you being the Dragon Ambassador. So I wanted to lend a hoof as it were.”

I sat on the couch across from him. “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the offer of help, but why? You don’t even know me. What kind of help are you offering anyway?”

“I take it you don’t know much about life in Canterlot, am I correct?” he asked.

I let out a singular laugh. “The first, and only, city of dragons fell into ruins and eroded away eons ago. So no, I have not lived in anywhere that would be classified as a civilization.”

“Canterlot is a very exclusive city. The more important ponies here will likely avoid you if you don’t have a reputation that they can use to boost their own reputations with if they are seen with you,” he explained.

I tilted my head at what he said. “That seems like an unnecessary amount of effort.”

Fancy Pants shrugged. “Maybe so, but it’s how things are done here. I happen to have one of the most influential voices in Canterlot.”

I was still confused. “Again, why help me?”

“I made my fortune in investments and stocks. I see you as an investment,” he admitted.

“An ‘Investment’?” I raised an eyebrow. “Something that could or not benefit you in the end? How?”

“I won't know until we get started. This coming Wednesday an hour before noon, there is a charity event going on at the Canterlot Convention Center. A charity auction, with a lunch buffet, and after the auction, Hoity Toity is holding a fashion show. I can get you an invitation.”

“I appreciate the offer,” I asked, still somewhat hesitant about accepting a stranger’s offer. “But why would you invite me? How will this help me build a reputation?”

“If this goes well, and you are seen with me as my guest, ponies might be better receiving about you being a dragon,” Fancy Pants explained.

Now I understood. “That would be much appreciated. Thank you,” I gave a nod of my head.

At that moment, Fleur stuck her head out of the kitchen. “Dîner is ready.”

Fancy Pants and I stood up and moved toward the kitchen entryway. Fancy Pants motioned a hoof for me to go first. I circled the table to where Kii was sitting. I sat next to my sister in the undersized chair.

“So what is for dinner?” Kii asked.

“Ratatouille, my dear,” Fancy replied as Fleur brought in a steaming pot of some kind of stew. “One of my wife’s best dishes.”

Kii furrowed the scales of her brow at the food in front of her and tilted her head. “Ratatouille? Is that a kind of mouse?” she asked innocently.

Fleur and Fancy both froze at the question. “I beg your pardon?” Fancy Pants asked.

“Forgive my sister’s question, but perhaps I should explain,” I cut in. They both nodded for me to continue. “In the Dragonlands, most dragons are largely carnivores due to meat being more easily found without having to stray far from their treasure. Plants are rare enough to seem nonexistent in the Dragonlands.”

“So you don’t eat vegetables?” Fleur asked.

I shook my head as I continued. “My sister and I are omnivores. We can eat both vegetables and meat. Before Kii hatched I was able to travel the Dragonlands a bit and find the few places plants grew, so I added some vegetables to our diet.”

“Oh well, that’s good to hear.” Fancy Pants relaxed.

I took a bite of my food. The ratatouille felt like mush in my mouth, but it was a pleasant combination of sweet and bitter that filled my mouth. “This is really good Fleur. Thank you.”

“De rien, I’m glad you like it,” Fleur nodded, a relieved smile crossing her face. “I could give you the recipe if you like? I can’t imagine you had much chance to cook until now.”

“I would appreciate that, thank you.” The conversations drifted to various topics over dinner, from the daily life of the Dragonlands to the political world of Canterlot. It seemed that Fancy Pants was gonna be one of my first friend among the Canterlot Elite.

Monday had come and it was officially Kii’s first day of school. She was so full of energy she had woken me up early so she could be the first one at school.

“I'm so excited!” Kii skipped a few paces ahead of me.

I was dragging my tired wings and tail along with me as I followed her. “I know, you've only told me about thirteen times now.”

“I want to learn all the spells,” she beamed.

“That will take time, you know,” I stated matter-of-factly. “Besides, you're gonna be needing to learn to fly soon, then after that, breathing fire without the aid of the morning sun.”

Kii stopped skipping at the sound of my words and looked up at me in wonder. “We're staying that long?”

“Yes, of course.” I straightened up as we neared the school.

Kii remained quiet seeming to ponder until we got to the steps of the school and stopped. “We're never going back?” she asked.

I brought my head low to look her in the eye. “It’s safe here, so we will be living here for now on yes. But we may go back to visit on occasion.”

“Oh, okay.” She seemed to deflate.

I nudged her gently with my head. “Come now, cheer up. You have friends to make, and magic to learn, eh?”

Kii smiled and nuzzled her cheek against mine. “See you after school, big brother.”

I nuzzled her back. “I'll be here, little sister.” I shoved her forward with a claw. “Now go learn something.”

Happy once again, Kii climbed up the stairs and disappeared into the school.

