• Published 3rd Oct 2016
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Flames - Olakaan Peliik

Coming to the ponylands: Not Planned. Being an ambassador for dragon kind: Not Planned. Finding a better place to live where my sister would be safe: Planned.

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X - Enforcers

I flew quickly over Canterlot with Kii held in my arms. Once I landed in front of the Castle, I let Kii ride on my back. “Where are we going, big brother?” she asked.

“I need to speak to the Princesses,” I answered, entering Canterlot Castle. I showed my badge to everypony who needed to see it and made my way quickly to the main hall, entering as soon as the page nodded.

“Announcing Ambassador Krein of the—” I cut the announcer off.

“Princesses, I bring urgent news,” I said, quickly kneeling before the three Princesses. I also spotted Shining Armor standing in front of them, holding a stack of documents in his magic. “You may want to summon the Arabian delegates, for this involves them as well.”

Luna nodded to a guard standing near her, who quickly trotted off to find the delegates. “What is the matter Ambassador?”

I was about to speak but remembered Kii’s presence on my back. “If somepony would be kind enough to remove my sister from this. This is not for young ears,” I said.

“Of course,” Shining Armor started, turning to another guard. “Guard. Please escort the young dragon into the dining hall and get her a hot chocolate.”

The pony saluted his Captain before carrying out the order. As he made his way over to me, I lowered Kii off of my back. “Be good while I’m gone. I’ll be back in a few days.”

Kii pouted up at me with those hurt purple eyes. “You need to stop leaving. Promise me that this is the last time.”

“I promise that this will be the last time, for a while,” I told her as the guard started escorting her out. As she and the guard left the room, the Saddle Arabian delegates entered.

“What is the meaning of this summons?” one of the delegates asked. He was a tall brown earth pony stallion with white hair adorned in a bright gold halter and a saddle set decorated with the image of a crescent moon and star. His companion was a pale purple earth pony mare with flowing blue hair, dressed in similar clothing in shades of purple decorated with horseshoes.

I looked at them and told them straight. “Dragons are moving to attack Saddle Arabia. I was just informed of their departure by Lord Torch.” I realized that sounded wrong as soon as I said it.

“What? I thought your Lord wanted peace!” the delegate shouted in a tone of fury.

“He does! These are but a few dragons that hate ponies so much as to go against Lord Torch’s orders!” I defended.

“And what order would that be?” Celestia inquired.

I recalled one of my first meetings with Lord Torch and him telling me some of the laws he made. “Any dragon caught hurting any Equestrian, Zebra, or Griffon, unprovoked, and not in self-defence, will be branded.”

“‘Branded?’ What do you mean by that?” Luna asked.

“Branded a traitor,” I answered. “As far as I know it’s the harshest punishment a dragon can receive. Legends say it’s also a curse.”

“Legends?” Princess Cadence inquired.

“A brand has not been used or needed in a long time. No dragon alive has seen one, not even Lord Torch.” There was a pause. “I need to get moving If I am to catch these dragons before they do much damage.”

“How do you plan on catching them?” the other delegate inquired, tossing her mane.

“I have an idea,” I started. “But the longer I stand here answering questions, the more damage those dragons will do to your home.” I looked at the delegates who didn’t say anything more.

“Well, sounds like you need to get going,” Celestia said.

I turned to leave, but I had one last thing to say. “Princesses. If there is any way to warn them of the coming attack, please exercise that avenue.”

“We will see what we can do.” Celestia and Luna said in unison.

I hurried out of the castle and into the air. I had a pit stop to make before going to Saddle Arabia.

It took me the better part of the next day to get to the Dragonlands; the sun was already starting to set by the time I reached the docks. The biggest issue was that I couldn’t exactly carry three dragons back to Lord Torch by myself, so I decided to make a quick pit stop to get help. Flying in from over the sea, I could see that the two ships I had seen earlier were finished.

The first was seabound, the hull a dark ash gray, completely enclosed and sporting no sails. It was massive in size and length. Its edges were jagged like a glacier.

Its cousin was the airship. Black and red hull, lingering just above the other. Its bow was pointed and sharp like a spear. Its gas bladder and the hull were armored with dark metal.

