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(2014) Someday. Somehow. Someone. Something. Somewhat.

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The entity you speak of, Nopony, is a hammock, and hammock is I...check mate

944516 I bow to nopony!.... Err... *slaps on a "Nopony" tag on a crappy OC and bows to it*

...This is acceptable, but bowing to me is bowing to all, the beauty of Celestia's mane, the power of Discord's mind, or even the mystery of Pinkie's...well Pinkie...:derpytongue2:

942196 I bow to nopony!... I'll give you a bow instead. *hooves over a wooden bow*

Fony sent me, I like him and he likes you, also I feel like you deserve to have more followers for literally no reason, I like the fact that we have little in common other than pony stories...so...BOW TO YOUR HAMMOCK LORD.:flutterrage:

941897 Well lets hope you don't call him Tentacles..

941891 Te hmmm i will guess it :trollestia:

941743 Daym it Te- *cough* FonyPan...

  • Viewing 34 - 43 of 43
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