Now that Kii was where she needed to be, I needed to find a pony that could make me some formal wear for the event on Wednesday.

My search brought me to a small shop close to the train station called Needle & Forge. It's like the shop was divided down the middle, one side a clothing store and the other a smithy.

“Excuse me? Anypony here?” I called out.

I heard the clattering of tools coming from the direction of the forge. A tall, but muscular, black coated, and maned, unicorn mare rushed out of the back room, and up to me. Her cutie mark wasn't visible due to the amount of carbon dust built up on her coat.

“Oh my gosh! A real live firebreather in my shop. This is amazing!” she squealed.

I cringed at the high pitched noise she made. “Yes, um, I was directed to come here by some locals in the streets. I need some formal wear made for me. I have an event coming up on Wednesday.”

Her excitement disappeared. “Oh, that means you're looking for my brother Needle.” She turned to the clothing half of the store. “NEEDLE! Customer for you!”

A lanky, thin, silver, and platinum-maned, unicorn stallion came out of the back of the clothing store side. A needle and thread visible on his flank. “Welcome to Needle’s shop good si—AH!” He jumped back at the sight of me.

“Chicken,” the mare rolled her eyes and went to arrange her displayed wares.

Needle chuckled as he recovered from his embarrassment. “Oh, don't mind Forge. She's inhaled too much smoke and it's gone to her head.”

Forge huffed. “Have not!”

“Have too!” Needle shouted back.

“Have not!”


“Calm down, both of you!” I cut in. “I came to do business, not to witness siblings fight. I can do that at home.”

They fell silent but glared daggers at each other.

“Now…” I looked at Forge. “What do you specialize in?”

She stood up straight. “I make armor, both real and ceremonial, and jewelry.”

“Good…” I looked over at Needle. “And you?”

Needle also stood taller as he spoke. “I can fashion nearly any garment you desire. Admittedly, not as good as the stuff you see on the runways, but it’ll be comfortable, good-looking and for a good price.”

“Okay, now let me explain what I want,” I said. “I would like a set of ceremonial armor mixed with formal wear.”

They looked at each other in confusion and then back at me.

“What? It's a dragon thing to wear armor to important events. But seeing as how this is Canterlot, I need something more formal,” I explained.

Forge shook her head. “Wait, so you want us both to make you a set?” She looked at her brother. “Like work together?”

“Um, yeah. Is that a problem?” I asked.

“We don't really work well together,” Needle said, shooting his sister a glare that she returned twofold.

“Well I need you to try,” I sighed. “I can pay well, only thing is that I'll need it by Wednesday morning.”

Forge looked at me, back at Needle, then huffed. “We'll do it. Let's get your measurements and we'll get to work.” Forge levitated a tape measure, pen, and paper out of her back room.

“What? You can't be serious sister?” Needle protested.

She fixed her brother with a stern look. “In case you hadn't noticed, neither of us have had much business lately, and I for one want to make rent this month. So we're taking the order.”

Needle groaned. “Oh fine. We'll have it done by tomorrow evening. Come by the morning after to pick it up.”

Forge finished taking various measurements of my body. I bowed before leaving. “Thank you.” But they barely noticed me leaving as they had already started bickering again. “What an odd duo,” I mumbled as I made my way back home.

Wednesday morning had come, Kii was at school and I was on my way back to Needle and Forge to pick up my order. I even had my bit bag tucked in the folds of my right wing. I weaved my way through the streets of Canterlot and was soon nearing the shop.

I was right around the corner when my shoulder started to burn. Wincing at the pain, I ducked into a nearby ally. I touched the burning mark and the heat immediately subsided. Holding the red flame in my claw I spoke first. “My Lord.”

Torch’s deep commanding voice bellowed from the flames. “I have news for you. Apparently, you are not the only dragon who wanted a bit of change. The Sea Dragons have set up a port at the northwestern point of the Dragonlands, and are even building the first dragon ship. Numerous Fire, Stone, and Shadow Dragons have started building there as well. They have volunteered to mine the obsidian. I want you to come back to the Dragonlands for a few days and see if you can give them some direction. I told them to expect a dragon bearing my mark.”

That was good, better than I was hoping for certainly. “I’ll be on my way once I find a pony willing to look after Kii for a few days. Will that be all, My Lord?”

“My daughter will be meeting you at the settlement,” Torch stated. “Don’t keep her waiting.” The flame abruptly snuffed out.

I couldn't decide if I was excited or nervous at the idea of meeting dragons with similar ideas as me. I shook my head to the focus on what I was doing before my mark started burning. I emerged from the alley and rounded the corner to Needle & Forge.

I barely had my nose through the front door before the both of them started talking at the same time.

“We're so glad you're here, working with my brother was a great idea—!”

“Working with my sister was the best thing that’s ever—”

“One at a time please,” I said with wide eyes.

