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Flames - Olakaan Peliik

Coming to the ponylands: Not Planned. Being an ambassador for dragon kind: Not Planned. Finding a better place to live where my sister would be safe: Planned.

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XII - Parties & Reunions

One day away from Kii’s hatchday party. Kii was supposed to invite a few friends from her school. She thinks it’s gonna be a little get-together kind of thing, but Pinkie Pie and Spike showed up while Kii was at school today with everything planned out. We were sitting in the living room having some hot cocoa. I had purchased a few cookbooks and had taken to learning all I could. So far, I hadn’t burned the kitchen down, so I suppose I was making progress.

“We will even have a large barbecue where you as the hatchday girl’s brother can cook everypony’s food,” Spike said enthusiastically.

I was looking over Pinkie Pie’s “Grand Plan.” She had a five layer Chocolate Cake with a large five-shaped candle put on top. There was also a piñata, gift table nearby where the cake would sit, snack table with punch and tea for everypony/dragon to snack on, and a bounce house.

I looked up at Spike and Pinkie Pie. “Not that I’m worried about affording all of this, I was just thinking it will be a bit much for one youngling and a few fillies.”

“Nonsense, silly. It’s fun! You can never have too much fun!” Pinkie beamed, with a smile a mile wide.

“If you say so,” I said, pushing the plans back over to them. “You think you can set all this up in the time Kii is in school tomorrow?”

“We sure can,” Spike said, nodding his head.

“Very well. Spike, if you need a place to stay while in Canterlot, my guest room is open to you,” I offered.

Spike shook his head and held up a claw. “No, thank you. Celestia was kind enough to accommodate us for the few days. Thanks for the offer though.”

I stood from my seat. “Okay. I guess I’ll see you both tomorrow then?”

“You sure will!” Pinkie chirped as she and Spike bounced out of the house, waving goodbye.

It had to be Kii jumping on my bed at this hour. “Big brother! Big Brother! Wake up! I wanna start learning to fly!” she shouted right in my ear.

I shifted out from under my blankets. I flung the blankets off of me to stretch. “I don’t think today is the day to start that. Tomorrow though will be an excellent day for it. We’ll start then.”

“Aww,” she groaned disappointedly.

I hopped off the bed and started my trek downstairs. I looked at the thermometer by the front door that told me the outside temperature, it was cold. “Hmm. I’d say it’s a good time for your first hatchday present.”

She followed. “First? How many did you get me?”

“I’m not telling. You want grilled cheese for breakfast?”

“Yes please!” Kii chirped, hopping up onto a chair.

I set myself to work making her breakfast. In one of the cookbooks, it instructed me to have some creativity with the things I made. I figured grilled cheese was no different. I got the pan out onto the stove and turned the flame on. Bread and the cheese went onto the counter and out came the cheese grater. Retrieving two slices of bread I buttered one side of each. I grated the cheese until I had enough to finish what I was doing. I put a light amount of cheese on the buttered sides of the bread and put them on the now really hot pan.

“Is it weird that I like the sound of burning things?” I asked my sister.

“Well, my teacher of Magical Creatures Inkwell would describe you as a Fire Class Creature, belonging to the Phoenix class of Elementals,” Kii replied after a moment of thought.

“I feel like ‘Elemental’ should be reserved for creatures like Phoenixes, Golems, and Thunderbirds,” I answered. “You know, things that are actually made of their Spirit-given element.”

“She actually said that the only creatures that have the title of elemental are the ones that define the category,” Kii answered. She sounded proud of herself for being able to recite such an important fact.

“And you being a magic dragon, what element class do you belong to?” I asked.

The cheese on the pan was about half melted now. I put the remaining cheese on the unbuttered side and put the second slice on top, unbuttered side down.

“I asked Celestia that, and she said that ‘Beings of magic belong to all the Elements,’” Kii said trying her best to sound like Celestia.

“That’s actually kinda cool,” I said. “Wait, but Pegasi would be of the Air Element class. How does that work?”

Kii shrugged. “She also said some blur the lines between the classes, like Unicorns and Pegasi.”

“Interesting.” Perhaps I should look into night classes or something to try and keep up with her.

Once the cheese was good and melted, I scraped the sandwiches off the pan and onto a plate. Putting it in front of Kii I wanted a grilled cheese myself now, but I had to go get Kii’s new cold weather clothes. “Eat up, I’ll be right back,” I said. She responded by nodding with a mouthful of food.

