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With Twilight away in Canterlot, Spike is left to his own devices. But Ponyville isn't the busiest of towns and before long, boredom begins to creep.

So to cheer himself up he decides to go spend time with his friends. Five stalwart companions whom he has known through thick and thin.

But Spike soon begins to realise that really, those are Twilight's friends. Not his.

In fact he starts to wonder whether, since he moved to Ponyville, he's actually made any friends at all...

(*2nd edition. Based on feedback, the final chapter and epilogue have been added-to to better reflect the contributions of the CMC.)

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I feel like it's a bit forced, personally, but very good with a relatively low amount of errors!

I've been looking for something like this! Where... Spike realizes he's just attached to Twilight, and that her friends are only his friends by association and they like him... but he doesn't really have a bond with them and... hopefully finds something new for himself.

I like it! Spike needs to make his own friends outside of the Mane Six.

Do go on, good sir! :moustache:

You're back! Woohoo! :pinkiehappy:

A very interesting start. I second 5025496 on this: Do go on.

I'll admit I was a little worried to see that Rarity was the first pony up, considering that there's some canon evidence that she and Spike spend some time together. After reading it I can see that I had nothing to worry about; this felt like an entirely plausible interaction between them, even if it doesn't really illuminate anything new about their particular friendship. As I see it no friend who walked through that door would've fared any better.

Keep going, good Sir, I'm sure I'll like what follows :twilightsmile:

I'd like to point out that she'd have to be really into her work to not notice the bell ring when her door opens/closes. That could well be a paying customer, and ignoring such ponies ain't gonna get you a good rep, dawg.
But yeah, still good

You have caught my attention.

Nice story. I'm intrigued.

5025397 Wait what exactly is there to feel forced?

Ask her to hang out Spike!

5026093 You're right, she would really have to be into her work not to notice that. It is Rarity though, her being that spaced out is believable given the context.

This is interesting, because Twilight's friends aren't exactly his own either...
It's like a 12 year old being friends with his parents' friends (who don't exactly see him as such)...
So I believe Spike will have to make friends with ponies his own age...
You get a favourite from me :moustache:

This is an okay fic, but I appreciate the effort you gave with it.

This should be interesting, however with Rarity there is loads of cannon evidence they have a friendship outside of Twilight, Rarity even goes so far as to confirm it as such.

Judging from this chapter, it might not be that Spike hasn't made friends with the Mane 6, but that he managed to come to them at inconvenient times leading him to think such. Rarity being too caught up in her work to notice others isn't unusual. I admit, part of this hope is because this story doesn't have the Sad tag.

All Spike has to do is say the incantation from the dark spell book he ate, then he can imagine himself some friends into existence. :moustache:

Good god I love this already. We're getting a look into the side of spike that we saw in the comic book episode and I love it. I really hope you take this somewhere meaningful rather than have it end the same way. Considering how they're currently treating him they're promises to treat him differently at the end of the episode didn't mean much. As such ending the same way would kind of be pointless and, for lack of a better word, stupid.

That's actually a good question. How does a pony who can memorize every tiny detail about every living thing in Ponyville manage to forget Spike's volcano-ridden heart-pounding tale of adventure? I don't think even Pinkie Pie would find a story of Celestia being saved from lobsters is boringly mundane.

And I can sort of see Fluttershy's POV. Spike's maturity changes more than Discord changes forms. But he's still a kid, and falls under the same "take care of" blanket as, say, the CMC. Although I think she knows Spike better than she does the Crusaders.

Couldn't he just hop a train to the Crystal Empire? He would be treated like a king there! A king!

Or go to Canterlot. From piecing together different parts of the show, I got the feeling Spike was actually known and had connections there.

What an interesting topic! Though, I think I may like it so much because I did the same in one of my stories, yet I made it a LOT darker and tragic.

Although I do say that you handled Rarity well. A lot of people have trouble dealing with Rarity's character, but I think you did it flawlessly, and we all know how Rarity can be when she's in "the zone"

I can kind of guess that there might be a pattern that's going to happen:

Spike will go out to see the Mane Six out of boredom and loneliness, only to be ignored or driven away by what he starts to believe are only Twilights friends. This happens with all the girls, he gets sad/angry and tries to get them to notice him. There's a problem, it gets solved, and by the time Twilight gets back they'll be closer than before!

Or at least that's how I think it might go.

However, if I were writing it...

Spike gets pissed off for reasons the Mane Six don't understand and runs away, attempt/commits suicide as he feels as if he has no purpose. There'd be a lot of tears and depression and anger and confusion. It would be a very dark and tragic ending, probably where Twilight looses it and everypony else is screwed because Equestria's main defense has gone insane and will probably cause themselves harm and die. Celestia then after seeing to much chaos and tragedy, along with seeing thousands of years of ponies dying and wars and monsters destroying so much hard work, after going through the pain of seeing everything going south, she loses hope. Luna is saddened by this, and she does everything to help, yet her sister almost never smiles and always says things with little to no emotion. Everything has turned into a gloomy darkness filled with pain and depression that cannot be simply healed with time. Even Discord has given up, not pranking and ignoring chaos. It has truly turned into hell on Equestria now, because to Spike nopony cared. Equestria, a land that was once a joyful land...

