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Witching Hour

How did I manage to accrue a freaking following of other authors?!



This story is a sequel to Crystal Wings

It's been nearly six months since Witching Hour saved Monkey Wrench from the life of a grounded pegasus and now, Princess Luna has given her student a new task - as a member of the unicorn forces of the Wonderbolts?!

Takes place in Calm Wind's Wonderverse. It starts approximately one month before Flying Sky-High.

Chapters (11)
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Whoa! you should have told me you were posting this! let me blog about it right now :twilightsmile:

Do I have to read cyrstal wings to get this?


Probably a good plan. Witching Hour and Monkey Wrench are fully introduced and described in the prequel.


:twilightsheepish: I thought my frequent PMs with questions gave it away! :scootangel:

I cannot tell you how much your blog post made me fangirl! I'm so happy you're liking this! :pinkiehappy:


of course! :scootangel: Someone writes something Wonderverse related, all my followers are gonna know :raritywink: They are the Wonderverse fans after all :rainbowkiss:


Still makes me fangirl. :pinkiehappy:

But in any case, that's why I put it up on the Wonderverse Group! Now I just need your reply to my PM and I'll be set to finish Chapter 5!

Your friends have found a kink in the single life,
You've had some time to think now you need a wife,
Steady as she goes
steady as she goes
Steady as she goes
steady as she goes
So here we go again, you've found a friend who knows you welll
But no matter what you do,
You all ways feel as if you triped and fellll...
So steady as she goes
steady as she goes

All of that, off by heart
(Yeah its shortend, so what)


:rainbowlaugh: Not gonna lie, that song was partly responsible for the title of this story... but the phrase also has some indications of there being troubles and it being work to stay on course with life throwing lemons in a curveball fashion.

I'm finally getting started! It's good to see that Monkey Wrench and Witching Hour have settled into a bit of a routine together, though it'll be interesting to see how welcoming the Wonderbolts are to non-pegasi... :twilightsmile:

Cinna may need to switch to decaf... and, I'm starting to wonder whether Monkey's wings have tradeoffs that will become apparent soon. Still, we've only reached lunch in Witching Hour's first day on the job, so I'm sure there's much more to be revealed!


Cinna TOTALLY does need to be on Decaf, especially when Witch goes and mentions some of her connections. :pinkiehappy:

Things take a turn for the topsy turvy in chapter 4... As for the drawbacks... Well... We'll see... All Monkey's been doing has been basically fun-flying, and mostly unrefined. It's nothing near what the Wonderbolts are up to... Who knows what the crystal iron will do under that sort of strain/pressure...

Anyways, Chapter 3 introduces the rest of the Wonderbolt OCs. :twilightsmile: Happy reading!

“Wind fans flames, flames are heat which relates well to lightning, lightning can cause fire and also creates a loud gust of wind from the pressure, water conducts electricity and can be blown about by wind… Water should clash with fire, so the transition between the two should be far more discordant,”

Methinks this is important later... :pinkiesmile: And, I certainly enjoyed the mention of Vinyl Scratch... So, Bliss is interested in helping Monkey check out the Wonderbolts - I'm hopeful that it goes well, but I'm not optimistic, if you know what I mean! :raritywink:

“Her highness requires your assistance immediately,”

Hmm... Luna's not asking, she's telling - but we wouldn't have it any other way!

And, look for a line in a certain flashback-related spell during tomorrow night's chapter release of SS:EB, my friend. The honorific that Luna gives Witching Hour will be an Easter Egg for you. You unintentionally provided the exact word that I needed. :pinkiehappy:

It's heartbreaking, but predictable that Monkey Wrench would initially react this way. Witching's new position, a new place to live, Trick Step moving in... But, I'm sure that Witching Hour doesn't have more on her hooves than she can handle, even though it doesn't seem that way right now.

Because so many have helped me with this sort of thing (and I'm being as gentle as Fluttershy, I hope) I saw the word "quaffed" - Psssst.... This word means drank, consumed or imbibed. "Coiffed" is the hair thing. :twilightoops:

I really enjoyed your characterization of Fancy Pants. I like the fact that Fleur is his wife instead of a trophy mistress or something else that appears in fanon more often than not. I also like his kindness and his sense of humor. And, indeed... what has Monkey Wrench been up to the past few days?

Has Cinna switched to decaf yet? Witchy could say it's doctor's orders, after all...

<low whistle> I like this Spitfire. Leadership instead of bluster. I hope that she is able to get Monkey Wrench to come to her senses sooner rather than later - there's a unicorn colt that misses her. Spitfire's right - there's more at stake than racing and weather maintenance, and Monkey needs to be on board with the unique talents that Witchy and the crystal wings gave her!