I made my way over to the coat closet that sat beneath the stairs. Didn’t have a use for it until now. Within was a large black coat, mine, and a smaller purple coat. I was happy I knew Needle and Forge. They were of help when in need of dragon clothing.

I returned to the kitchen to find Kii finishing her sandwich. “Look here,” I held her coat up.

“Oh, it’s pretty. What do I need it for?”

“It’s growing colder outside, this will help you stay warm.”

“Okay.” She put her coat on with some difficulty, accounting for the fact that she wasn’t used to clothes.

I started to put mine on as well. Her’s and mine were of similar design, mine was just bigger. The coat wrapped around my shoulders, chest, and stomach. I slipped my forelegs and wings through the allotted holes and buttoned it up along my belly. There was enough space to tuck my wings in the coat when not in use too. That was a nice feature. Oh, and pockets! I was ecstatic when Forge recommended them be added to the coat.

Kii needed to get to school so Pinkie and Spike could get to work. “Come on, you still have school.”

“Okay!” She ran upstairs. Not a moment later, she came back down with her school bag and ran outside ahead of me.

“Wait up!” I ran after her after closing the door.

Once Kii was in school I made my way back to the house. I took in the autumn sights as I walked. It was a beautiful time of the year. The Dragonlands had four colors, black, brown, red, and gray. Equestria had many more colors.

“Cool,” I said before turning the corner to my street. Catching sight of three dragons standing outside my house gave me pause. All three were Fire dragons like me, two female and one male. Wait a minute...I recognized them.

“Aleazh, Nikta, Nandak?!” I shouted out their names, hardly daring to believe it.

All three of them turned their heads my way. “Brother!” They ran at me and I ran at them and embraced them. I thought they were dead.

Aleazh, the first to hatch after me, was a ruby red color with a pink underbelly, emerald green eyes, and laid back spines like mine. Nikta, the smallest of us and the third to hatch from our clutch, had gray scales, white underbelly, golden eyes, and no spines. Nandak, my brother, and the last to hatch before Kii’s clutch looked very similar in build as I, though he was universally a tan color rather than brown, and his eyes were blue.

I was happy and confused at the same time. “What are you three doing here? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see you all, but I thought you were all dead!”

“We thought you and the egg were dead and destroyed!” Aleazh said rather loudly, looking ecstatic.

“Yeah, we only found out where you were when we got to Crater. The Enforcer Viing told us you were here,” Nandak told me.

“Remind me to thank him next time I head that way.” I hugged my lost siblings close, then a thought dawned on me. “Kii is gonna be so excited to hear it’s not just me anymore.”

“You named our baby sister ‘Kii’? Oh, I love her already!” Nikta gushed.

“Could we maybe go inside? It’s cold out here.” Aleazh said, shaking from a chill breeze.

“Oh, yes of course. Follow me.” I hurried up to the door of the house and opened it, letting my siblings in.

I set a fire in the fireplace as they each found a place on my furniture. “So what happened? After we ran into that horde of wyverns?” Nikta asked me.

“I ran. We agreed that Kii’s safety was a priority. But once I found a secure place I tried to find you. I even went back to where I lost you three and couldn’t find a trace.” I explained.

“We looked for you for months until we figured the wyverns or worse had gotten you,” Aleazh said, still smiling. I thought I saw tears in her eyes.

“Or a giant spider, or giant scorpions, or a basilisk, or a manticore!” Nandak listed.

“I get it. The Dragonlands are dangerous,” I stated. “I actually stayed close to smaller pockets of dragons for short periods of time and moved around a lot. That’s how I kept Kii alive. Up until five months ago that is,” I elaborated.

“Yeah, we heard you were some kind of big shot?” Nikta said as a question.

“You are looking at the Speaker of the Dragonlands,” I said with mixed feelings of embarrassment and pride.

“Ew, you’re a politician?” Nandak asked with pretend disgust.

“Yeah, yeah. Shut up, I needed to make sure Kii was safe. This was the best way to do that. Removing her from the Dragonlands entirely seemed like a good idea,” I said to defend my position.

Nikta and Nandak were both about to say something more when Aleazh held a claw up to stop them. “We aren’t judging your decision Krein, but if it’s all the same to you, we’d like to reconnect as a family.”

I nodded. “Well, you chose the right time to show up. Kii’s hatchday is today! Once Spike and Pinkie show up you can help set up.”

“You’ve made friends here?” Nikta asked as she shifted on the couch.

“A few. Now let me ask you three something,” I started. They waited for me to continue like soldiers waiting for an order. “Are you staying? In Equestria, I mean.”