Had fallen.

But, that's just me! I hope your ending is rainbow and sunshine!:pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Whoops! I commented on the wrong chapter. Oh well, you know it was meant for chapter 1.


He apparently knew Moon Dancer well enough to be invited to her birthday party.

Anyway, somehow I don't see Spike having much trouble making friends. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he hangs out with, say, Button Mash and Rumble off screen in his spare time. Rarity aside, why would he even want to spend all his time around a bunch of girls who are all older than him?

Aww, poor Spike. :fluttershysad:

Quite well written thus far, I'll be interested to see how this progresses. :twilightsmile:

Why do I feel like this is going to lead to Spike losing his cool and making the Mane Six feel awful about themselves? I'm betting I'm going to end up being teary-eyed before this story is over. :fluttercry:

But—he felt his teeth clench involuntarily—he didn't want to be 'cared for!' He could take care of himself! He just wanted...!

Spike should really chew Pinkie Pie out for forgetting that and remembering "hundreds of arbitrary dates". Doesn't Pinkie Pie consider herself friends with everyone though?

But yeah, a lot of it is also that he's so much younger than they are. They can't help but see him as a kid (in Fluttershy's case, she has quite a big maternal instinct to take care of things, including children).

Seems to know that kid called Lickety Split from "Secret of my Excess" well enough for the kid to give him a birthday present. And a random earth pony called Junebug. Though I'm guessing this is all more because of the dynamics of a small town like Ponyville, where everybody knows everybody.


Why wouldn't he? :trixieshiftright:

Seriously, though, it might not be a matter of how easily Spike can make friends, it's if he has time. Not all, but a lot of his time seems a bit dedicated to his duties and helping the other girls (Maybe a bit more so at times, since it could thought that he may sometimes have to watch the library when Twilight is otherwise occupied), and being Twilight's assistant might be a time consuming job at times. It was different in Canterlot because Twilight was reclusive, leaving Spike with just his duties to her and maybe helping clean their library/dorm/apartment place they stayed at, so he had time to socialize.

"That prediction already came true, remember? I got her that telescope?"
Pinkie just looked quizzically back at him, cocking her head to the side.
"You were at the party? I told you guys the story of the adventure I went on the get the parts for it?" he tried.
Pinkie's head cocked a little further. Her brow furrowed slightly.
"There was a volcano in it and everything?" he prompted, a little frustration building.
Pinkie's head cocked still further, almost at ninety degrees to her neck now.
Spike frowned. "I sort-of saved Princess Celestia from a bunch of creepy lobsters? I was almost buried alive? You don't remember me telling you any of this?" A little anger managed to invade his tone without him really meaning it to.

I liked that story! Spike and Celestia, friendly relationships are so nice and rare to see!:moustache::trollestia:

This story is really coming along well. Good job!:twilightsmile:

I'm sad that after the whole "Of course we're your friends and you matter to us," Episode of Spike's, Spike had no change in his relationships with them and they never extended the same hoof of friendship they give each other. This fic really nails that home. Good fic, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.


Why wouldn't he?

Look, not saying he doesn't like them - he definitely does. I just don't see why this fandom seems to take it for granted that Spike relates more to a group of young adult women than to boys closer to his own age. Heck, they leave him behind all the time yet he never seems too bothered by it.

1) he was brainwashed with magic when born. Celestia must of secretly altered spike's mind when Twilight had the power surge, Two minds that were made to merge. Don’t make me miss the rush. Take me to the crush... Goddamnit, I cant get that song outta my head
[youtube= www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EEtGLLDhNY]
(How does one make youtube videos in the comments!?)
2) the gender ratio is Mutherbuckin amount of females to small-as-hell amount of males
3) twi keeps him in a library (well used to) and so he didn't get time to make his own friends

I want to keep reading, but I finished it to an incomplete conclusion. Why does this keep happening with so many stories on this site? It's a mystery... :unsuresweetie:

I'd say all things consider, Rarity CAN be considered Spike's friend.

:raritystarry:hi my "good friend", spike! do my backbreaking chores for no reward!:raritywink:

:moustache: sure!

5029162 ...

Because they're still being written?

Why do I begin to think that Spike is one step away from throwing himself a party with a bag of flour, a pile of rocks, and a bucket of turnips as his only guests... :pinkiecrazy:

5029178 Agreed. I'd say more often than not, out of all the fics I've read, she is seen as far closer to him than the others bar Twilight. But hey, every fic is someone's perception of the show so... but I like how certain common status quo's form in many different fics meaning many share this same view.

