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Takes place directly after Chapter 3 of my "A Different Breed of Changeling" Story.

Talon wasn't the only survivor of the Drakes' destruction of the Hive... But he was the only one to get a free ride to Canterlot - Ember must travel to Equestria on her own, with nothing but a few skills to make her way...

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Well that was good. Poor Ember, hope they don't react too badly.

Light feather seems to be having a small bug problem :trollestia:

Yeah never take on a doctor or medic. They always seem to dismember you rather easily. Only thing worse to fight against is a butcher.

this is a vary good side story to this point about Ember.
I will be watching for up dates.
Harts Fire

this is a really good chapter and I am getting a feeling I best watch this and the pared story to this closer as I am interested how this will all play out with the time shift and all.
and I am also interested to see if either changeling will show up in the mane story if even for a quick glimpse.

Well, Ember probably not, as she would be tending to Canterlot at his current point in the story. Talon however, its all up to Calm Wind himself. Also thanks for the comments.

6754003 I agree about the time difference but at the same time Ember would still be alive just a bit on the aged side. it would be a bit different to have them meet in Talon's story in his time line after all it would give a bit of closer for them.

I am liking this story more and more.
really good work.

ok things are looking up for Ember. this is the kind of chapter to just sit back and enjoy to the fullest.
Harts Fire
PS I wish I code vote more then one time this story is so worthy of many up votes.


Thanks, this story has been fun to write so far, along with Talons story.

a vary good chapter things are looking up for Ember.
I am interested to see ware the next few chapters go.

a good chapter but that was a rather close slip Ember, Witch just missed the clue.

ok this is a little odd 10 chapters and not enough votes to show 205 views ware are the votes??

Those are total views. I think it counts people who look at it more than once as a more than one view. Also if you check the first chapter there are only 34 views. It's adding all the chapter views together.

wow this chapter is packed with action.
a really good job Zoljen
this time jump should put us close to the same time line as talon's story arc.

a lost friend is found or is it a bit more?

Hope more of them made it. Also 75 quite a small number in my opinion but interesting.

It was that big when it was destroyed. Countless generations have been lost because of the blood feud between scales and feathers of their neighbors. And they haven't really been able to generate more between each war.

Wow the drakes are idiots then. Kinda suits them though. It's easier to spend someone else's lives.

They did view the changelings as a resource more then an actual being. Useful for their gemcrafting and healing arts. But really didnt think of the cost of, ya know, using them as cannon fodder or destroying their home. Stupid Prince.:ajbemused:

a vary sweet chapter, friends reunited after a vary long time.
but there is still one missing.

this story is just getting really good and I am siting back and watching for the big one to droop when Ember sees Talon the first time.

aww this is a really super happy chapter.

this is a different chapter a totally different look at things from a different set of eyes.
I love it.

Yeah, its a thing I like to do sometimes. The same scene, but from two different eyes. This also explains why Witchy is somewhat growling at Ember in Talons story, since he woke up four days after being taken in.

aww true love nothing like it.
a prefect chapter

a interesting chapter it would seam as if Ember is sleeping off her high and she will be so sad to find out she missed chatting with Rarity.
I am more surprised that Twister did not blow her cover.

Its Twister, nothing he says is really taken seriously, unless he actually serious about it. Then we should be very scared.

some how I have a feeling that Twister is holding back a lot.

o my this code be fun as this develops.

things are looking up. a vary good chapter.

So, this is a Wonderverse fic, called "From the Ashes."

Coincidentally, I'm writing a Wonderverse fic that draws inspiration from the song "Through It All" by the band "From Ashes To New."


Sylvian helped me with the title, because for the longest time I couldnt think of one. Though i do hope you enjoyed the story up to this point.

6961344 Haven't read it because it doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy.

a vary good chapter. and now silver knows or at the lest has a really good idea.
this is going to get interesting.

Yay new chapter! Lots of intriguing background tidbits. Can't wait to see how talon fairs.

exultant chapter good work Zoljen

So even damn is off limits in Rusty's? Crap. That's about the only thing I would use on a regular bases as opposed to swearing.
*Gets smacked in the head by a ladle as Rusty zooms by*

And so it begins E is left behind as the battle moves off.
but now here is a interesting idea can talon and Ember use hive mind to talk?
this would be a huge help in the long run.

I had thought about that, but they can't. No central hub cuz the queen is dead. Plus Talon was displaced in time thanks to Discord. If the hive mind was a thing, they would have had no trouble finding each other after the fall. But some took nearly two decades to reunite. But a good idea anyway. :twilightsmile:

I forgot about Crimson and Rime xD I may need to poke them in the upcoming chapters of CiF...

Also, awesome story as usual :3

a vary good point.

a good chapter perfect righting.

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