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"There’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory." - Optimus Prime


Airsoft OPLC · 6:39pm Oct 5th, 2020

So there was an event this past weekend; Operation Lion Claw: Total War. It was officially a three day event even though Friday evening was largely uneventful except for a night op game that went poorly for my team of 8.

Ok so this is how it went...

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XXIII - Fifty Watchers! · 6:23pm Feb 23rd, 2018

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a little blog for this little milestone for me. Some may not think Fifty Watchers is a bid deal or anything, and it's not really. But for me that is fifty people who read my stories! It makes me smile knowing that people enjoyed my stories enough to press that watch button.

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Userame Change Notification. · 7:11pm Dec 14th, 2017

Hey guys if your wondering why I changed my username it's because I've always liked this name better. Olakaan is my primary OC, I mean that's him in that profile picture of mine.


Dovah Vahlok --> Olakaan Peliik

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Update #21 · 10:59pm Oct 17th, 2017

I honestly don't have a lot to talk about right now. I'm working construction, I have no money, going to pre-college classes, and I'm still alone. Not particularly eventful.

My stories are going okay as far as I can tell. I wish I could get more comments but I did ask for everyone to keep it to themselves if they notice an error. So whatever. My niece's party is actually this weekend, I got her a Rainbow Dash plush, and the soundtrack to the My Little Pony Movie. Good uncle points!

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Flames V.2 · 11:39pm Jun 5th, 2017

While Strider V.2 has been completed, Flames goes into the V.2 process.

Flames has been put into Hiatus status, and will be edited. New things will be added, old things will be removed. Once I am done I will be returning it to “Incomplete”, and the story will continue.

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Strider V.2 · 8:47pm May 22nd, 2017

Just so everyone knows if you see a


in the Author Note at the end of a chapter in Strider. That means it's been through it's final editing and WILL NOT receive further changes. It is the final version and is 100% complete. If you see an error. Suck it up I'm not editing this again. Until all the current chapters all have a V.2 in the Author Note, and I'm sorry to do this, Strider will be on hold.

Don't like it? Talk to the people who kept pointing out errors.

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Updating the blog, again. · 4:59pm Apr 4th, 2017

So yeah, again so particular reason for this one just trying to keep up with it. I figure one a month sould sufice.

So I have manny things in the works folder right now; Strider, Flames, Lessons, F.O.EQ Pack, Sentinals of Alterra, and at least one more that im just kinda poking with a stick.

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Another Random Update · 3:15am Feb 21st, 2017

So yeah there is no particular reason for this one, but.......

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Before Bed Update. · 6:21am Jan 19th, 2017

Okay okay. I'm kinda on this stuff called Valerian Root, it's this really good legal natural muscle relaxer. So my fingers feel weird typing this right now.

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Late Night Update · 7:20am Jan 8th, 2017

Anyone want the scoop on how things are on my end of the line? No? Too bad your getting it anyway.

I'm working at as a Parking Attendant fourth season doing the job. owns Snow Summit and our sister resort .

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