How these first constructs of dragon ingenuity worked was a question best left for later. I could see Uthiik on the dock between the two ships directing where to put cargo.

He must have heard me coming in for a landing because he turned. “Krein, what brings you out here?” he asked.

“I need a team of battle ready dragons, and one of these two ships, whichever is faster,” I more or less demanded.

He looked at me with suspicion. “Why?’

“Lord Torch ordered me to apprehend three dragons that are attacking Saddle Arabia. I can't exactly do it alone. So I need more dragons to help me, and one of these ships to transport the prisoners, back here.”

“I see,” he nodded, realizing the urgency of my request. “The Malevolence is the fastest,” he pointed to the airship. “But it will take time to offload it again. I recommend that in the meantime, you take from our security team on ahead with you. The Malevolence will be hot on her way before long.”

“Excellent, where can I find your security team?”

“Southwestern corner of the city on the water’s edge. They should be training there today.” Uthiik pointed with a claw in the direction I needed to go.

I spread my wings. “Thank you,” I said just before lifting off the dock.

Finding the security team was not hard. If there was another group of approximately fifty dragons of various types, practicing full combat fighting, I didn’t see them. I landed and I noticed a pure white dragon male with feathered wings instead of the typical draconic wings, probably about the same age as me. He was moving through the groups observing. He was wearing a very fancy set of darkened steel draconic armor, without a helmet.

I approached him. “Are you in charge here?”

“I am.” It took a second for him to realize who I was, he had to look down at my mark. “Ah, Ambassador. Krein, right?” He gave a respectful bow, and I returned it. “My name is Viing. Any word on those teachers that are supposed to help me get these lizards into shape?” I noticed that his eyes are a bright red.

“I know not of that inquiry. I need your help,” I said.

“Far be it for me to deny the Speaker of Lord Torch some help. What is it you need?” he asked.

“Some dragons have attacked Saddle Arabia. I need help bringing them back to Lord Torch for sentencing,” I stated. “Any of these dragons ready for a fight?”

“Ha! Don’t make me laugh,” Viing snorted. “These layabouts couldn’t take on the weakest pony even if they wanted to. You want me and my half brothers and sisters for this. Most of us are hybrids, which means we don't have the same abilities as your average dragons.” He started leading me away from the large group.

I followed. “I know what a hybrid dragon is. I’ve met a fair few.”

“I doubt you've met hybrids like my brothers and sisters,” Viing said. “I’m the only purebred in the group, but I’m also the eldest.”

I found that interesting. A group of half related dragons that fight together as a unit. The dragons that arrive at this city are constantly surprising me. He lead me into a large stone building. From what I could tell, there were about eleven dragons here, including Viing.

All were Shadow dragon hybrids of various dragons types, Stone, Ice, Fire, Sea. They all wore the same armor to match. Most had helmets, except one, a dragon female with glossy black scales over the majority of her body. Her belly and underside of the tail are silver-scaled, as well as her feet, claws, and wingtips. She sat in the back of the structure reading a book, not paying any attention to her siblings. I’m not sure why I took note of her, but I did.

“We all are ready to go,” Viing stated. “My siblings and I have been itching for a fight lately.”

I pulled my attention back to my task. “Good. You’re running the fight as soon as we get there. I’m just to make sure the Saddle Arabians know we come to help.”

Viing gave me a questioning look. “But aren't you the one Lord Torch told to apprehend these dragons?”

“He never said how, and he is looking for an Enforcer,” I paused to let the information sink in. “If I nominate a warrior dragon like yourself, I need to know they can do the job.”

“Pretty sneaky for a politician,” Viing observed.

“So you think you can do it?” I inquired.

He nodded. “I know I can do it,” Viing turned to his brothers and sisters. “Time to fly, my siblings!”

Almost on cue, the family roared and started following Viing outside. I followed close behind, observing the miniature hoard. I also noticed the female that was reading the book did not join her kin. She barely looked up at all, even as I stared at her. Shrugging off the curiosity of that, I took wing with them.

Viing slowed his flight to allow me to catch up. “Ambassador, I trust you know the way to Saddle Arabia. You lead us there, and we’ll handle the rest.”

I nodded and took point, heading south across the ocean as the sun started to set. I had a good feeling about Viing. I was sure that he was the enforcer Lord Torch is looking for.