Hurray! I'm caught up! :raritywink:

And I’ve already promised that the house won’t become a stye

sty, unless you're referring to a painful lump at the base of an eyelash.


Thank you! I'll fix that right away!

Enjoyable, will lie in wait for more.

Not as important as you might think. :raritywink: But it's not unimportant... I'm glad you liked the mention of Vinyl. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowhuh: Bwah? **goes back to reread the chapter** Wait... Wait wait wait... Did I seriously miss that?! :facehoof:

In any case, yes, it's a lot, and it'll take its toll... but Witching Hour can take it. :ajsmug:

Alright... Fixed the spelling mistake... Someone else pointed out that I used "stye" instead of "sty" in the first chapter, so I really don't mind having such things pointed out to me! :eeyup:

I went with Fleur as Fancy's wife since that's how it is in Wonderverse (if you get around to reading any of them, I highly recommend reading the Rarity-centric ones, which is where that relationship is established).

Cinna has yet to switch to decaf, though I'm sure Bliss might make it a superior officer's order atop Witch's "doctor's order". :rainbowlaugh: Cinna's heart is (mostly) in the right place... She just is super enthusiastic about things she cares about... Just remember she also threatened to set her pegasus-mother on Monkey Wrench to get Monkey to come around. :pinkiesmile:

I like this Spitfire better too... Certainly preferable to the Wonderbolts' showing in Season 4. (Rainbow Falls still makes me irritated. :ajbemused:)

Fleetfoot and Soarin weren't without their good points though. Monkey let one arse ruin a fantastic day, and all the days after that, and it turns out that her baseline (pre-accident) skills were already better than whatever he had.:rainbowdetermined2:

Really, this talk with the Elite Wonderbolts was what Monkey needed... Next chapter will involve everyone again. :raritystarry:


You won't have much longer to wait, I hope... I'm waiting for word from my sounding boards on Chapter 7... Should be up by the weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for telling me it was up.

Tricks is very cute.

Oh, thank goodness that Monkey came around... and Tricks made sure to tip the scale the way it needed to be tipped. Witchy wasn't too sure about the whole situation, yet. A cute, enjoyable update, and I hope all's well with you!

You keep working on your Chapter 8 and I'll keep working on my Chapter 25! :rainbowdetermined2:


Yep!!! That pair have a fair bit built up and it's not easy to walk away... Getting her head pulled out of her rear-end by the Elite Squad of the Wonderbolts was mostly what she needed... And given that they knew how Monkey's stubbornness was affecting Witch, it wasn't that hard to make sure that Monkey would go try to talk things out with Witch.

In any case, Chapter 8 is officially in progress, and I look forward to seeing Chapter 25! :raritystarry:

My suspicions are aroused. :pinkiehappy:

My name is Midnight Storm,” he says,

Have you read this?


Oh man... No I haven't! I think I've seen it in the recommended/Also Liked column, but I've never read it... It looks like there's a bit of a difference in appearance, not the least of which is that 'my' Midnight Storm is male... Again, I've not decided what I'll do with him, if I do anything at all... :twilightsmile:

Thanks for keepin' with me Forgotten!

The title of that story also overlaps with another name. I just find it humorous.

I hope to be here for many more chapters. Keep up the good work.


Oh is totally amusing... Given that the title overlaps with my main OC, and then... Oh gods... :rainbowderp: **shoves plot bunny into the Spoilers Box**

*Absconds with the spoilers box*

*Examines the box*

"Where's the lid?"

Mwahahahahahaha!!! :pinkiecrazy: YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!!!

Thanks for the glimpse into several things that have been beneath the surface all along! I enjoyed the interplay between Princess Luna and Witching Hour, because Luna's cryptic advice helped me to understand her leadership/teaching style and how it is distinct from the way that Celestia taught Twilight, which brings me to...

...the Twilight-Witchy discussion. This helped me to understand Witchy much more - and your characterization of Twilight was right on the money. It will be interesting to see whether or not this will continue to grow. Thanks for the engaging chapter and I hope you're enjoying the convention! Psssst... Happy Birthday, too! I did catch that after all... :pinkiehappy:


Conning! I'm so glad you like where I'm going with this! :yay: I'm not currently planning on anything extreme involving Twilight showing up more often... The current idea is for them to correspond via letters, maybe occasionally mention something Twilight said in such letters... :twilightsmile: Luna, as the current lone-ruler of Equestria (as Celestia is presently out of commission, for reasons revealed in Calm Wind's stories), will need to learn to be more direct in her leadership, but it will likely have no bearing on her teaching style. :eeyup:

Oh! And a snippet I'll let anyone know about here: Chapter 9 will give people a glimpse into Witch's parents - Fine Brew and Holly Sweep! :scootangel:

And no, not even *I* really know what those bracelets will do, nor where Witch will eventually end up. :raritywink:

I have a small punctuation suggestion. Nothing really blaring but:

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Dammit all!!!”

