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Blue Jay, a Pegasus fan of the Wonderbolts, attends a show in Vanhoover and is amazed by it! Then, as if the day couldn't get any better, by a twist of fate she gets the chance to not only meet the Wonderbolts, but also have dinner with them!"

Set in Calm Wind's Wonderverse
Specifically, it takes place after chapter 10 of "Flying Sky High," I strongly suggest that you read that one before this.

Thanks to Witching Hour, Sylvian, and Zoljen for their advice and help with this.

Chapters (3)
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Will read tomorrow :)

I like it so far, Dest! Can't wait to see where this goes! :pinkiehappy:

Good story, also noticed a typo.

but only one opportunity to listen to a fan’s story.”

Near the end of the chapter. But otherwise very good.

6829104 Gah, thank you for catching that. Got it fixed already.

Filly!Witch is far too much fun to write for. :pinkiehappy: I'm happy to have helped you out Dest!

6877803 It was fun interacting with filly Witch as well. Thanks again for the help.

I'm not sure I ever saw the notification that you were planning to read it. Or if I did, I responded in my head and it never made it to the website. I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoyed reading Quiet Conversation.
I do realize it's been a while since you commented, but I'm not sure I ever saw a notification for it. Still, better late than never right? XD

“Tea, Earl grey, hot.”

have I found yet another Trekkie?

Indeed you have. Plus there's only one way to order that kind of tea. ^_^

Thank you ^^
Glad you find it cute.

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