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I am no longer a brony, but I'll continue writing for this website, not for the topic, but because I like to write. My name is Clifford Anthony-Michael Eliseuson.

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Professional reporter, Deep Scoop, has finaly made it into the MLP Studios, where they air the Equestrian reality show known as My Little Pony: Frindship is Magic, a show so powerful, it has convinced millions of ponies that everything in it is real.

His job: to find the true secrets of the show. What's True and What's not? Is there really a unicorn who magically became a princess from solving an uncompleted spell? Are the Elements of Harmony real? How does all this tie in with their world? What dark secrets are waiting for him below the surface of the happy, smily and semi-violent television show?

(I will be adding tags as the story progresses)

Chapters (2)

Diamond Tiara has bullied the CMC for years. But what happens when she realizes that what she did was wrong? She goes on an adventure to the Crystal Empire with a few unlikely partners. Eventually, something goes terribly wrong (as it does in every story like this) and she learns more about the truth about her life.

Twists and turns in litterally every chapter! Also some mixture of sad and comedy, but I can't tag that for some reason. I will add more character tags as the story goes on.

Chapters (1)

Dawn Shine just got into CSFGU, or Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. A very high rated, and very racist, academy that her mother, Twilight Sparkle, went to as a filly. But she's there to teach, not to get taught.

Can she survive? Will the haunting memory of her recently deceased true love come back to her? Will she meet someone else? Why am I asking you?

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Sweetie Belle has been married for five years and has a daughter of seven. Her Husband, Lucky Charme, isn't the most normal, seeing as to how he needs love to survive.

When their daughter, Sweet Melody, asks how they met, and why she can't go to school, Lucky divulges the whole story.

Chapters (5)

Dusk Cloud has been living in Equestria for well over six or seven human years, has three wonderful fillys (Sparx, Dawn, and Pyro), and is married to the mare of his dreams: Twilight Sparkle. Five years before the happenings of this story Dusk appears from Earth, marries Twilight, and saves his son from an evil group of ponies.

Very shocking twists to the previous story. More background information, too.

Sequel to: The Cloud of Dusk

Chapters (9)

Dusk Cloud was just a normal human, minus the fact he was paraplegic. one day, he fell and died a terrible death... he smashed his face on a shower faucet . He wakes up in Twilight Sparkle's bed, and doesn't remember a thing. He ends up falling in love with her, but will she love him back?

Chapters (11)