Spike trudged into Ponyville up ahead was the Boutique ,"I'll see if she isn't too busy" he huffed
A mare in a trench coat exited and slinked off into the shadiows, A spy? In Raritys Boutique?
Got to let her know! She could be in danger!
Spike burst through the door looking for the Hay Puff marsh mellow of fashion.
"Rarity Rarity Gosh ! I saw a spy leaving your...."
"Oh Spikey dear , Just the drake I need to see, Please have a seat , Tea. my presious scales?"
"Rarity I just saw a..." Rarity continued "That was no spy my spikey wikey, That was my leader of the Sub-Rosa' team from DHX" She opened a package and looked through the contents "Oh Dear spikey" Spike looked on "What?" A smile crossed her face "This calls for some ice cream!"
"VANILLA OAT SWIRL ?" Spike called out looking into her eyes as her minds gears were turning,
"YOUR MINE!" Rarity screamed , "Your going to have my children! and live happly ever after!"
Spike stared at her then looked down at the information Rarity had
WOW! Spikey thought WOWZER, This was his lucky day. . . .He looked down a second time,
'Spike & Raritys big 'day script draft and a 2015 Hasbro toy catalog featuring 'A Dragons Wedding.'
Rarity beamed "Other than the Cakes can you name another couple that can have little ones?"
Cute and fuzzy:trollestia: More please.

I...this makes me hate the mane 6.
The worst part is that this feels like an actual episode.
It's been clear throughout the whole series that Spike is incredibly undermined and to see that point taken and turned into this...almost brings a tear to my eye.

So with the best FiMfic writer I've been recently captivated by deciding his next piece of lit is about a subject that's perpetually on my mind, one could probably scribble “stoked” on the back of my neck and be instantly forgiven. My enthusiasm, though, lasted about as long as an untied balloon with its mouth suddenly unpinched. Where I'd been hoping for a story that sheds light on how ridiculous it is that Spike has next to no chemistry with the other five main characters, you're instead writing one that illustrates that he will never have a close personal bond with them, and should look elsewhere for more meaningful friendships. It's just as valid and admirable a pursuit, but the idea that he'll never have a place among the “mane six” or contribute to their dynamic is also the only MLP-related thing that relentlessly disheartens me (that, and the folks who encourage it to stay that way), sympathetic prose notwithstanding. Nothing to do but enjoy this story for what it is and see how it goes.


Sorry for barging in, but I just wanted to say I admire your attitude. Rather than getting angry at the story/author for not meeting your personal expectations, you're mature enough to accept it as it is and still try to find merit in it. That's a rare thing these days. :twilightsmile:

They should be ashamed of themselves. :applecry:. After all that talk of how much Spike means to them, for all of one episode, So that's 90 Episodes + This one, where they show how little that friendship means. Still reeling from little miss Remember-All totally forgetting the only thing Spike did he felt was awesome [other than save the Crystal Empire].


But when he invites them only the pile of rocks takes the time to actually come over. And then its only to make him do all the rock's jobs for the day before he passes out.

5028498 I'm no expert on human behavior/psychology, but it's hard not to notice a trend in this subject: some girls seem to enjoy hanging out with a larger number of male friends and being treated as “one of the guys” just as much as they would enjoy female companionship. In a female-dominated society, would not the gender roles be switched?

Gotta give you props for remembering Spike's comic adventure with Celestia. Not many it seems to recall that the comics tend to fit in with everything else

"I have spent all mornin' painting pink polka-dots in my kitchen, yellin' at glass jars, presentin' bouquets of flowers to beehives...

She stopped talking when Spike leaned in and curiously poked Applejack in the center of her suddenly confused face. He ran his claw around her forehead as if feeling for a seam.

"Uh...there somethin' on my face?"

He gave her an discerning look and inquired tentatively, "...Pinkie Pie?"

"You sure I can't... I mean, that you don't want any help?"

A savvy correction on his part. I fear the staff writers no longer believe him to be so intelligent or considerate.

Twilight's away; Rarity is 'in the zone' and keeps zoning Spike out; Pinkie forgets something that was important to Spike; Fluttershy treats Spike just like she treats Angel; Applejack is alone during Zap Apple Season and doesn't want Spike help (because of the way he phrased the question); and Rainbow is done practicing for the day and leaves before Spike can ask if she wants to hang out.
I wonder how it is going to go when he meets the crusaders? He already feels like no one wants him around, and if they reject him...

His friends better realize what's happening to Spike or he'll do something crazy.

Dear Author -- This is a great slice of life and the kind of story I love, great work so far! You are showing believable characters that are well realized. Have a favorite and thumbs up. :twilightsmile:

5029607 5029852 The mares he calls friends are busy with their own lives and are not just brushing him off, but due to his immaturity he feels they don't care for him. Spike is still young and needs to mature.

Children require time and experience to see the world doesn't revolve around them; sadly it is something some people never learn. He is having a hard time distinguishing between his own life and Twilight's. Twilight being the center of his universe he is lost without her. It is now time for him to start to grow as an individual and make more autonomous choices.

I really like how most, if not all, of these situations can be explained as simple misunderstandings. It's also nice that Spike is viewing things like a kid would. His perception of his friends supposedly not needing him fits almost perfectly of how a kid would view the situation.

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