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Twilight finally discovers the reason for Pinkie Pie's randomness from a very chaotic source.

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Genius! Pure genius!:rainbowlaugh:

Not the most original idea, but it's done well and was quite funny.

Needs a bit of expansion, but it's a good start. No fat on this story.

I took the liberty to read this story and convert it into audio format. Hope you don't mind ^^

7047229 Of course I don't mind :twilightsmile:.

7049833 Glad you don't ^^ Hope you like it. BTW, I love the concept of Discord being related to Pinkie in some way.

Slapstick isn't as funny in written form.

I've read another story with the same idea. In it Pinkie's mother is a Discord's niece trying to forget who she really is by living as a pony. Hardly any slapstick, some drama, no Cheese Sandwich. Including him was a good idea.

There is no reason for Twilight to level the town. This story deserves a better ending.

7058050 Well I suppose blowing up the town may have been a bit extreme :twilightsheepish:.

7059163 It looked like you've ran out of jokes. Not quite as bad as killing characters for no reason, at least.

LOL Bahahahaha I am laughing my head off:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

wait, so this also means AJ is part Discord. :rainbowderp:

Author Interviewer

This story doesn't make a whole lot of sense: they couldn't find a link between the Apples and Pies in the show after all.

That said, I kind of want to see a story about AJ discovering she has Pinkie Sense powers now.

7220575 Oh that would be interesting :rainbowderp:.

Author Interviewer

I mean, she oughta get something for being related to Discord, yeah? :B

7220575 Whats the fun in making sense?

You should make the pies, cheeses, and apples more distantly related. :twilightsmile: Like you know, coisins, great uncles, sister's, dad's grandauter, or something. :pinkiehappy:

That was the last straw. There was an extremely loud scream of "Discord!" coming straight from the Castle of Friendship, just before all of Ponyville was obliterated by a massive wall of purple magic.


this explains everything. I have no other words.
Good job

SOMEPONY DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Is that a sincere request?
Because if so, I will do it.

my only inquiry is to how a nation of draquenous would even operate

Yes it is a request cuz Im a terrible writer

Just plain silly. Love it!

"Well, learning that one of your best friends is the descendant of one of the most tyrannical rulers of all time can have that effect."

I think king Sombra would strongly disagree on who was the most tyrannical ruler

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