“Do you not want us to stay?” Nandak asked like it was nothing.

“I do, I do. But not if you’re gonna be unhappy. I want you to make your own choices. I know Kii would be happy if you were nearby though.”

The three were silent for a long moment, looking at one another in uncertainty about what to do with my words.

“I wouldn’t mind exploring the world a bit,” Nandak spoke up. “I’ve just had an interest in what the mysteries of the horizon offer.”

Nikta put a caring claw on our brother’s. “How come you didn’t say anything to us?” she asked him.

“Because you needed me,” he admitted. “But now that we’re all together again, I just thought it would be nice to try new things.”

“Makes sense when you put it like that,” I agreed, sitting down finally.

“Well, I surely don’t know what I’d want to do if we go do separate things,” Nikta said, pouting. “Besides, all I’ll do while you are gone is worry.”

“I’ll be fine,” Nandak said, trying to be tough. But I was gonna make sure he was gonna be okay.

I pointed a claw at him. “Damn right you are. Because I’m gonna ask Viing to train you on how to fight like a real warrior. I want you to be at least prepared when you do go to leave. Deal?”

Nandak seemed surprised, but he nodded after a moment. “I can do that.”

I looked over to Aleazh and Nikta. “You two can have the guest rooms until you figure out what you want to do. Nandak you can sleep on the couch.”

Aleazh came over and sat next to me. “Thank you, brother. At the moment I just want to get to know my little sister.” She nudged me with a wing.

“Same here,” Nikta nodded in agreement.

Three knocks came from the door. “Spike and Pinkie must be here. Time to make this Hatchday special for our baby sister,” I said as I got up and went to the door.

I opened the door and received a faceful of confetti. Two familiar figures stood on the other side, both of them grinning widely.

“Spike, Pinkie Pie,” I smiled as I let them in. “Today just got a whole lot better.”

Clearing the backyard of the fallen leaves was easy with five firebreathers. We only lit the grass on fire twice. The afternoon sun had even graced us with its presence, warming up the air. Soon the bounce house, piñata, oddly large barbecue, and the tables were set up, Pinkie had even utilized her “Party Cannon” to set up even more decorations that landed perfectly in place somehow. Everything had come together nicely, I had even gift-wrapped the dragon spell books. Now all that was left to do was to go and get the hatchday girl.

“So what should we do?” Nikta interrupted my thoughts.

“I’d guess that the other guests will start arriving about a half hour after I get Kii. In that time, Kii can start to get to know you guys,” I explained.

Aleazh came over as well. “It’s a start. Go get our sister!” she said shoving me toward the door.

“Okay, okay,” Instead of going into the house I took to the sky. It’s faster. I wasted no time getting over to Celestia’s school.

As I approached I noticed Hex’s parents waiting in the front of the school. “Mace! Aqua! Good to see you again,” I called as I landed beside them.

“Ambassador, a pleasure!” Aqua smiled.

I sat down on the walkway beside them. “Will I be seeing you at Kii’s party later?”

“We aren’t ones to turn down perfectly good cake,” Mace answered.

I laughed a bit. “That’s a yes.”

“If you don’t mind we were just gonna head straight there, mind if we tag along?” Aqua Spice asked.

The bell rang and students began flooding out the doors. Magic level one teachers held the students in their classroom an extra few minutes to allow the rushing older students out first. Once the crowd had died down some, the younger students fled the school doors.

I watched Kii and Hex come out the doors at the same time. “Brother!” she ran up to me for a hug.

I embraced her. “How many of your friends did you invite?”

“I said something to the others, but I think it’s just gonna be Hex, her parents, you and me,” she said.

This being Canterlot I think a few will arrive, I thought. “Well, if they do come we’ll be ready, and if not, more food for us. Come on, I have another surprise waiting for you at home,” I stood and started in the direction of home.

“What is it?” Kii asked walking beside me.

“Still can’t tell you,” I said smiling as I walked.

“Please?” she asked running up beside me.


She hopped up trying to get in front of my face and failing. “Please?”


She gave me wide eyes and pouted. “Pretty please?”

I chuckled. “The physical appearance of the ‘please’ makes no difference, I still can’t tell you.”

She tried again. “Please?”

“Yes,” I said in a cheery voice.

“Really?” she asked excitedly

“No,” I laughed.

This went on until we were about halfway home. Once we arrived I turned Kii toward upstairs. “Kii why don’t you go put your stuff away in your room and meet me in the backyard.”