The sun was just under the east horizon, it had taken us all night to get this far. We had to be getting close now though. I could feel the heat in the air. Viing had filled his brothers and sisters in on the situation during the flight.

I had my sights on the horizon ahead, but my thoughts were with Kii. I needed to stop leaving to come back to the Dragonlands every time something happens. I needed to get a courier service going. Right, that’d be the first thing I’ll do, after I oversee this.

“Ambassador?” Viing called, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Yes?” I responded. I realized Viing and I were a bit farther ahead of his kin, out of earshot.

“Is it true that Lord Torch’s reign is nearing its end?” he inquired.

That was the first I’ve heard of it. “Rumors are little more than lies, my friend. Focus on the truth in front of you. We have traitors to catch,” I stated.

He pondered what I said. There was some silence between us before my curiosity got the better of me. “Who was that dragon back at your family’s den? The female reading the book?”

He sighed. “That is our youngest sibling, Niirah.”

“You sound disappointed,” I observed.

“I shouldn’t bother with my family issues,” he deflected, refusing to look at me.

“Hey, my baby sister is a magic dragon, studying healing magic. So if anydragon is going to understand it’s going to be me.” I pressed. I wasn't concerned about dragons knowing about Kii anymore since they likely didn’t care about her magical abilities.

Viing hesitated. “She’s just different from the rest of us. And we only found her a few years ago. We didn’t grow up together, so she still doesn't trust the majority of us.”

“Why the distrust?” I inquired further.

“Because the father she grew up with, wasn't exactly what I'd call the most level headed dragon.”

Hatchling abuse? This was obviously a sensitive subject for him. “Who does she trust?” I asked.

“Well, not me,” Viing huffed. “But some of my other sisters she’ll talk to, hesitantly, but it’s a start.”

“Well, at least you're trying. Not many can say that.”

“You can. How was it raising a magic dragon anyway?” he inquired with a chuckle.

“Not that bad, after I got used to occasionally waking up on the ceiling,” I laughed. Viing laughed too.

Our conversation was interrupted by one of the others. “Land dead ahead!” Viing and I looked ahead and sure enough, a column of smoke was rising from the horizon ahead, and I heard a distant bellowing.

“Looks like we're late to the party!” Viing called, falling back into the lead of his family. “Form up, tight formation! We’re taking these ones alive!” He looked to me.

“You may attack the rogues when ready Enforcer!” I told him.

Viing roared, provoking his brothers and sisters to roar with him. They flew hard toward battle. I, however, broke right and made my approach to the citywide. Coming in I could see pony soldiers holding up a magical barrier. The Princesses must have sent their aid on ahead as defense.

I landed and approached the barrier as Viing and his kin got the rogue dragons attention. “I am Speaker Krein of the Dragonlands. We’ve come to apprehend the rogues,” I announced.

A pony lieutenant approached from the other side of the barrier. “Princesses Luna and Celestia said you’d be coming. But you’ll excuse us if we don’t let you past the barrier. The Saddle Arabians are a little shaken by this attack.”

“I understand that the Saddle Arabians don't trust us, and they have reason not to,” I started. “I merely wanted to apologize to their leader, on behalf of Lord Torch.”

“You can do it from that side of the barrier. We’ll go find him,” one of the soldiers said.

As I waited, I watched the battle. There were indeed three rogue dragons. A fire dragon, a Sea Dragon, and a fairly large Frost Dragon. I watched as the first to go down was the Sea Dragon; he was dragged out of the water by a pair of Sea Hybrids and hit with a blast of ice from another one of Viing’s siblings to immobilize him. They laid the sea dragon the beach and froze him to the wet ground.

Once that was done they refocused on the two remaining rouges. The Fire dragon put up more of a fight but was no match for the Fire hybrid, Stone hybrid, and Frost Hybrid he was fighting. Viing’s Stone Hybrid sibling did a flip mid-air and forced her tail down onto the Fire dragon’s skull. Dazed and disoriented he couldn't maintain flight and fell to the beach below. Once on the ground, the Stone Hybrid made sure he was knocked unconscious before joining in bringing down the Frost Dragon.

