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I am no longer a brony, but I'll continue writing for this website, not for the topic, but because I like to write. My name is Clifford Anthony-Michael Eliseuson.


Attention Everyone. Please Read This For Information on What I Plan To Do · 2:40pm Dec 23rd, 2014

People who still follow me, of the Brony/Pegasister community, please understand what I have to say.

I am no longer a brony, I have given up on this way of life.

What I haven't given up on, is my way as an author. And an author never gives up on something he believes will make people happy.

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Comment posted by Xecution deleted Jul 13th, 2014

938511 its okay man, all water under the bridge:eeyup: I'm almost done with the first chapter and it should be up by the 21st at the earliest:scootangel:

I am so sorry now I remember your name i am so embarrassed by this I really really am sorry I just have so many people I help out I forget some sometimes

800991 its okay, my mom doesn't hate you for it. you actually made her see a little better. She still likes you and understood where you're coming from. she just doesn't like that I was talking to you-know-who

Sorry for making things worse for you. I know I bucked everything... I wish I knew how to undo it all. :applecry::fluttercry:

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