“Okay!” she ran up the stairs.

I hurried outside where my siblings were antagonizing each other. “Hey! She’s on her way out, pull yourselves together!” I yelled as quietly without roaring.

The three of them scrambled to their talons. “Sorry,” Nandak started. “That was my bad.”

“I don’t care right now,” I said hurrying over to the side. “When she comes out, smile and yell ‘Happy Hatchday’.”

“We know how to do this,” Aleazh said glaring at me.

“Well—” I caught sight of Kii in the corner of my eye.

When she emerged with Hex a few steps behind her, my siblings made as much noise as possible. “Happy Hatchday!”

Kii’s eyes went wide and she took a few steps back. “Krein!”

I hurried over to her. “It’s okay, they’re family.”

“Family?” she repeated and looked up at me. “I thought we were the only ones?”

“I thought so too, but they showed up after I dropped you off at school.” I started explaining as I guided Kii toward them. “They are my clutch siblings, we hatched in the same week. Which means they are your sisters and brother as well.”

Kii’s eyes lit up. “We have a bigger family?”

“Sure do,” Nandak started. “I’m Nandak, the brother that’s closest to you in age.”

“I’m your eldest sister Aleazh, first to hatch after Krein. The one next to me gushing with excitement is Nikta, the middle sibling,” Aleazh said pointing a claw to Nikta.

Kii didn’t wait any longer she ran up and hugged Nikta. Nikta picked Kii up and hugged her close. Aleazh and Nandak both joined in the group hug. I watched from the side.

Spike walked up beside me. “Are all dragons in the Dragonlands this emotionally soft like ponies?” he asked as a joke.

“Nope, just us,” I answered smiling at the sight before me. “And I wouldn't call us ‘emotionally soft’ just tight-knit.”

More ponies had shown up. Fancy Pants and Fleur, Snow, a small number of ponies from Kii’s class and at least one parent for each of them. Princess Cadance arrived as well, along with Captain Armor. Music was playing and I was almost ready to start the barbecue.

Shining Armor was standing off to the side keeping his eyes on Cadance’s movements through the party: she was currently entertaining some of the younger kids with funny faces. I approached carrying two ciders in a claw. “Cider?” I offered.

“One can’t hurt. Besides, I’m supposed to be off duty, and I doubt anyone here would be foolish enough to attack a hatchday party with four fully grown dragons attending,” Shining commented.

I nodded in agreement. “Who would want those injuries?” I asked with a smile as I opened my cider and took a swig.

“Not me that’s for sure,” he laughed. “Hey, there was another reason for Cadance and I coming here today.”

“And since she’s over there having fun, you’re over here doing business?” I asked.

Armor nodded. “Precisely. Princess Luna has a diplomatic trip scheduled for the day before the Gala to travel to Thicket. King Aspen has requested the presence of the Dragon Ambassador.”

I sighed. “Meaning me. I’ll be there, don't worry. Just send me the details and I’ll make sure I get there. In the meantime I’d like to enjoy the party without thinking of work.”

“Would be nice if I could do that,” Armor said taking a sip of his cider.

I laughed and went over to Aleazh and Nandak who were chatting with Mace and Aqua.

“...and then he tumbled down the hill face first into the pile of dung,” Aleazh laughed and Nandak was glaring straight ahead.

“Please get the food started so she’ll shut up,” Nandak pleaded.

“She telling the face-dung story again?” I inquired.

“Save me,” Nandak pleaded, burying his face into his claws to hide his burning cheeks.

“Come on Aleazh, I’m assuming you’re cooking has gotten even better than I remember? Let’s go cook some fire roasted vegetables and fish.”

Aleazh shot up and followed me. “You convinced me at ‘fire roasted.’” She caught sight of some seasoning I had brought out with me while setting up. “What’s all this?” she asked opening up a shaker of garlic powder and smelling it. She smiled at the scent.

“Smells good right?” I grinned.

“We’re using this, a lot of it.” She held it close. “What is this stuff?”

“Garlic Powder. But we have more ingredients to use than just that. Experiment a little,” I instructed.

She started opening each ingredient and smelling them as I lit the barbecue with my fire breath. “Okay, you know what, back off, I got this,” Aleazh stated waving me away.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Keep on stepping brother, you know I was always the best cook among us,” she said not looking up at me as she started to put the items on the grill.

“Okay, I trust you,” I said going back to the party.

“What happened over there?” Cadance asked as I walked past her Fleur, Fancy Pants and Snow.

