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Deep beneath the Lunar Castle are the Central Imperial Archives, a collection of documents unprecedented and unmatched in variety and breadth. These shelves hold the key to understanding the mystical world of the New Lunar Millennium where Nightmare Moon reigns supreme. Your guide through this labyrinth of knowledge is a pegasus dork who struggles to speak coherently around new people. Enjoy!

Takes place in my New Lunar Millennium alternate universe, obviously. No prior knowledge is required to read, especially as this is intended to be an introduction/explanation for the setting.

A lot of this is stuff I've already written to go alongside drawings and such, but the bulk of it (at time of publishing) is original material. Much of the history parts are available without commentary here.

Chapters are generally presented in chronological order, but certain events from different parts of the world occur simultaneously so some overlap and inconsistent chronology is to be expected. OC and artwork attributions included in author's notes where appropriate.

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When does this take place? 1007? 1012? 1021? Later than that?


On the 21st of June 1000, the night that the sun did not rise, Nightmare Moon was finally back.

Comment posted by Slawson deleted Aug 26th, 2023

So this story will not cover any post-1000 content, like the Crystal War, or the war against the insurgents in the colonies?

Well this has been a interesting read I did like how you subverts the good guys win expectation with small glimmers of hope here and there and point out the bias subjectifies of the various report sorties and how they can't be take at face value which is something that I find a number of writers tend to forget about history, seeing it as one linear thing.

What is NMM's aversion to slavery comes from anyway? Seeing that she is a is a despotic tyrant who has no problem invading ponies dreams and wage was on all of Equestria's neighbors, with little in the way of scruples to reach her goals, even for force labor to feed their ravenous war machine. Or is it more that she knows that even her subjects would rebel against it if that were widely know, I find it odd that it would be her only seeming redeeming quality, I am assuming the insistent on being against slavery is just disinformation and she practicing it in very secluded areas where she has tight control or they just use another words to refer to the practice.

I would wonder what got the Testhals to keep up the memory of NMM for so long, even with with the marginalisation for the past millennia. What have been the attempts by NMM for trying to reconcile with the rest of the population even as demoralized as they were. Is the mandatory military service and the indoctrination is part of the new culture she is trying to create. I wonder how a conscript Equestrian army hasn't fallen flat on it's face so soon after NMM take power, as invaders(defending could be an entire matter all together), I would normally would imagine that desertion and corruption must be everywhere, with not united belief or cause to hold it together, even with a commissariat system, I would imagine that listlessness is also a everywhere.

Mainly, I was trying to figure out at what point the viewer is visiting the archives.

Ohh right. This is a nonspecific point in "the future". I don't want to tie it to a date in case I include events from later on from any date I choose.

Ah, alright. How far does the lore you have decided on go at the moment?

Depends. Some parts of the world I have distant plans. Other parts I don't haven't decided a thing.

Another bits of informations about universum. But map of countries in 1004 beg to ask a question. How Lunar Empire managed in 4 years to conquer Stalliongrad, Crystal Empire, New Mareland and Changelings?
Edit: For some reason, my post got doubled.

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Stalliongrad? What's that? No such country has ever existed. (serious answer: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/533442/6/the-millennium-archives/the-most-awesome-day-in-equestrian-history)

Crystal Empire

Sombra returned to take over the Crystal Empire in 1003, and almost immediately went to war with the Lunar Empire. Like all others who tested the Lunar Empire's strength, they failed. (more stuff https://www.fimfiction.net/story/532206/shifting-sides)

New Mareland

Ah, New Mareland, always a loyal colony of Equestria. It has proved its dependability under the wise leadership of Sour Sweet, who rightly recognised Empress Nightmare Moon as Equestria's sovereign.


In 1002, the dastardly Queen Chrysalis attempted to infiltrate Equestria and overthrow our beloved Empress. She failed, and her meagre armies could not withstand the might of the Lunar Empire, as if she was so sure that her little attempt at infiltration would succeed that she didn't even bother to build up a conventional army on par with Equestria. They were trounced within months!

I could almost see a TNO inspired submod being made for EAW that takes place in this universe. Perhaps you could call it 'The New Order: The Last Days of Equus'?

I don't know, I just thought it would just be interesting. The River Coalition would be like the OFN, the Empire would lead the analogue to the Einhietspakt, and perhaps there's a Triumvirate or Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere equivalent in there somewhere too?

I'd prefer to create original scenarios with the setting rather than imitating TNO.

Right, I was just saying that there were a lot of similarities between the two ideas.

I see, that you took "ancient conspiracy" version for Marelandish Shadowbolts. Were they working independing, or they had earlier contacts with Chiropterra, to work for cause?

Well, depends on when you ask them.

In 1000, the 'Shadowbolt Society' would have insisted it was just a social club for wealthy ponies. There's no collusion or conspiracy with any foreign state, they sya.

In 1006, of course they say they were cooperating on matters of faith and economic progress with their friends around the world. They always were, why wouldn't they be?

I’m seeing a lot of parallels to postwar Central and Eastern Europe, with the divided Germany, Marshall Plan, Iron Curtain, fallout of the Warsaw Uprising, and many more. I wonder if the River Coalition And Aris Will found a NATO-style group, while the Empire goes on to lead a Warsaw-pact style group in an upcoming Cold War between east and west? Perhaps both sides back proxies in civil wars all over the world, or if the parallels will end here, with a massive shakeup happening in Aris and/or the River Republic.

Maybe the Empire backs a communist uprising under Nova Whirl in the republic, like how the German Empire covertly supported the Bolsheviks, only to deeply end up regretting it later.

Does Grover V still die in 1007 in the NLM timeline? If so, who succeeds him? The Archon? The Duchess? The Lord Protector? Or someone else entirely?

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