“Ha! That’s what she said,” Forge grinned.

“What my sister meant to say was welcome back,” Needle chuckled. “We may have gotten a little carried away, though.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you didn’t really say how much fabric or metal you wanted, so we made three,” Forge explained walking over to a trio of covered forms. “One mostly cloth, one mostly armor, and one-half and half.”

She levitated all three covers off, revealing each of the suits they had made. All looked kinda like armored robes. The one with the most fabric was a black color with white accents. The talons and claw guards were a dark metal and sported inlaid sapphires.

The mostly armored one had a plethora of bronze armor that covered most of the body, with black and red fabric holding the metal pieces together. The chest piece had a single large red ruby in the center. It also had decorative wing armor for a bit of extra show.

The final piece was blue and silver. It had the wing and leg guards, and a single piece of armor on the chest, made of what I assumed was steel. Amethysts decorated the armor.

“We also made them so the metal doesn't make any noise when you move, and it’s all light enough so you can still fly,” Forge boasted.

I nodded. “These look good. I’ll take all three of them. How much will these cost me?”

Needle stepped forward. “The fully armored one is two hundred bits since it’s mostly metal. The mostly fabric one is only a hundred, and the between one’s a hundred fifty.”

“So four fifty all together?” I asked.

“Deal!” they both shouted.

I retrieved the necessary bits and gave them their payments. “Can you send the bronze-red one and the blue-silver one to Seven One Two Quartz Drive, please? As for the black-white one, do you have a place where I can put it on?”

“Right this way.” Needle levitated the ensemble over to his side of the store and into a stall. “We made all of these similarly, that way putting them on would be easier.”

“Thank you.” I followed Needle to the back of his side. Next up, the charity event.

I was standing on a ledge overlooking the entrance to the Convention Center watching the arriving guests and waiting for Fancy Pants to arrive. I could hear some of the idle conversation outside.

“Did you hear about—”, “That dress is ghastly, darling, I really think—”, “I hope the garden party this year is better than the last.”

Tuning out the dull conversations, I scanned the arriving crowd for Fancy Pants. I spotted him coming around the corner of the block with Fleur by his side. I was about to spread my wings and fly down to join him when another conversation caught my attention.

I found the voice coming from a posh looking set of mares, one wearing a yellow swan hat, and the other a purple dress. “Did you hear? Fancy Pants let a dragon into his home,” Yellow Swan asked Purple Dress.

“What? Was it the one that arrived the other day, or the one that has been seen in the presence of Princess Celestia’s student?” Purple Dress asked.

“It was the one that arrived the other day, straight from the Dragonlands on the other side of the South Celestial Sea,” Yellow Swan confirmed.

“Those dragons are a bunch of ruffians. They don’t belong here in Canterlot. Besides, they wouldn’t even know how to fit in.” Purple Dress stuck her nose in the air for emphasis.

I looked up and saw that Fancy Pants was still outside talking with some ponies. I decided on a low flight entrance, mostly to try to avoid scaring everypony by suddenly swooping down on them. I lifted off the ledge and circled around so I’d be coming up the street I was just overlooking.

When I got close I was flying low enough that I created a draft below. I landed a few feet behind the group and walked up to Fancy Pants. I nodded my head in greeting. “Good afternoon, Fancy Pants, Fleur.”

“Ambassador! Good show, glad you could make it. And where is little Kii?” Fancy Pants asked.

“At school. She’ll be there until three.” I told him. Truth be told, I was still a little nervous about being away from her.

“Splendid,” Fancy said. “Do come with me, there are ponies I wish for you to meet.”

I followed him inside the center as he asked, trying to ignore the plethora of shocked, frightened and outraged expressions on the other ponies faces.

The event was definitely elegant, and that's saying the least: ponies in fancy clothes walking around, munching on tiny little plates of food and talking, while a band up on a golden podium played chamber music. I was approached by a meek server pony. “Champagne, sir?” he squeaked, trembling in fright as he tried to hide behind his serving platter. The glasses on top of the platter clattered against each other, the honey-colored liquid within them shivering.

“What’s champagne?” I asked Fancy Pants.

“It is a light, sparkling wine, very good. Try some.”

I took a glass of the bubbly substance and put it in the extra phalanges on my wing to hold it. “Grapes? How strong is it, for a pony that is?”

“Not very. Ah, there they are. Krein I'd like you to meet Jet Set and his wife Upper Crust.” Fancy Pants said as we approached a pair of ponies looking particularly disgusted with everything.

Jet Set was a gray unicorn with a black mane. He wore glasses that sat on his nose, a green and white vest with a white jacket tied around his neck. Upper Crust was a unicorn as well, but I’d call her coat color Ageing Banana (though, of course, I wouldn’t say that out loud). Her mane was purple and white, and she wore pink earrings, a blue bead necklace, a white blouse, and finally a pink jacket.

