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Ever wonder what goes on in a drake empire changeling hive before and after its crushed into dust thanks to the madness of a jealous prince who cant take being beat by a changeling well? That is a good question, and the changelings will be happy to tell you in a collection of short stories!

Also included will be how my various changelings become scattered around the world of Equestria!

Cover art drawn up by my go to artist: Foxenawolf

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Huh. This is cool, we now are able to see what happened to the other changelings of this hive.

Yeah, that is the goal of this one. To tell how the others get to where they are when they meet Ember. The chapters will use their changeling names, but by the end of it, it should be the pony names that sound familiar.

Yay! A update, with more changeling life after the hive was destroyed!

I wonder if they might meet spike older or the same age in the show if he is older maybe they can try to get spike to help them with the dragons

The location of the Orange Hive has yet to be revealed, and at this point I have no particular need to pin it down, so it could be out that way. I'm surprised that you didn't name the queen though.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

I actually couldn't think of a name. I was tempted to give her Parva, but I felt it better to be left unnamed, plus different AU's anyway.

I had a lot of fun writing that sequence. :pinkiehappy:
Looks good as always, Zol. :pinkiesmile:

does anyone else feel.........


But in all honesty good chapter

this reminds me of one of my favorites, "shifting melodies" where different colors of Changelings had different favorite emotions.
Red and Yellow like honor and courage, Pink liked Happiness (and were as weird as Pinkie Pie) and Violet liked...Lust!

β€œI bet you're wondering why we have farms and such, huh?” He answered before she even asked. β€œIt's mainly for military purposes, but some griffs have become lazy and prefer to not hunt their own food. So we keep prey animals on a farm. Well, not a farm per say, more like tamed wilderness.” Gleam shrugged some as he glanced back at Cinder.

this reminds me of a recent story by Estee, where griffins were "farming" dangerous monsters for other griffins to hunt later...

Scope reminds me of "Scope Lens", a changeling in one of my favorite stories, "shifting melodies". yes, she's also a Changeling.

Huh, Guess my stories are still being read. I should work on them...

I had read Goldfur's and Blissy1's stuff before making my own hive, Both of them had different hives who favored different emotions. Goldfur even went on to create hives in different parts, like with griffins and dragons. Although mine took on more of their aspects. Like Hippogriff bugs and Drakelings. The Ruby Hive's favored emotion was that feeling you get for being recognized for your deeds. Admiration, and such.

Scope, I actually based off of Hawk Eye from Marvel's universe. Long sight, favored ranged attacks, etc. He just eventually became this stoic soldier type.

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