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Just your not so average changeling who attempts to write stories.

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Ever wonder what goes on in a drake empire changeling hive before and after its crushed into dust thanks to the madness of a jealous prince who cant take being beat by a changeling well? That is a good question, and the changelings will be happy to tell you in a collection of short stories!

Also included will be how my various changelings become scattered around the world of Equestria!

Cover art drawn up by my go to artist: Foxenawolf

Chapters (13)

Crystal, a changeling that's rather unique in appearance, is discovered in a mine shaft very close to the Crystal City. After making a rather unorthodox and upsetting introduction, she begins her tale of how she arrived...

Set in Sylvian's and Witching Hours Roan era, which is a part of the Expanded Wonderverse. The story itself takes place during that time, while the introduction and small scenes take place in the current day, a few years after Calm Winds Piercing the Heavens.

Chapters (12)

Takes place directly after Chapter 3 of my "A Different Breed of Changeling" Story.

Talon wasn't the only survivor of the Drakes' destruction of the Hive... But he was the only one to get a free ride to Canterlot - Ember must travel to Equestria on her own, with nothing but a few skills to make her way...

Chapters (29)

Set in Calm Winds' Wonderverse.

Talon, a Changeling from a hive in a drake empire, gets thrust from home when his hive collapses due to unknown forces and through some discordian intervention, gets thrust in a war of 'bolts.

It starts during the griffon drake war in his time line, 20 or so years before Piercing the Heavens, but the majority of it takes place during Piercing the Heavens.

Chapters (24)
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