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Every time you read one of my stories, an orphan is allowed to be happy. Do it for the orphans.


For over five-hundred years, The Pinion has been Equestria's premier news source. From Sombra's bloody enslavement of the Breezies to Nightmare Moon's personal preference for lingerie, no story is too big or too small to escape our notice.

Now you can see for yourself what makes this publication the best in Equestria.

Midnight Blaze, Editor in Chief
King of Beggars, Correspondent
PegasusMesa, Correspondent
Magello, Graphic Artist

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In the words of The Authroity, it's best for business.


I should retag this as "Dark" for how real it's getting.



Shit, I just got an idea. Need a co author? :rainbowkiss:

:rainbowlaugh:"fluffy white party popper" is bad enough but from fluttershy?:flutterrage: oh my sides

You've got it all wrong: clearly it was Chrysalis who enslaved the Breezies. Duh. :trollestia:

Great concept, though. I crack up just looking at the headlines.

You want Fluttershy? For ten bits, I’ll turn into Fluttershy. For twenty, I’ll even act like her.”

Valen Machina: I know where Im going for my birthday.
Me: I shall join you.
Valen Machina: You can't you're married.
Me: ... fuck

*Born in California, moved to Massachusetts*

... Fuck.

They hate the way we talk

I just can't imagine why.
*bites steak*

I shuold have ordered a diffrent cut.

Okay, I hated the last chapter with Rarity, Twilight, and Spike, but honestly, this was pretty funny.

Comment posted by SgtFrog deleted Feb 14th, 2015

Bwahahaha! God is this cool.

Can't stop laughing :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

I still try to imagine a Goth-Twilight... :pinkiehappy: :twilightblush:

And besides boys will be... err ... hold.... fillies will be fillies I mean :applecry: :scootangel: :unsuresweetie:

Princess Twilight Sparkle Declares Herself "Queen Of The Motherfucking Morons"

Yes. I already know this is gonna be a favourite.

Soooo, did Diamond Tiara lose interest in this? Im going to assume so.

"The darkness of the afterlife is all that awaits you now. May you find more peace in that world than you found in this one..." - Fallout 1


Nah, it isn't. I didn't even know that was a thing Tara said.

Princess Luna
Tomatoes are fruit, not vegetables.

As to why Luna gets nicer coverage than Celestia. Everyone has to sleep. Not everyone has to have nice dreams.

7442641 paranoia is good sometimes in a way sometimes I just did not like Dreaming

Finished the princess, “And maybe a teenth..”

What's a teenth?

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