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Deadpool has found himself in Equestria. He isn't very happy about being in a place that's too happy, but he is trying to fit in with everypony. He makes friends and enemies, and confuses the hell out of everything. Will he be able to find a way home?Will he be stuck there? And if so, will he be a good citizen, or bring about the end of Equestria as we know it?

"You know, I don't do that to EVERYWHERE I go, you didn't have to mention that. You're lucky you're safe behind your little laptop screen or wherever the hell you're using this from. If you destroy my image completely in here, I will not hesitate to strangle ya through the-"

Do you wish for a story or not?


So let it be said... so let it... be done.

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This could either go really well...

...or fail miserably.
Either way, I'll be watching.

Try not to use the "fourth wall" card TOO much. It gets annoying when used constantly.

Othr than that, it was FANTASTIC!!!:pinkiehappy:

Could you change the Yellow color. I can't read shit with that.:ajbemused:

That rosebud bit cracked me up.

Okay, I'm not used to Deadpool, but this looks promising

Yeah, the one thing I'd say is to change the color from yellow to something more legible.

...Feedback... on a large scale... in a matter of hours... what an unfamiliar feeling...

I like it.:yay:

I hope you lose 20 minutes of your life watching a Deadpool cosplayer running around in public, because that's what you made me do! :raritycry:

lol "rosebud... i wander where thats from but keep going and don't foget about the recluse


If you're gonna post a reply to a Deadpool comment, make sure it had something to do with Deadpool. Like this.


You remember my other one! :pinkiehappy:

EH?! You said deadpool comment
Nikolai: ownd

But come on the ' how to kill Slenderman is funny and awesome

good work this is almost as good as the recluse and deadpool is a vigilante

1439564 It had turned from a Deadpool Comment thing to a Slender Comment thing. And yes, Slender Death is funny. That much is true. You're okay.

1439618 Thanks for the contribution.

1439419 1439427
Oh yea? Two can play at this game!

... Ah, I got nothing! :raritydespair:

*Puts Live Night a note*

Dear Live ........ upon seening your fic i concluded that it needs romance between Deadpool and Pinkie , thank you .......... AND HELP ME DEADPOOL HAS A GUN IN MY HE- "Blood splater"

From yours truly Deadpool WiseFree


Wh- damn. Another good reader down. I guess I should honour his last wish.:fluttercry:

* A letter slams Lives face*

Dear Live ...... I managed to survive the gunshot in my head! Now i know how it feels the Courier after been shot by Benny hurrr , so anyway i like say my thanks to you. ....... And for another news , it appear an Evil Mare OC of mine managed to enter your fan fic and it plans to kill Pinkie and Applejack for some personal reason , im going to give you a quick detail from her : Shes a Unicorn with the same body build of Flour ( the supermodel pony) , her body color is noir black with grey mane with a switch knife has Cutie Mark. BEWARE she can can read the chat boxes! And rumored cannibal.

From your well alive friend, WiseFree.

PS. Yellow box was the one who ate the cookie jar last Tuesday i saw it.

LOL 1445349 KEEP UP THE FUNNY WORK DEADPOOL, PINKIE PIE, AND AUTHOR :rainbowlaugh::trollestia::moustache:

1445846 Okie-Dokie-Lokie! :pinkiehappy:

1445349 *Is letter-faced* Ow. De ja vu. What's this... *Reads*

Not if I have anything to say about it. ...Well... I don't... what do I do, do I document her stalking Pinkie and Deadpool in the castle, or do I respond with a humorous comment? If it's the latter,

She can't kill anypony. She needs the code to activate gore in this fic, and that code is... .... ... ...erm... uh... I forget... :twistnerd:

I'll remember some time! Until then, I'll deploy my gore-code guard... Patrick Bateman.



*a tiny code falls from the same letter*


1445949 It's all going... ACCORDING TO PLAN.

*Insert random musical number from a good movie*

I have a reason to include classic Deadpool violence! ...And... incidentally... a reason to include your OC Mare as an antagonist... ...Which... I'm still not sure if that's what you want me to do... if it is... I have no problem. Whatever makes the story interesting...

...But seriously. I don't know if that's what you wanted, or you were making a joke that turned out to have been a fun adventure for us...


EDIT: I made the video an image link. -.- And I'm not sure if the video link I edited in is working.


Yea the Link works.

Yes My Evil Mare OC is so mutch evil that she could be the faithfull student of Discord!
Oh and her name is MiseLock.

lol love it but why the video and the awkward leave off on y she has a score to settle with :pinkiehappy:


All our undead commenter told us was that she had a score to settle with Pinkie and/or Applejack. Didn't say why. So, I fail to think up a reason that doesn't sound ridiculous, and instead, give you a good reason. Because she was on Rainbow Tylenol.

That, and that was what was going through Deadpool's head. Tank you veddy much for your contribution to my explanation.

Now to work on the 22nd chapter to The Recluse.

1451540 Actually, this is. And this was found on a Doctor Who soundtrack video (Of which the full story I copied and pasted on my latest blog because I was bored.)

"Oh yea, to anyone confused by the last couple comments, you have been invaded by bronies. Good day."

But thank you for that complimenting comment. It was very... complimentary. :coolphoto:

He...... he cutted her horn......... her horn..........SWEET MOTHER OF EASTER!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU HAVE DOOM US BOTH!!!
*hides in a barrel* Wyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ !?!?!?!!? Wy did you mess with a Changeling Pony Hybrid !!!!!! SHES PROVABLY CHRYSALIS DAUGHTER!!!

Here take this! *throws out of the barrel a notebook that has a peace of MiseLock´s Diary*

" She will pay with her live ...... Pinkie will pay for breaking my Magical Mirror.......Applejack will pay for stealing my love
..... they .......will......PAY IN BLOOD"

*from the Barrel* WERE DOOMED DOOD!!!! And by the way I can has Rarity´s doll if he doesnt want it. :rainbowkiss:

1451570 Psycho-Unicorn + Horn being broken = Problem extinguished.

Changeling Pony Hybrid: May be used in a time where I can make it make sense.

Probably Chrysalis' Daughter: Note the 'Probably.'

Barrel: BARRELZ! fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/053/d/3/pewdiepie_barrel_throw_version_1_by_rogenuchiha-d4qnxon.png

Reasons for killing Earth Ponies: Will treat as delusions and hate towards Earth-Ponies in general. Is my fic.


Doll: Sure, here you go, here's the doll. *Gives Butchered Rarity Doll*

You're my favourite customer.



*takes the doll and starts stiching it* Poor Rarity~ *then hugs it*

For those who don't know what this is :pinkiehappy:

[And sleep with me, come on why don't you sleep with me, shut up, and-]


1451670 Which came from a song by Sin and Sebastian. And good to know someone has good taste.


EDIT: And if no-one's still sure, and people think we're weird people... look up PewDiePie. We will not be responsible for you dying from laughter.

Thirdly, TASTE THE RAINBOW... despite me not having a rainbow cannon. Four, Nein, nein, nein, nein, nein

Hitler + Skittles
Everyday I'm commenting :rainbowlaugh:

1456952 I do believe that the Skittles thing was 'Touch The Rainbow.'

I got Taste The Rainbow from this,

Although maybe they got Taste for the advert too.

And the Nein Nein Nein was a reference to the video I placed in the 4th chapter. Still. Comedy apparently did its job.

Everyday I'm saying too much and sucking the fun out of everything.:pinkiesad2:

So now I have become this...


What's wrong with me!? :raritydespair:

Touch the rainbow
Taste the Rainbow!!

Oh and


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