“I got kicked off the grill,” I said plainly.

“You gonna stand for that?” Snow asked.

I glanced back at Aleazh “Yes, yes I am. My sister is more than capable over there by herself.”

The girls snickered to themselves. “Oui, I’m sure she is,” Fleur giggled. The mares all walked off in a small clique.

Fancy Pants smiled. “Mares rule the world,” he commented.

I shrugged and continued over to the bounce house where Kii and a few of her friends were, this included Pinkie Pie and Spike. “Kii? Mind coming out here a minute?”

I watched Kii bounce over to the entrance. “Yes?”

“Wanna open your presents before Aleazh gets the food ready?”

“Yeah!” She hopped off the entrance to the bounce house and over to the table of presents.

“Kii is gonna open her presents now!” I called out. Everydragon and pony gathered in a wide circle around the present table.

Hex galloped up to Kii. “Open mine first! It's the darkly wrapped one!”

I helped Kii get the present off the table and Kii didn't hesitate to tear the paper off. It was a small record player and radio with an alarm clock built in. I doubt Hex noticed the last part though.

“So you can start collecting mucic of you own instead of coming over to my house to listen all the time!” Hex beamed.

“I love it. Thank you!” Kii said, hugging her friend.

“Mine next! The small one with the hearts on it!” Cadance pointed, clapping her hooves like a little filly. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Shining Armor smiling and rolling his eyes.

Same as before I clawed it over to Kii and she ripped the paper off of it, revealing a black box containing a silver necklace featuring a purple dragon-eye pendant, just perfect to hang around Kii’s neck.

“I thought it looked nice,” Cadance admitted.

“It’s great Princess. Thank you.”

“Okay, okay, mine next,” I bumped in. Retrieving the stack of presents held together with ribbon. Setting it down in front of her she peered at it.

“Another one of the surprises you had for me?” Kii asked.

“Last one,” I stated. “And this one is not just from me.”

She removed the ribbon and started taking the wrapping paper off carefully revealing each spell book. She examined one of the spells in one of the books unable to read it but able to recognize the significance.

“These are spell books?” She asked looking up at me. I nodded. “What language is this?”

“Ancient Dragon. Olakaan included a translation guide,” I told her.

“I thought there were no other Magic Dragons?” Kii said more as a question than a comment.

“None living. These spell books are from the Magic dragons that came before you,” I explained.

She hopped up and hugged me. “I love them. Thank you, brother.”

I hugged her back. “For you Kii, anything.”

The party had winded down, and most of the guests had gone home, including Pinkie and Spike. Hex was permitted by her parents to stay the night since tomorrow is a weekend. Fancy Pants and Fleur had also stayed overtime. I watched from my seat on the couch as Hex and Kii told Nikta about their adventures at school.

“I think that you’ve shown much of the Canterlot Community tonight that ponies and dragons have much in common,” Fancy Pants started.

“And what would that be?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

He chuckled. “That we both like to party, for starters.”

“I suppose we do,” I said, looking back at my siblings and how happy they looked. The five of us are the last of our clan. We’d do anything to keep each other safe. Now that we are together again. I can’t help but feel like I’ve finally succeeded at keeping Kii safe. Now to keep them all safe and happy.

“Fancy Pants?” I asked.

“Yes, my friend?” He replied.

“Do you think you could help my sisters Aleazh and Nikta get on their talons. Work, or something? I know Aleazh likes to cook. Nikta is still in the air.” I asked.

Fancy Pants’ face turned to one of pondering. “I could ask around.”

“That is all I ask,” I nodded.

He stood and started toward the door. “In the meantime, good night Ambassador.”

“Goodnight, Fancy Pants,” I said as he exited my home.

I looked up at the clock. It was getting late and I had clean up tomorrow. “Don’t stay up too late, all of you,” I stood stretching. “I’m turning in for the night.”

“Wait!” Kii jumped over Nandak who was in the middle of the floor. She ran up to me and hugged me tightly. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said hugging her back. “Go easy on your brother and sisters, they aren't used to your tricks.”

“You’re no fun. Goodnight,” She shoved me toward the stairs.

“Goodnight everydragon, and pony,” I waved a wing.

“Goodnight,” they all called.

I went up the stairs, into my room and settled onto my bed. I could hear my family’s muffled laughter beneath me. I dozed off with a smile on my muzzle.

Author's Note:

Hey guys from here things are gonna get interesting for Krein. Stay tuned for Chapter 13: Double Trouble.


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