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My name is Nortes. I'm the owner of Spitfire Films.

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I just finished season 2, best....night.....ever.....

1344993 that sounds epic. I hope the story gets better from where I'm at. I'm at the part were they are packing up carts to leave and granny smith is staying behind.

Also, I'm very anxious to learn more about the secrets of 'Secret'.

1344881 The are indeed regular ponies. The unicorns use their magic to levitate the weapons. The pegasi would fly around so they could hold their weapons, but that still limits their movement. The earth ponies merely have to not move at all to use a weapon correctly. That is why Applejack uses a sniper. As for Secret, he's a "complete action hero awesomeness Michael Bay killer", so he moves around quicker with barrel rolls and stuff.

I only got to chapter 6 of your first story, but with the ponies having the ability to use weapons while moving makes me think of them as Anthro ponies (Anthro means human). I just wanted to know what you pictured them looking like as you wrote the story.

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My Little Season: Friendship is Four · 1:07am May 14th, 2015

Oh, haha Nortes. You're not funny.


Ahem...well, I have finished Season 3 of My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead today. With a 4K+ word final chapter. Which is, by far, my best work yet.

And yet, it's not over yet. We still have more to come.
SEASON 4. Where the ponies go off to defeat the one behind it all. To stop this curse placed upon Equestria.

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