You don't need that many "!", the first one could actually be replaced by a "!?" or "?!", and the second set really only needs to be one "!".

You don't have to do that, but it makes the sentence a little less jarring. Otherwise, I really like it so far!

Witch still isn’t sure what she expected when Luna had given her this assignment, but only one day in and it’s already shaping up to be far from it.

The subject in the second part of the sentence feels a little awkward. What is it shaping up to be far from it? Has her new assignment gone beyond her expectations? Or did she not believe that Luna had assigned her to a place she'd fit into because it was the Wonderbolts?

Just food for thought, otherwise I am really enjoying this!

Hey, Witching, as usual a good piece of fiction!

Amazing update Witching :pinkiehappy:

A small comment, though on something I saw during the exchange between Twilight and Witching on the tower balcony

The scene itself was really good, I can't say I'd have done it any better :3 but the following was a little jarring.

puts a light wing around her new acquaintance.

To me, the sentance would have made more sense if it was "puts a wing lightly around her new acquaintance." rather that a "light wing" as it implies that twilight's wings are ether lighter in color, or a round about way of saying that the wing was placed lightly.

You are free to ignore my comment, though :derpyderp1: as I am sort of in editor mode right now for some reason.

BUT, awesome story so far! I might PM you soon to ask you something regarding what I am writing over in Memories of Midnight, as I'd like your opinion on something.


Thank you SO Much for your input! I may eventually go back and fix the things you pointed out, but right now I'm mostly focused on writing chapter 9. I responded to your PM, so I hope that helps you too! (Your story is amaze-balls by the way! :raritystarry:)

I'm hoping to get my next chapter up before the 15th, but my sleep pattern's been all screwy and I'm fighting through some rather impressive blockage... Hazard of dealing with a major event from Calm's storyline, I imagine. :twilightblush:

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Heh, yeah I can understand that. I currently have to put writing on hold today and tomorrow and I am working 12 hour shifts at work for an event, which doesn't leave much room to sit down and write. Good luck on the next chapter of your story though! I look forward to reading it!

Yay another awesome chapter :pinkiehappy:

And you are welcome! I have to put all the money I put into a college education to use somehow!

I'm glad you're enjoying this! It makes me feel like all these plot twists that suddenly write themselves are worth it... Even if it does mean that whatever outlines I might have for later have to be revised... :pinkiecrazy:

Eying the Wonderbolts, none of the injuries look particularly threatening,


Poor, poor Witchy. Crystal messing with her mind.

Prophecy? Not my preferred thing in a story. I know it's a wonderful tool for foreshadowing and centering events around a character, it's just that I'm a subscriber to chance. Prophecy implies fate and other stuff. Plus it seems like the lazy way to say this person is important and you should pay attention. But I do love the way it's so vague, it could mean anything. So carry on.


Both are quite fun to use, really. Prophecies have their place when you really want to build something up, make it stand out against the crowed.

Chance is good for when you want to show that anyone can do something if they really put their mind to it.

What I really love to do is, have a prophecy, and then have the character break it! Because screw it, I don't want to go save the world from the evil cupcake gods! I like cupcakes!

But, I digress, you have no idea how hard it was to figure out how to make that dang thing vague and yet somewhat pointing towards something. Was pure insanity...on the level of Discord!


Forgotten - Thanks for pointing that out for me. I fixed it. :twilightsmile:

And the best part is that no one even has to be using the crystal for it to mess with her mind! :trollestia:

in re: the prophecy ~ It's not something I generally prefer myself, but the Wonderverse is so seriously ripe for this. I'm gonna be delving more into it with the sequels I've got planned... And yeah, Sylvian said it: it was Discord-levels of insanity to get it super-vague but still meaningful...


"Uncle Leaf, why are you trying to shake me off?" ~Tricks
"First, don't call me 'Uncle', second...I can't feel my leg...can you stop hugging it so hard..."~Leaf


Leaf was a lot of fun to help develop, not to mention I think I get a sugar high whenever I read or think about Tricks the kid is so sweet.

Also; Yay for Midnight in another story besides my depressing as all heck story!

I swear, Tricks gets cuter and cuter the more he appears :scootangel:

I can't wait to see the sequals!

Leaf just hope Tricks never meets the CMC when you're babysitting. The ensuing chaos would put Discord to shame.

Maths can't lie.

CMC + Tricks = Armageddon

Dear god.


Their meeting shall be the first sign of the coming cute apocalypse!


It's so true!!! Doom; it comes for thee!!! :pinkiecrazy:

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