“I’ll bring you all to Tartarus with me!” the frost dragon roared as she took blow after blow from Viing and his siblings. She was dishing out a few good blows herself, but the superior numbers she was facing and her lack of armor left her at a serious disadvantage.

Viing roared something over the commotion and they all started circling the Rouge. Altogether the family roared their loudest. I had to cover my ears and all the ponies holding up the barrier did the same. The Frost Dragon fell out of the air after a few seconds of being exposed to ten sonic attacks.

I was rubbing my ears, trying to get the ringing out when Viing landed near me. “You okay?” I heard him say through the ringing.

“Yeah!” I shouted.

He waved a claw at me. “No need to shout. Just wait a little bit. The ringing should go away in a minute.”

I just nodded and waited as instructed. I watched as Viing requested chains from the ponies and he started chaining the three dragons together. These dragons were definitely old enough to know what happens when you break a dragon lord’s law like this, and I know that dragons can be stubborn to change, but this is a bit extreme.

My hearing returned to normal, and the ponies lowered the barrier but we were asked to remain on the beach. So we did and watched the dragons while we waited for the Malevolence to get here. After almost a half hour, it appeared over the horizon and a few of Viing’s siblings went to guide them in. I was also still awaiting whoever lead the Saddle Arabians.

“Ambassador?” I heard a pony ask me. I turned to see a soldier pony, and a very important looking Saddle Arabian followed by an entourage. “My I introduce the Emir of Saddle Arabia, Abrar.”

I bowed. Viing and his family did the same. “Speak,” Abrar said looking down his muzzle at me. He was a unicorn, much taller than most ponies I’d met, with a bright gold coat and a long brown beard, wearing a fancy tasseled halter.

I remained in my submissive stance. “I want to apologize for these three dragons’ behavior. As soon as our ship arrives we will board with them and upon our return to the Dragonlands, they will be punished.”

He said nothing and looked us over. He walked around me and among Viing, his family, and the captured dragons. When he finally came back over to me he spoke again in his accent. “Next time one of your kind come to our lands, I expect them to be aboard a ship, Ambassador,” he said sternly, turned to leave. “Oh, and preferably without hostile intent.”

I could hear the Malevolence approaching. “Yes, thank you, Emir.”

Once he was gone I stood and went over to Viing. “Bowing to ponies. Never thought I’d be doing that,” he admitted with a note of bitterness.

“It might happen every once in awhile, if we’re going to be allies,” I commented. I watched the Malevolence descend into the shallow water, and open her cargo ramp. “Let’s load these three up and get out of here. What d’ya say?”

Viing nodded. “Indeed.” He looked to his siblings beside him. “Come on, let’s get these sorry excuses for dragons loaded up and back to Lord Torch.”

I boarded the Malevolence to find it surprisingly spacious. It had more than enough cabins to hold of its crew and all of us. I made my way to the upper deck to find the ship’s helms dragon. He was a Sea Dragon, which struck me as a little odd since this was an airship.

“I take it you know the way back home?” I inquired.

“Yes, Ambassador. I have an impeccable sense of direction,” he said proudly.

“Once were loaded let’s get underway.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Is there anyplace I can rest?” I needed it. Two days of no sleep.

“Just pick a room below deck. We’ll wake you when we get close.”

I nodded. “Thank you. Viing is in command for now.”

“Understood,” he chirped as I went back below deck.

I picked a room and flopped down onto one of the two crude beds. I was about to fall asleep when Viing walked in.

“Don’t mind a bunk buddy do ya?” he asked jokingly rolling into the other bed.

I kept my eyes closed. “You know you're in charge of the ship right now right?”

“Yup. I got three off my siblings on the first watch. They’ll wake me when it’s my turn.” I heard him moving in his bed.

I rolled over. “The prisoners secure?”

“Yes. They had some extra chains in the brig, we used them to ensure the rogues couldn't get out.”

I opened one eye to look at him. “We have a brig?”

“That is exactly what I said,” he shrugged from his bed, and he fell silent, and quickly fell asleep. I was not far behind him.

Author's Note:

This chapter is called "Enforcers". Excluding Niirah, there are 10 of them. 10 enforcers, chapter 10. I tell you now, I did NOT do that on purpose!


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