I bowed politely. “A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, sir, and ma'am.”

“Charmed,” Upper Crust said with so much pride and confidence it could be scooped with a ladle.

“Krein here is the Ambassador to the Dragonlands. Second to their ruler,” Fancy Pants stated.

“Third,” I corrected.

“Pardon?” Jet Set asked.

“I’m third to the Dragon Lord. His daughter is his second,” I explained.

“Ah, well still. You do hold an important position,” Fancy Pants stated, adjusting his monocle.

“I do.” I was uncomfortable here: Jet Set and Upper Crust were both looking at me with a mixture of fear and revulsion. “Well, a pleasure to meet you Jet Set, Upper Crust. Mr. Pants is there anypony else I should meet before I have to leave?”

“Yes of course.” He started into the crowd again but then paused. “Wait, leave? What do you mean?”

“I do need to pick up my sister from school later. Also, Lord Torch has called me back to the Dragonlands for a visit with a budding dragon settlement. I am to go introduce myself, as well as meet with my lord's daughter. I expect to be gone for a few days. Even though I just got here.”

“I see,” Fancy nodded. “Well let’s not tally, many ponies to meet tonight.”

“But why?” Kii cried on my back as I walked. “I want to go with you. I want to make sure you'll come back. What if Garble or some other dragons attack you and you don't get away this time? Or worse, what if you get attacked again like last year?” She was practically in tears.

The event was over, for me at least, and I picked up Kii after removing my garment back at home. We were on our way to Canterlot Castle. I needed a word with Celestia before I leave.

“I'll be fine,” I reassured her. “And that was an Amphithere that had attacked me last year. Not a dragon.”

“You've always told me strange dragons are just as dangerous as amphitheres,” Kii said.

“Mostly true still.” The Guards at the gate allowed me to pass, their faces stony.

Kii tightened her grip around my neck, nearly choking me. “Just please don't go.”

I reached up and gently patted her on the back. “I don't have a choice little one. Lord Torch ordered it. Will it help you to know that Ember will be there?” I showed my pass to the door guards.

Kii shifted grumpily. “A little.”

“There is nothing to be worried about Kii, now hush for a minute.” I approached a Sergeant. “Excuse me. I need an audience with Princess Celestia. Where is she today?”

“She's in the gardens for lunch and tea. I'll have a Guard take you to her.” The Sergeant signaled one of the nearby Guards.

“Thank you.” I followed the Guard in question.

Walking through the halls there were a few ponies looking at the decorations and taking notes, each escorted by a Guard. I found that a tad strange.

We entered the garden to find Princess Celestia eating and having tea with Princess Cadance. I bowed politely as the guest of their home.

“Rise and be welcome, Krein. You are our friend now. Do sit and join us.” Celestia gestured to an empty pillow on the grass.

“Alas, I will not be staying long. I have been summoned to the Dragonlands. I merely wanted to ask if there is somepony who could take care of Kii for a few days.” I got straight to the point.

“I volunteer!” Princess Cadance blurted in a rather undignified manner. “I love taking care of kids, I rather miss it actually.”

“Should Shining Armor be worried about your eagerness to take care of children?” Celestia asked her niece.

Cadance laughed. “Not if he hurries. We've been sharing a living space for some time now. I just know he'll ask soon.” She winked at Celestia, apparently not caring if others heard her.

I cleared my throat to call their attention back to me, which was a mild mistake because of the puff of smoke it produced. “Are you sure? I don't want to burden you.”

“Actually I think it's a splendid idea.” Celestia chimed in. “Kii needs to catch up in much of her general studies. Cadance has proven a magnificent tutor for Twilight Sparkle some time ago.”

“Okay, she tutored me to be perfectly honest.” Cadence joked.

“And I can help develop her magic more to match her classmates’ level,” Celestia added.

This was becoming my best option, and I was running shorter on time. “Okay, thank you, Princesses.”

Cadance giggled and clapped her hooves together. “Yay! Kii you wanna help me play a joke on my stallionfriend?”

“Sure!” Kii hurried to Cadence’s side and they ran off.

“Don't worry. They can't get into too much trouble.” Celestia said conjuring a quill and parchment. “Now is there anything we need to know about the little one while she stays here?”

“She’s afraid she might lose me,” I said bluntly. “She might start crying because of that. Oh and she eats fish; shark, catfish, and carp are her favorites.” I turned to leave.

“We look forward to your return Speaker,” Celestia said with a nod of her head.

I returned it. “Until next time, Princess.”

I spread my wings and lifted myself into the sky and banked toward the east ocean. Time to see this dragon settlement for myself.

Author's Note:

A special thanks to PonyJosiah13 for editing this chapter for me.


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