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Just your not so average changeling who attempts to write stories.


Crystal, a changeling that's rather unique in appearance, is discovered in a mine shaft very close to the Crystal City. After making a rather unorthodox and upsetting introduction, she begins her tale of how she arrived...

Set in Sylvian's and Witching Hours Roan era, which is a part of the Expanded Wonderverse. The story itself takes place during that time, while the introduction and small scenes take place in the current day, a few years after Calm Winds Piercing the Heavens.

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I'm interested too! Mostly because Roan, but that's just me :ajsmug:

Where can I find the original wonderverse story?

All through this guy here. I suggest you start at the beginning of his Soarindash trilogy, Head in the clouds. After that is Flying Sky High and finally his monster of a story, Piercing the Heavens. He does explain most of his wonderverse on his main page. And this story, while set in that Alternate Universe, actually has little to do with it.

Very nice.... do we have them all... alright, I've lost track of the elements and their names. Dragon is Generosity, she's honesty, and Silver is Kindness...

Anyways, great job Zol, I can't wait for the next chapter.

(Sorry it took me so long, I actually read it two days ago, but by the time I finished I had one of my migraine headaches and was pretty much out of it.)

So, who got what?

BTW, Great battle scene.

Great addition, clears up a while lot.

Weaponized elements, in which we see Crystal use the force! I mean get a Light-saber....

I mean the beautiful Katana wielding Gryphon-Changeling!

Also, Shiro, because Shiro.

Will reading Calm Winds's Soarindash trilogy be necessary to understand this story?


Nope, this takes place a few years after that. I only make tiny references to it, such as Soarins magic, the flying compound. Its mainly all set in the past, before even Luna becomes Nightmare Moon. The only 'wonderbolt' appearing this story is Talon. You are welcome to read Sylvian's Stuff, to better understand the characters, such as Shiro and Jin. I suggest "Daring Do and the Leaf in the Wind" as it introduces the Grumpy alicorn and his pet snake.

FYI... for writing introductions amongst royals, you a dress the highest rank, and go May I present to you... using full titles first, fI'll owed by the name.

As always, great chapter... Chrystal and Lord fire top... glorius

Ahhh, Shiro and Jin. Those two are far too much fun.

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